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Recognizing Warning Signs of Depression

Updated on August 16, 2011

Depression is a condition of low mood and aversion to activity that affects an individual’s behavior, feeling and thoughts. Depression is a physical and mental condition which if often ignored, and can wreck an individual’s life. It initially starts on a low note that soon develops into a more dangerous condition when not addressed well. Initial feelings of sadness can be common in everybody but when the feeling happens often overtime then it can be considered as depression.

Everybody encounters depressions at one time or the other. Its either you were sad about something that happened to you or just sad and moody. People are usually sad about breaking up with their spouse, losing a job. Someone could be depressed because he or she lost a beloved or broke up with a loved partner. But the feeling of loss could be temporary if well addressed and permanent if it lingers on.

A lot of people are affected by depression but do not know this. But often some that do know do not seek medical attention. This is why it is important to make known the warning signs of depression.

In this report I will share with you the warning signs of depression that you must watch out for and take note in order to deal with the problem early enough.


The Warning Signs of Depression

Change in sleeping patterns.

It may occur in terms of excessive sleeping or not enough sleeping (insomnia). You might wake up often in the night not being able to sleep again. A depressed person might find it difficult to sleep and experience habitual sleeplessness. Some people might also experience excessive sleeping during this period. These two are warning signs of depression you need to keep an eye on.

Overeating or insufficient eating.

This habit varies in individuals. Some people overeat while some eat less due to loss of appetite. Either way the victim gain or losses weight and that can be bad enough too. These signs of depression can be noticed when it happens frequently overtime.

Difference in energy levels.

It could come in the form of loss of energy which results to sluggishness or being passive. Or it could be in the form of a sudden uplift of energy which results in being hyper activeness and aggressiveness. A victim could easily be irritated by what she used to keep control of. This warning sign of depression could spark up a burst between two people in good relation. You also need to watch out for this warning sign of depression or you could ruin relationships with a lot of people.


Thoughts of suicide.

Obviously this is one dangerous warning sign of depression that requires immediate attention. A depressed person might occasionally think of committing suicide. This normally results from when a depressed victim starts to feel hopeless, helpless and worthless. He feels he is not important to anybody around again and that so there is no need to continue surviving. He or she feels that there is no hope of having a better life. So thought of there is a need to continue living comes to mind.

Lack of desire for formerly desirable activities,

They start withdrawing from social activities they used to enjoy doing. Normally when this sign is detected, the victim will be advised to participate in more social activities to balance the mood.

Lack of concentration and difficulty in remembering.

A victim of depression usually faces an inability to concentrate on things. The thoughts of whatever it is that had caused the depression in the first place clouds their thoughts. Thus, affecting their ability to concentrate. Loss of memory is another warning signs of depression that also becomes common in them.

Aches and pain.

Regular occurrence of stomach ache, body pain, headache, muscle pains are common warning signs of depression.


Depressed people don’t all experience the same warning signs of depression and the severity may differ. Some of these warning signs of depression appear on a low key at first but if it occurs for a long time then you might need to be helped. Medical attention or counseling will be a right choice. People that are depressed over a long time sometimes may consider committing suicide.

It is really necessary that once someone notices any of these above warning signs of depression, medical help should be sought before it becomes worse. Some people have been known to be ignored by others when abnormal behaviours of depressed person is discovered. So it is obvious that due to the fact that they are being isolated it cause more risk of a greater sadness and depression.


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    • jhendor profile image

      jhendor 6 years ago

      really it is and it needs to be watched out for early enough

    • ncuxapa_ profile image

      ncuxapa_ 6 years ago

      Very useful hub because depression is becoming a serious problem for modern society