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Best Weight Losing Tips

Updated on November 1, 2017
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I love to cook when time is available. I hope you like these recipes.

This Does Work Please Give it a Go if You Have Just Started a Diet

By recording what you eat in a diary you will achieve the perfect diet plan to suit you.

You will not believe the areas that you will find that you can cut down on without it upsetting you too much. Please read on....

This will become your diet plan!!!
This will become your diet plan!!! | Source
I must stop picking whilst I'm doing my weigh in!
I must stop picking whilst I'm doing my weigh in! | Source

So many Diet Plans to choose from

After Christmas we all feel slightly sluggish, normally have put on a few pounds, unless we were fortunate enough to have had to work and couldn't reach the chocolates!

I have tried this idea on numerous occasions when I feel that it is time to do something about my weight. I'm not overly heavy and I do do quite a lot of exercise but my downfall is eating to big portions and having to much sugar in my coffee.

By recording what you eat in a diary you get the overwhelming sensation that you really have to do something about what is going into your mouth.

I have tried many diet plans and unfortunately do not stick to them but this diary diet plan does work.

Start with a date to start your diet and stick to it

Let's say that I started my diary diet on the 1st January 2014 (this isn't quite true I started it a week later but I feel the 1st day of the new year may ring bells with many readers who have already started there diets) the first thing that I done on that day was to get up and put the kettle on, I don't know about you the reader but my first port of call when I awake is to have a cup of coffee with two sugars and semi-skimmed milk.

O,k, you say that's fine.

So, I record in my diary all of the ingredients of that one drink under the 1st January 2015 (you could make your own personal diary online and leave it on your home page if that is easier for you).

Next, it's time to get moving, the normal, shower, do hair, get dressed and get ready for breakfast.

I then have my usual two slices of toast, flora and Marmite.You may like Chocolate Spread or Marmalade or Jam but what ever it is you need to record this in your diary.

Then, with my Toast I would have another cup of coffee with two sugars and semi-skimmed milk, this I record in my diary.

Off to work.

Perhaps I should try fruit and orange juice for breakfast!
Perhaps I should try fruit and orange juice for breakfast! | Source

Arriving at your place of work, and you need to take your diary with you

So, your day unfolds you arrive at work either by walking, car, bus, train whatever method you take and when you reach your destination the first thing you do is put the kettle on or in my case this is what I do.

Another cup of coffee, two sugars, semi-skimmed milk and noted in my diary.

I wish my colleagues wouldn't bring cakes in on their birthday! Now I have to record it in my diary diet plan!
I wish my colleagues wouldn't bring cakes in on their birthday! Now I have to record it in my diary diet plan! | Source


So it gets to 11 o Clock and it's time for a break (o,k, working at a Doctor's Surgery we don't get breaks we just have time to make a cuppa).

Cup of Coffee, two sugars, semi-skimmed milk and lets see a Digestive biscuit.

Happy days and written in my diary.


Lunch arrives looking forward to a lovely hour's rest before getting back to work.

I have a sandwich, normally egg and cress, flora, two slices of bread and a packet of cheese and onion crisps, lovely especially put into the sandwich! A cup of soup (Chicken preferably!)

O,k, so that then gets noted into my diary.

Re-fueled now back to work.

Take a look at this full diet plan which you could use to record in your diet diary

How I love my crisps! I must try to alternate days to cut down.
How I love my crisps! I must try to alternate days to cut down. | Source

Time to go home - Dinner time

We all make our way home and luckily for me I walk so I generally do not get the urge to eat anything. If I was sat in a car in traffic I would probably want a chocolate bar and if I did have one I would record that in the diary too.

We then all get on and have our dinner. Portion control is my biggest enemy. I tend to dish up too much and my hubby actually gets quite annoyed with me, but I think I've worked hard and I need to be full.

Being realistic I know deep down that I should cut my portion in half. Easier said than done when you have always since a child been given a large portion of food at dinner time.

So whatever I choose to eat is written in my diary.

Continue this process every single day

So you may think this is boring but it does work.

Weekends can be heavier with what you eat and what you drink so you need to be totally strict with yourself and you need to make sure your record how much you eat and drink and what it was you were drinking! Hopefully you know what I am talking about here.

At the end of the month time to take a peak at what you have eaten each day

You will be totally amazed at what you have eaten and drank throughout the month.

This is when you can reflect and find ways of cutting down on your in take.

For example, I found that the amount of coffee which had two sugars in it was totally to high and I knew that I had to do something about it. It was like I was binge drinking on coffee!

I wasn't to worried about what else I had put in my mouth but I did feel that it would be necessary to cut my portions down on my plate, so this was the next thing that I would do in the next month.

I also felt that maybe I could stop eating the crisps for a month to see if that had any impact.

So all in all I was going to cut down on the sugar and the crisps and make the portions smaller for the next month.

Recording continues for the next month

Now there is nothing wrong with the occasional choccy bar or packet of crisps but the diary and recording in the diary makes you think before you eat. Makes sense to me, what do you think?

If you are extremely overweight this way of using a diary can also be useful if you have to approach your G.P. because the first thing he or she will want to know is what you eat and what you drink. If you have already started to record this in a diary then the Doctor will be able to decide then and there what he wants you to do next and where you need to cut down on certain things.

Oh no! I should have recorded what I was eating in my diet diary!
Oh no! I should have recorded what I was eating in my diet diary! | Source

To Summarise This does work

I can tell you that this does work and you will not be disappointed at the results you will achieve if you only give it a chance. Continue recording in your diary and you will think about what you are eating instead of just eating it and then wishing that you had not eaten it as you know that the pounds will add up quite quickly if you continue just eating when you feel like it.

Good luck, let me know how you get on I would love to know.

Do you have the willpower to record what you eat in your diet diary every single day?

See results
My diet diary has paid off big time!!!
My diet diary has paid off big time!!! | Source

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