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Rainbow Therapy

Updated on August 13, 2009

Rainbow in the mountains

We have a great view off of our back deck.
We have a great view off of our back deck.

Rainbows make me happy

Who among us does not love seeing a beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky when the sun is just at that right angle and there is a little bit of rain to act as prisms for the sunlight? The Irish say there is a pot of gold waiting for us if we could find the end of the rainbow, but since it is an optical illusion, as we approach the end, it moves farther away. The beginning and end are quite dependent on the location of the viewer, so that pot of gold still waits to be found. Some say the pot of gold is the rainbow, to be cherished and valued for its amazing symmetry and perfect color. Wordsworth's 1802 poem "My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold The Rainbow" begins:

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!…

Be the Light

One of my art prints featuring a rainbow.
One of my art prints featuring a rainbow.

Harmony with light

Yes, it takes a special kind of curmudgeon to not appreciate the spectral colors and expansive arc of a rainbow.

What if you could have rainbows everyday? Any time the sun pours through a window, bright spectral colors come streaming into your home or business.  That’s what happens in my home. I’ve been a fan of rainbow prisms and spinning crystals on strings all my life. The pure spectral color shining through these prisms has a calming effect on any environment. If one positions the crystals in all directions, rainbows can be viewed all day long. A southern exposure produces the longest rays, but east and west also bring in morning and evening colors. I have a bit of spectral holographic plastic attached to the sky light in my shower that fills the tub with these joyful rays of colored light. I time my day to take my shower when the colors are the brightest.  It refreshes my soul along with my body.


The Brahmachakras
The Brahmachakras

Light is energy

We are all made of energy, light vibrating at different speeds and wavelengths. Rainbow light has very specific frequencies that are very beneficial to experience. The energy “wheels” known as chakras in eastern philosophy and medicine are colored red to indigo, just like the rainbow. The chakras are located from the base of the spine to the tip of the head and represent physical and spiritual elements of our bodies. Visualizing the various colors associated with the chakras can have a harmonizing effect as well. Whenever I’m asked what is my favorite color, I often respond “the rainbow.”

Axicon Prism

Here is one of the rainbow prisms.
Here is one of the rainbow prisms.

Buy Rainbow Prisms

There are hundreds of therapies to help soothe us, pamper us, analyze, tantalize and restructure our bodies and minds. I find rainbow therapy to be one of the easiest and most constant forms available, if one has rainbow prisms of course. I suggest everyone have a prism of sorts hanging in a sunny window to be reminded of the elegance and wonder of nature, and, to simply smile as they quietly perform their magic. Rainbows help us smile, and smiling helps our bodies stay healthy. I offer these rainbow prisms on my gift site. You may find them at

Dolphin Prism

Especially good for kids' rooms.
Especially good for kids' rooms.

Nice for Kids

These are gaily colored plastic and durable cardboard prisms that really delight the young ones. they are decorative and easy to put in your windows.

More rainbows


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    • ruminator profile image

      ruminator 5 years ago from Big Skies, NM

      Thanks Abundant Old Soul. I sell the rainbows - have them in my skylight over the shower so get to take rainbow showers, they're awesome. I'll follow you, too.

      peace and blessings

    • Abundant old soul profile image

      Abundant Old Soul 5 years ago from united states

      I love the idea of rainbow therapy. I know people who could use it.

      We think in very similar terms. I intend to follow you.

      Look at me latest hubs


      Abundant Old Soul on hub pages

    • ruminator profile image

      ruminator 7 years ago from Big Skies, NM

      I love my rainbows and spectral color filling my home with good vibrations. Thanks again for the comments!

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I never know about this therapy, But I believe it work for us. Thanks for share and it useful for us.