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Reduce the Spread of Viruses by Installing Automatic Appliances in Your Home

Updated on August 1, 2010

I do not like getting sick. I’m sure that most of you agree with me on that one. With all of the recent pandemic scares, I started keeping Clorox Cleanup Wipes just about everywhere around my house. I found myself washing my hands every time that I walked past my bathroom. I started to think about getting an automatic faucet and soap dispenser for my main bathroom when I was washing my hands at the office building where I work.

Automatic, motion-sensitive devices in the bathroom make a ton of sense if you think about it. You cannot transfer germs or viruses. The water turns off automatically, so you are not wasting water. The water temp is regulated so that you don’t burn yourself. You also will not have to clean them that often, because you don’t ever touch them. The only item that they had at work that I’m not interested in is the automatic towel dispenser. I do have people over from time to time, but that might just be overkill and they do make kind of an annoying noise.

I started doing a little web research and was surprised at how many different motion-sensitive faucets and soap dispensers that I found. Better yet, they are not really all that expensive. You can get an automatic faucet for around $250 and an automatic soap dispenser for about $25. Another great thing about these home appliances is that they are powered by batteries. You don’t have to plug in a bunch of devices near your sink, which seemed to be a bad idea to me.

It turns out from reading a bunch of reviews on the different automatic faucets that installing them is easy except for the regulator valve that combines the hot and cold water lines. It seems that these are not included with any of the faucets that I looked at and most people had to seek help from their local hardware store. No big deal, I don’t think, but that comment did show up in almost every review that I read.

I think that I am going to try and install an automatic faucet. I will post back my success or failure. If you have installed one, please let me know what to look out for.


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