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Reasons Why You Can Trust Micro Ingredients Curcumin Extract

Updated on September 17, 2016

Who is Micro Ingredients?

Micro Ingredients is a company catering all organic and natural food supplements like antioxidants, sports nutrition and weight management supplements. They supply California and they have about 200 raw ingredients and they produce products which are all USDA Certified to be organic.

One of the newest product of Micro Ingredients is the Organic Curcumin Powder or the Natural Turmeric Extract. It comes in a pouch and each pouch can serve up to more or less thirty servings for an average of 1000mg dosage.

What Users Say About the Product

Because I do not just write about anything without doing a thorough research, I ended up reading all reviews of users who already tried the product. Most of them say they use it in cooking, and blend it with beverages like juice, shakes and milk.

I also noticed that majority say that the curcumin supplements are effective to reduce joint pain, inflammation, back pain, for skin care, for liver detox, and healthy heart among others.

To enjoy its benefits without being disturbed by its powder form, users just regularly add specific amount to their daily menu or tea like one user who said it is great to be blend in with coconut milk, nutmeg, cinnamon and honey. You can also add this to your favorite smoothie but according to my earlier readings, turmeric curcumin are fat soluble thus making it more effective with food and drinks that contain fats.

With regards to its color, it is bright orange which is not surprising because turmeric is naturally bright orange in color. One of my experiences with turmeric powders is that they can also be used as food coloring to fried rice or cakes and bread.

Some users with more complicated medical problems like chronic diseases use a higher dosage of natural curcumin. To vary their medication with turmeric supplements which comes in capsules, they use turmeric powder as an additional dosage taking note of how much they should take in to complete the prescribed dosage they must take in a day.

Turmeric can be used as a food coloring too.
Turmeric can be used as a food coloring too.

Other Nutrients Found in Curcumin Turmeric

  • Protein – This nutrient is used by the body for tissue repair, maintain healthy muscles, maintain an ideal weight, slow down the absorption of sugar thus, stabilizing sugar level, for a healthy heart and brain, strong bones, and others.
  • Dietary fiber – To maintain a cholesterol level, dietary fibers are a good recommendation. This is also essential to achieve a normal bowel movement, weight, and blood sugar level.
  • Niacin – A B Vitamin which has many health benefits to include its ability to prevent or cure arthritis, heart diseases, depression, sleep disorder, among others taking note that supplements or foods containing this nutrient should not be taken in an empty stomach.

If you are ill, turmeric might be a cure. Check its benefits.
If you are ill, turmeric might be a cure. Check its benefits.
  • Vitamin C – Known for the many benefits, latest studies show that this nutrient has an extraordinary power to prevent cardiovascular diseases. This nutrient is found mostly in the foods and drinks we take in.
  • Vitamin E – This vitamin is essential for the hair and skin because of its ability to fight free radical making the turmeric curcumin to be an antioxidant too. It is also known to reduce cramping and overeating during menstrual periods of women.
  • Vitamin K – Its main role is to prevent blood clotting and also beneficial to the heart and bones.
  • Potassium – For the kidneys, potassium are friendly nutrients that can relieve diseases that can affect it.
  • Calcium – Calcium being the major nutrient to maintain strong bones are also found in turmeric.
  • Copper – Collagen production uses copper in the process. It also helps in the absorption of iron and is found in liver, brain, kidneys, muscles and in the heart.
  • Iron – To avoid anemia, iron is important to our body thus, the need to take in foods rich in iron.
  • Magnesium – This nutrient aids in the relief of constipation and is a pain reliever to migraine attacks and prevents anxiety.
  • Zinc – Most children who suffer from diarrhea are prescribed with medicines with Zinc.


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