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Reasons why your Skin Itches Right after Taking a Shower

Updated on February 11, 2017

Skin itches after shower

Itchy skin after having a shower
Itchy skin after having a shower

After shower skin itching

It is a good thing to shower and most importantly doctors recommend that it is healthy for the skin when you shower at least two times a day. However, showering becomes scary when you realize that your skin itches you right after you have taking your bath. There are several reasons why you often experience after shower skin itching. In this post we would be looking at some of the reasons behind this uncomfortable situation. We would also look at some of the best ways to avoid after shower skin itching.

Why your skin itches after taking your bath

Some of the possible reasons why you could be a victim of after shower skin itching include the following;

Hot showers

Sometimes because of weather conditions you might be tempted to have a hot shower. What hot water does to your skin is that it removes the natural oil on the skin surface leaving your skin dry. One who has a dry skin is most likely to experience itchiness right after having a shower. Itchy skin from dryness caused by hot shower is usually severe on the lower parts of the forearm and the legs. Dry skin as a result of taking a hot shower is one of the most common causes of after shower itching.


Another possible cause of after shower skin itching is allergies. For symptoms of allergies related after shower skin itching, look out for signs of nettle rash accompanying the itch. What this might suggest is that there is probably something in the shower that you are allergic to. This could be either the bathing soap or the water you are using to bath or even the towels you use to dry yourself could be responsible for allergic reactions after bathe.

Long and frequent shower

It is important to reemphasize on the fact that regular shower is healthy and good for the skin; however, long showers can cause after shower skin itching. Just like hot shower, long shower also washes away the natural oils on the skin which protects the skin from unpleasant environment.

Bathing with hard water

The nature of the water you use to shower could also be responsible for the after shower skin itching that you are experiencing. The calcium content in hard water could be responsible for the itching, aside that, when hard water is used to bathe, it may leave some particles of soap on the skin which could also cause itching.

Water caused itching

Another cause of after shower skin itch is the water used in bathing. This cause of skin itch after taking a shower is very rare. It occurs to just a handful of individuals and the medical term for this condition is known as aquagenic pruritus. Most sufferers of this condition have complained of itchiness even during very humid weather conditions. With this condition, it is always advisable to see a dermatologist.

After shower skin itching

Skin itching after taking a shower
Skin itching after taking a shower

How to avoid after shower itching

The preventative measures for after shower itching is not complicated. You can apply some of the following methods to avoid itching after shower;

  1. Bathe lukewarm water; bathing with lukewarm or cold water does the opposite of bathing hot water. Thus instead of washing away the natural oils on the skin, lukewarm or cold water prevents the loss of natural skin oils.
  2. Avoid using soap if you frequently take showers.
  3. Avoid bathing with hard water. You can install a water softening machine in your bathroom.

If you know of any other causes or preventative measures for after shower itching, do not hesitate to share it with us.

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 12 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      I have to observe what causes the itching in my own case.

    • LiveMusicLoverLyn profile image

      Lyn 12 months ago from England

      I am sensitive to some of the ingredients in shower gel and cleansing products, so these days I avoid anything with harsh ingredients and that works for me.