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Reduce Developing Cancer by Consuming Some of These Foods

Updated on January 31, 2018
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Essential Foods that can Prevent Cancer

Cancer has become worrisome for many people, including researchers. Various methods have been studied and have produced some positive results in the prevention, treatment, and reversal of certain types of cancer. One of this method is eating certain types of foods which are available to many of us. A healthy and well-balanced diet is essential for the prevention of this disease. Although the research is still not concluded, many of these foods have shown some cancer-fighting properties. This article has analyzed some of these foods which provided the highest potential for cancer management and prevention.

The first food which has shown to prevent and reverse cancer is Garlic

Garlic is a species of the onion genus, Allium. Onion, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion are some of the close relatives. Garlic contains several compounds which can help in programmed cell death. Researchers which have been done in recent time have shown that compounds found in garlic can stop, slow down or reverse the progression of lung cancer. Another benefit of eating raw or cooked garlic has shown to prevent colorectal cancer. Other importance of garlic is that it reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. Since the taste of raw garlic is not palatable, it is better to add it to food close to the last minutes of cooking to optimize flavor.


The second food which is also essential in fighting this menace is Broccoli. Several preliminary studies have shown that broccoli has several health benefits. Quite a number of cruciferous vegetables have been established to have an effect in reducing prostate cancer in men according to various researchers. These vegetables such as (cabbages, spinach, Kale, and watercress) if eaten regularly in combination with broccoli assist reduce the risk of prostate cancer by changing cell signaling pathways. Broccoli has a compound called sulforaphane which is attributed to its health benefit and as an anti-cancer fighting chemical. Sulforaphane helps to restore balance and prevent cancer development. When buying broccoli in the greengrocery, shop for firm heads dark in color as the yellowing florets are past the peak. The stalks of this broccoli should be firm but tender for them to provide the optimum health benefits.


Tomatoes are found in large quantities in many parts of the world and hence should be included in day to day meals. This is because they have been researched on and found to fight cancer. Tomatoes are rich in an antioxidant known as lycopene. This chemical compound has some major health benefits in the human body. Some of the cancers that are prevented by consuming tomatoes are prostate, lung, and stomach cancer. For tomatoes to be utilized well by the body, they should be consumed either as tomato paste, tomatoes juice, and tomato sauce as the body is able to absorb the natural compounds easily. Other foods which are essential for prevention and reverse of cancer are; berries, whole grains, walnuts, green tea, coffee, red wine and grapes, turmeric and many others found in our world.

Foods That Can Prevent Cancer


Foods That can Prevent Cancer


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