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Real Benefits of the Goji Berry

Updated on November 9, 2016

Also known as the wolfberry, Goji berries are bright red-orange berries that come from a native Chinese shrub. Goji berries in Asia have been consumed for decades for the purpose of hoping to live longer. People have used these berries to try and get rid of ailments such as eye problems that come with age, fever, high blood pressure and diabetes. These berries are eaten dried, cooked or raw just like raisins. Goji berries are also used in medicine, wine, juice and herbal tea.

In China, the Goji berry has been used in traditional medicinal practices for two thousand years. One legend reports that monks in the Himalayan Mountains eat the berries steeped in water for generations. They did this to obtain greater stamina, energy, longevity, vitality and health.

As a matter of fact, these berries are supposedly able to grow in both the southern and northern regions of Asia and China in particularly. At the moment, there are two main types of plant Goji berries. These are the L.barbarum in the north of China and the L. Chinense in the south of China.

Lycii fructus is the reference used in pharma studies that indicate these Gojis. Of course, in other parts of the globe there are many other names that these berries are called. Other names of Goji berries include Tibetan Goji and wolfberries. Since the value of their nutrition has started circulating, the popularity of these berries has risen, particularly in the United States. This rise in popularity has started dramatically in the twentieth century when more and more people realised and read about their value of nutrients. For obvious reasons, these berries have also been referred to as reddish diamonds.

In the country of China, other plants of the wolfberry or the Goji berry plant including the root bark, seed, leaf and flower are also well-known and highly acclaimed. The flavor is said to be sweet and the wolfberry’s nature is referred to as calm.

In fact, some practices highly recommend this berry mainly because it is said to positively act on the kidney and the liver channel. This happens because it detoxifies and nourishes the kidney and liver. It is known that the berry increases peace of mind, energy, fertility and eye function. Plus, it has the ability to treat different diseases. In China, the fruit is also a very popular snack in the daily lives of the populace.

Scientific Name

Lycium barbarum is the scientific name of the Goji berry. This has been researched extensively for their ability of generating feelings of improved psychological traits, general feelings of well-being, support bowel functions and improve gastro-intestinal health. The berries also help in improving cardio vascular health and make the musculoskeletal system stronger. These boost performance and levels of energy. At the same time, they are very easy to add to every meal.

The Wolfberry Fruit

In China, the Goji berry is also known as the wolfberry fruit. These have traditionally been used by Chinese health practitioners since the year 200BC. The benefits of these berries were even mentioned in an ancient book called Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing which details the agricultural and medicinal knowledge of Emperor Shen Nong of China. It is also detailed in the oldest book of herbs found to exist in China.

August is Goji Berry Month

Every August, the Goji berry is celebrated with a yearly festival in China that coincides with the harvest of berries. There is praise for folks that help with reclaiming irrigable soils from desertification, controlling erosion and helping with the irrigation of land. Also in China, the berries are cooked and used in Chinese tonic soup, almond jelly and rice congee. The berries can also be combined with beneficial plant food such as licorice roots or wile yam. They can also be mixed with vegetables, pork and chicken. The sky is the limit when you want to include this berry in your recipes. Plus, you can make Goji berry wine, juice or herbal tea. To make wine, just use the berry the same way you use grapes to create wine.

Type of Plant

The Goji berry grows on boxthorn plant types belonging to the plant family Solanaceae. This family of plants includes other veggies and fruits such as chilli peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes. These make excellent snacks with their high protein content. You also get a large amount of antioxidants, over 20 minerals and vitamins and a good fiber dose.

Benefits of the Goji Berry

The Goji berry is a type of food with high antioxidant content. These have a good source of fiber and are fat free. They are also low in calories. The berries have the ability to improve your digestive experience, manage your weight effectively and help in fighting off diseases. These are usually eaten in powder form, liquid form, dried or raw. Goji berries are so versatile and they contain a broad array of trace minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients. For this reason, experts have called this berry a type of super food.

As a matter of fact, people that have taken these berries report more than a few benefits they have experienced. These include significantly reduced stress and fatigue, contentment, feelings of health, calmness, mental acuity and a greater ability to focus on activities. These berries have also made awakening easier, improved the quality of sleep, athletic performance and increased ratings of levels of energy.

Aside from all these benefits, Goji berry also has the abilities of reducing hypertension and to treat diabetes naturally. Common illnesses like a fever or cold as well as infectious diseases are also resolved by the Goji berry. In traditional times, these have been utilized for fighting mood disorders including anxiety and depression. They are also a great antioxidant source as they contain beta-carotene. There are also phyto-nutrients that assist in protecting eye and skin health. These berries are able to prevent heart disease. They are also able to keep the ideal balance of triglycerides in the body and regulate levels of cholesterol. Reducing glucose in the blood is also something that Goji berries have the ability to do.

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Goji berries are able to help the control of sugar getting released in the bloodstream. For people suffering from diabetes, this is a very notable benefit. In fact, the berries help in preventing the dips and spikes that come with sugar imbalance. Instead, Goji berries contain insulin-sensitizing activities and hypoglycaemic effects by increasing the responsiveness to glucose. This makes a natural remedy for diabetes and is a great way to create a healthier diet. It is one way you can increase your sensitivity to insulin. For this reason, Goji berries are one of the best decisions you can make when you want to balance the levels of your blood glucose.

Increased insulin responsiveness and reduced sugar intake is quite significant for the ever-growing cases of diabetes especially in developed nations including the United States. Thus, the berries make a great alternative to snacking and take the place of sweeteners. These are better than packaged goods with high sugar and sugar additives.

Get Healthy Eyes

Macular degeneration is an age-related disease that is the primary cause of adult blindness. Goji berries have the abilities of protecting eyes from diseases that are related to age. These berries have been found to be effective treatment against macular degeneration. Because of their high antioxidant levels, these truly benefit your eye health. In fact, these berries are able to stop UV light exposure damage to the eyes. The berries are also able to stop damage from oxidative stress and free radicals.

Drinking one glass of Goji berry juice per day as a supplement to your diet significantly increases levels of antioxidants and increases zeaxanthin plasma which protects eyes from oxidative stress accumulation and hypo pigmentation that is damaging to the macula. Eye health is a real benefit to Goji berries since the retina is also protected from ganglion cells. Thus, you might say that this berry is a natural glaucoma treatment.

Get Healthy Skin

Beta carotene is something that Goji berries have a lot of. This is a pigment found in fruits and plants. The same way you get healthier from eating other berries, this type gives you the same benefits. In fact, with all the nutritional benefits it contains, it acts like a natural treatment for skin cancer and helps in promoting optimal skin health. Reportedly, you get increased protection from sun-damage due to free radicals when drinking Goji berry juice. You also get extra photo-protection when you are prone to skin disorders and skin cancer.

Fight Cancer

You get improved immunity function and the ability to ward off cancer when you eat Goji berries. Just like other berries including raspberries and blueberries, these supply high vitamin A and vitamin A levels. These are the two key nutrients that prevent common illnesses such as the flu and building immunity. In addition, you get a greater ability to fight off neuro-degenerative decline and cancer.

The most extensively researched antioxidant that exists happens to be vitamin C precursors and zeaxanthin carotenoids. The Goji berry contains these antioxidants in high amounts. This is why people believe that the berry is an effective weapon to fight against the growth of tumors and battling cells of cancer. They also help in detoxifying the body from toxins that could be harmful. These also decrease inflammatory levels of cytokine.

Fertility Boost

The Chinese believe traditionally that this berry offers increased fertility and benefits the system of reproduction. In addition, these are thought to increase sperm vitality and sperm count. It has been revealed that extra benefits of the Goji berry include female infertile treatments in women who have no ability to normally ovulate and will premature failure of the ovaries. Mainly, Goji berries are utilized for treating the deficiency of your yin rather than your yang. These are believed to be the aspect of your body and personality that is female. The benefits of this berry include being able to fight inflammation, reduce stress and increase mood. Restore the health of your hormones by balancing your yin. In the same line of thought, Goji also products against damage to the tissue of the testicles that exposure to heat induces. These also raise the activity of the superoxide dismutase in the system of reproduction. In addition, this protects against oxidative DNA damage to the cells of the testicles and raise levels of sex hormones. Find out for yourself the dramatic effects of the Goji berry on your overall reproductive health by trying this for a few weeks. You will most likely feel the difference in your own body and get an all-over, total boost of energy.

Mood and Energy Becomes Much Better

Levels of energy are increased when you regularly drink the juice of Goji berries. As a matter of fact, not only is your energy increased but also the health of your digestive process, moods and levels of energy. Once you begin to drink Goji juice for a couple of weeks you will start feeling great, have a sense of well-being and increased levels of energy. The function of your digestion will also be much better. Keep your stamina up and get yourself going by using this drink as a snack before you work out.

Liver Detoxification

It is believed that berries of this type feature protection of the liver. In order for the liver to be detoxified, Goji berries are utilized along with hers that are traditional. These include pentaphylla, gynostemna, ganoderma and licorice. The reason these are used commonly as an ingredient tonic in soups is to make savory and sweet porridge for sick people. As a matter of fact, these are thought to be the ingredients best for the promotion of kidney and liver health. Since the kidney and liver meridians are benefited by the Goji berry for the restoration of well-being, strength and vitality, these make natural stone remedies for the kidney. For cleaning the blood, it also makes a good food.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      22 months ago from USA

      I always assumed they were bitter or tart like cranberries. Considering all the health benefits, I'd love to try this if I could find it where I live.


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