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Ramblings and musings

Updated on August 20, 2011
My baby Sophie who will be 13 at end of October
My baby Sophie who will be 13 at end of October

Long time quiet

Well I did hope to write a bit more often when I started way back in March, but life as they say got in the way. Not that I have been that busy, just could not put pen to paper as you might say - not that I put a pen to paper much these days, holding a pen or pencil for more than a minute causes me to much pain, so its typed or nothing.

I have the wonderful condition called Fibromyalgia, and my GP thinks I may also have MS - had MRI scans of brain and they found many, many bright spots but spinal tab was clear so the specialist said no, but my GP feels my symptoms go far beyond what is acceptable for Fibro, but only time will tell - a proper diagnosis of MS will not make any difference to my life, as GP has explained, so its just a name.

I have this year managed to grow some vegetables in pots, been trying for a few years but either weather or slugs or both has defeated me. So far I have harvested Strawberries, French Beans and Peas in Pods, but am waiting for my Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes, Onions, Leeks, Cauliflower, Broccilli, Carrots, Rhubarb and Tomatoes to fully grow. I have a small back garden that is open to North, East and South but I had very, very high hedges allow the south and they kept a lot of the light out. These have now been cut right down and plenty of light is now coming through so hoping the plants will respond and pick up a bit of speed. I also have various flowers in pots which I keep along the patio so are nice to look at when I sit out there. I am hoping to find someone to cut me beds in the grass on my side garden which is rather large - am thinking 12in width and about 6ft long with a two foot path of grass between them, I plant to pile up compost on top so can work at them without having to get right down which is something I cannot do or if I do ever have to get done on the ground it can take me ages to get up again as pain is very, very bad never mind the stiffness.

I never used to be much of a gardener, but being stuck at home so much, and in bed much of that, I want so much to be outside when I can but have never been one just to sit and do nothing, so thought of growing things in pots as easy to maintain but now enjoying it so much I want to expand my growing area. As I live on a buy main road into city and garden is only surrounded by a 3ft fence I am worried about planting going walkies, so will try and only plant root vegetables in the hopes that most people will not recognise the leaves and flowers above ground for what they are and just think they are slightly different from normal bedding plants :)

I have not alas done much knitting these past few months as hands become to sore for such careful work, so just have to made do with looking at my yarn, and yes holding and stroking it from time to time.

Mmm I fancy a cup of tea, so my trusted teasmade will be put to use - its so handy, going up and downstairs is so painful and difficult so treated myself to one, as a kettle just invites me to pour water on myself when my hands take the fancy to do their own thing which they enjoy doing, so will go and fill it up ( cold water so only get wet not scolded if it ends up being dropped) and switch it on, milk is kept in a thermos which is filled up daily - after being cleaned that is.


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