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Reasons to Bottlefeed Your Baby

Updated on April 20, 2012

Often times it is hard to understand and imagine why others make the choices that they do. However, this skill is one that makes it easier to love everyone, avoid judging, and to remain calm in the face of those different them us. One hot debate is the breastfeeding verses bottlefeeding debate. Often those that choose breastfeeding are vicious and even hateful toward those who choose to bottlefeed their children and don't take the time to understand why someone would choose to bottlefeed. There are lots of reasons why a mother would make that choice and understanding them is part of accepting it. Bottlefeeding is acceptable even with the world screaming, "Breast is Best!"

I Want to Breastfeed

There is actually a large group of mother's who face the anger of adimit breastfeeding parents, but really don't deserve it. These mothers are those who want to breastfeed, but for medical reasons they aren't able to do so. There are a number of reasons that a mother wouldn't be able to breastfeed and it is hard for these mothers to miss out on something that they desire to do. These mothers choose bottlefeeding because they really don't have a choice.


There are times when the baby needs nutrition that is tailored to his or her needs. That is something that requires a doctor to figure out and can mean that breast milk isn't best for the child. Sometimes it is a wide variety of food allergies that would require the mother to stop eating a huge range of foods and other times it has to do with digestion. Either way bottlefeeding is often best for these babies.

This is also important for mothers who are on medication that they shouldn't breastfeed with. Many times it isn't something that they can choose to change and they should do what is healthiest for THEM and their BABY.


While it is possible for many breastfeeding mothers to pump milk and continue to feed their baby this way even when their schedules require them to be away from their child for long periods of time there is no doubt about it that it is a lot of work. Some mothers opt to bottlefeed their babies because it is a lot easier. The baby's caretaker can just mix up some formula and away they go. The mother doesn't have to worry about pumping at work, finding the time, and making sure the breastmilk is stored safely. While some don't feel this is a good reason to skip breastfeeding, others feel that it is the right reason for them.

Baby Weans Him or Her Self

Often times this happens if the baby has some bottle feeding. The nipple of the bottle is often preferable to the breast and easier for them to get milk from. Many babies who are fed with a bottle (even if it is breast milk in the bottle) will begin to refuse to take the breast which can make bottlefeeding with formula the easiest choice.

Other's Want to Feed The Baby

I wanted my family and friends, as well as my husband's family to have the opportunity to feed my son. My husband has eight brother's and sisters, most younger then him and everyone enjoyed feeding the baby. It gave them something that they enjoyed and a special way that they could bond with him. In the beginning I pumped whenever we were going anywhere that someone might want to feed him. However, carrying breast milk, making sure it was the right temperature, and pumping were all hard work. So, I eventually choose formula because it was easier to let everyone feed the baby.

Need Others To Be Able To Feed The Baby

There are a number of reasons that a new mom needs help feeding the baby. Exhaustion, depression, and a lack of a break can all weigh on a new mother. In these cases it is nice to have others help you out, which is loads easier to do if the baby is bottlefed and you simply mix up formula. Dad, aunts and uncles, older brothers and sisters, and grandparents all become possible baby caretakers and help the mom out when she is at her wits end.

Lack of Support

Sure, breastfeeding is natural, but no one ever said it was easy. Many new mothers find it hard to get their milk to come in, get their baby to latch on, and get the hang of breastfeeding. Often this leads to frustration and eventually throwing in the towel. It is easier to give up and bottlefeed then to worry about your baby starving to death while you are incapable of figuring out what you are doing wrong. There are lots of resources to help new mothers get past that, but not everyone knows that and not everyone has those resources at their disposal, that can make bottlefeeding the best choice for the mother.

I Hate Breastfeeding

That was me. I hated breastfeeding. I hated how it made my breasts hurt and my nipples cry out with pain. I hated that I felt like an animal having to express milk for various reasons and I hated being the only one to get up in the middle of the night. All in all, breastfeeding was something I didn't want to do as a mother. It made me frustrated with my beautiful newborn son (and it certainly wasn't his fault). While not all mothers feel as strongly as I did, many choose not to breastfeed because they don't want to (for whatever reason).

Reasons It's Okay

Breast may be best, but that doesn't mean it isn't okay to bottlefeed. There are a number of reasons that make it just fine for those that choose to do it.

  1. Bottlefed babies are getting the nutrients they need. Formulas are carefully checked to make sure babies are getting the nutrients they need. Additionally, they have come a long way and now offer a lot of great choices for moms looking to bottlefeed.
  2. Your baby really needs love and caring above all else. It isn't about whether you breastfeed or not, it is about you loving and taking care of your child(ren). Love is what we all need (not breast milk).
  3. You are here to do your best. We often are faced with choices in parenting. Many times there is a debate about what you should or shouldn't do. All in all, you need to do your best. If your best is bottlefeeding, that is your choice and choosing that for your family is good.
  4. Happy moms make better moms. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, are frustrated, hate it, or are having other issues with it then it isn't best for you and your baby. After all, you will be a better mom if you are a happy mom.
  5. You have been through a lot. Pregnancy takes a lot out of you both mentally and physically. You have the right to choose what is best for you. It doesn't mean that you are selfish or lazy (two words that I had applied to me for not breastfeeding).

It is really about you and your immediate family (baby's father and other siblings). You need to do what works for you and your family. It isn't about what other's think or what science says is best. After all, what is best for one person just doesn't work for another.

Stand Up and Stop It

This is one of those fights that just isn't a good one. You have breastfeeding moms screaming their outrage that someone would choose to bottlefeed and you have bottlefeeding moms glaring at those breastfeeding in public. This all needs to stop. We need to realize that we all have a choice to do what is best for us, our babies, and our families. This isn't always the same choice. We need to unite in love; we all share the same planet. No more nasty remarks, staring, dirty looks, or angry gestures!

Understanding is the biggest thing we all need to work toward. We are not all the same and that means that the choices that some of us think are so clear aren't always clear (or aren't always the right choice for some mothers). Parenthood comes with plenty of challenges and the choice to breastfeed or bottlefeed is one that needs to be made with all the variables in place. It is about choosing what is right for your family.

Closing the Comments

I really hate closing comments on hubs because I think being able to comment is important and that you have a right to share your opinion. However, I am tired of people insulting me and other moms that choose to bottle feed and worse, using horrible language to do it. So, comments have been closed on this hub.


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