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Real Life Barbie

Updated on October 1, 2012

19 year old girl becomes anime doll

The real life barbie doll

Anastasiya Shpagina a Ukrainian born girl who at only 19 has undergone many surgeries to look more and more like her favorite anime characters.

With surgery to make her eyes appear farther apart, and an apparently excruciating 6-10 hours of painstaking makeup application to achieve her look.

An extreme fad

Countless people go through thousands of dollars every year for anime conventions and 'cosplaying' as their favorite hero's and villains from popular anime series.

Sitting with a not-so cartoonish friend

Adoring anime fans

Anime cartoon characters feature huge eyes, large heads and tiny waists.
So she has had surgery to make herself appear to have large anime eyes, and a waistline reduction.

Additionally it is said to take over 30 minutes to apply the makeup to just one eye!


She has already amassed a huge 100,000 followers on facebook and her youtube videos are super popular amongst young girls.

But yet we find little criticism of the harsh reality that this is a real young woman with feelings and the painstaking upkeep of her looks for the rest of her life may prove to be not only a damage to her health but to those she influences.


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