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Recovery Support Options

Updated on December 26, 2016

There are a wealth of different reasons as to why someone might be requiring help and recovery. Regardless of the reason, there is one constant that remains; the fact that recovery support must be sought out quickly from the moment that the problem has been properly acknowledged and diagnosed.

The implications of drug and alcohol addictions

One such area would be those that suffer from drug addictions. Depending on the extent of the addiction, the level of support needed can be vast. This is especially true with regards to opiates such as heroin and its derivatives. These are powerful narcotics that are extremely potent and make it extremely hard (although not impossible) to quit.

Similarly, an alcohol addiction can also require immediate support. Depending on the severity of the alcohol dependency medical intervention is not always enough.

By this, we mean the drugs that an individual may be put on (such as naltrexone). Whilst this will aid in the individual not feeling drunk due to the very nature of the drug, there is the argument that since the individual will not be inebriated, they will thereby reduce their alcohol consumption. An issue here though is that as with any drug, non-compliance is an issue. Just because an addict has been given a drug to stop them from drinking alcohol, this does not mean that they will take it.

The underlying issue is that they have been drinking to an excess for a reason and therefore this must be addressed along with the use of prescription medication. The two paths cannot work alone in this regard. By tackling the underlying issues head on, it means that the person will be able to start the recovery process as soon as possible.

This will therefore have a large impact (in a positive light) on not only their mental health, but also the overall state of their organs, namely the liver which would otherwise be under a great degree of pressure.

Bereavement can be a complex scenario

Another key area whereby an individual may need assistance with recovery is in the case of bereavement. This can be an extremely taxing time due to the individual losing a loved one. Hand in hand with this is the impact that it may have on their day to day lifestyle. Generally the biggest impact that it has on their work since (much like those with addictions), they find it hard to cope with even the simplest tasks due to the immense grief that they are suffering from.

The issue that this presents with is that it creates a snowball effect. By this we mean that the lack of concentration in the workplace can lead to mistakes being made, which, depending on the job involved can result in the person's contract being terminated. Ultimately, this greatly exacerbates the issue which can result in severe depression for the individual in question.

The solution for each of these situations is to reach out as soon as possible and receive the correct care. By doing so, the affected person can begin the recovery process immediately. With regards to addictions, this is of course the ideal situation. Others may argue that this isn’t the correct path to take when they are suffering from grief as highlighted above. Many would argue that it takes time for the grieving process to run its course. However, when you consider the implications of not getting help right away, the end result can ultimately be much worse.

Obtaining the help you need

There are many providers that are offering support. These can be recommended to the individual by various health care professionals. Depending on your location, there may be a charge related to this. However, if your country has a health insurance program, it may fall under your health insurance plan.

Likewise, for those in the UK, it can be possible to get help and support services under the National Health Service. Of course, you're more than welcome to pay for private treatment if you can afford it, but this is something that should be looked into. The reason for this is that the costs involved can be extremely large, which can actually make the situation a lot worse!

There are many providers that are offering support. However the quality of these providers can vary wildly depending on the expertise and length of time the professional has been involved in the support service. One such company that excels in Recovery Support is Reach Out Recovery.

They have been featured in Forbes as well as the Huffington Post in a positive light. This should immediately give anyone that is need of recovery support an idea of how well thought of the company is. Unlike other recovery support providers, they also have a blog available on their site. These includes helpful hints and tips for those with a wide array support needs as well as personal stories from those that have a wide array of needs. By sharing this information and therefore supporting sufferers with real and honest advice, it is aiding in their recovery process to get over their ordeal.


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