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Reasons why Skin Bleaching is Dangerous (Skin Whitening)

Updated on February 17, 2017

Dangers of skin bleaching

Skin bleaching exposes your skin to health dangers
Skin bleaching exposes your skin to health dangers

Dangers of skin bleaching

Skin bleaching or whitening is the process of reducing the melanin content in your skin to make your skin lighter. This happens due to the chemicals used in bleaching creams. But is skin bleaching really dangerous?

I can say with great confidence that there is nothing more harmful you can do to your skin than bleaching or whitening it. The bottom line is when you whiten your skin; you make it unhealthy and make it easier for the harmful rays of the sun to damage the skin.

Why is skin bleaching dangerous?

Most people who use skin whitening lotions perhaps have very little to no idea of the severe danger they are inflicting to their skin. The harmful effects of skin bleaching cannot be overemphasized. Well, below are some of the disadvantages of bleaching your skin:

It will cause skin thinning

When you continuously use bleaching creams on your body, it will cause your skin to become thin or very light. When this happens, your veins will be exposed. You will develop stretch marks and other problems on your skin.

You develop skin problems because you expose your skin to the direct sunlight. You also destroy melanin that helps to protect your skin from harsh rays of the sun. Direct radiations from the sun can cause cancer, especially if your skin isn't producing sufficient amounts of melanin.

It’s for this reason that I am always quick to advise people to avoid using cosmetics or creams that lighten the skin. If you are reading this and are whitening your skin then please put a stop it right now!

Skin bleaching causes acne

A young lady suffering from acne, as a result of skin bleaching.
A young lady suffering from acne, as a result of skin bleaching.


You will get more acne on your skin when you bleach. This is the reason why people who whiten their skin tend to suffer more from acne than people who don't. What accounts for this reason?

The answer is simply because most bleaching creams contain steroids. When steroids come into contact with your skin, they block your pores and increase your likelihood of developing acne.

Changes in skin pigmentation

When you continue to bleach, your skin won’t be able to produce melanin. Melanin does not only help to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun but it also prevents it from becoming unattractive and unhealthy.

When your skin is unable to produce melanin, patches of pink skin will begin to show. In addition to that, ochronosis, which happens as a result of dark patches forming on your skin, will continue to appear and make your skin unattractive.

High blood sugar level

Another important reason why skin bleaching is dangerous is the fact that it can also increase your risk of developing high blood sugar.

When you use creams having a lot of steroids to whiten your skin, you can end up suffering from high blood pressure. And if this continues for a long time, this can eventually lead to diabetes. Is it worth suffering from diabetes simply because you want to whiten your skin? I don’t think having a white skin at the expense of diabetes is a good idea.

Skin bleaching creams contain the harmful substance mercury

Despite mercury being very dangerous to be used on the skin, it is sadly still used in the preparation of many skin lightening creams; simply because it is capable of preventing the production of melanin.

When the production of melanin is reduced or stopped, then the skin cannot darken. It is for this reason that many skin lightening creams use mercury. But mercury is very dangerous. Aside from it preventing your skin from producing melanin, it also has the ability to cause serious damages to your kidneys.


So if you are wondering whether or not skin bleaching is dangerous? Then the above harmful effects of skin bleaching to your skin say it all.

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    • Enoch Kane profile imageAUTHOR

      Enoch Kane 

      20 months ago from Ghana

      Aesta you would need to be persistent about it. You can also share important sources of information like this one with them.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      20 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      I finally got the explanation why whitening is dangerous. I keep telling my friends not to do it but can't really explain it.


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