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Reducing Pain the Natural Way

Updated on May 19, 2011

Reduce Pain Without Medicine


The NationalCenter for Health Statistics says, “more than 76.5 million Americans say they’ve had problems with pain.”  Today many people do not want to take strong addictive drugs, but they also want relief from chronic pain.  There are several ways to reduce pain without taking medications.


First you need to decide what changes you want.  To be totally pain free may not be an option for you.  Each individual is different and each person has their own pain source. Some things can not be changed and the pain will be a constant, but the level of the pain can be reduced. The number one goal should be to improve the quality of life, follow by increasing your activity and reducing pain.


Research has suggested that accepting some pain will psychologically make you hurt less and function better. You need to keep your mind and your body active. This will reduce stress, build support and make you healthier.

Reduce Pain Without Pills


Activity is very important. If you can’t walk, sit in a chair and move your legs, exercise your arms, make a routine that works for you. It doesn’t have to be like the programs on television. The goal is for you to do it. Even if it is so basic, you don’t want to share it with anyone, thinking someone will laugh at you, ‘that’s not exercising.’ It is a start for you and it will bring: relaxes muscles, weight control, reduces stress, make your mood better and improve sleep. Keep doing your personal routine every time you feel like it and slowly increase the program. One study found the doing yard work or household activity was easier than thirty minutes controlled exercises for people with fibromyalgia

These activities are exercise, they count, keep doing them.


Join a support group.  Some can be found on the website,  Gather all the knowledge you can about your specific condition.  The more you know what causes your pain, the easier it is to reduce the symptoms. You will be able to cope better. The mind is a very powerful tool. It can make you feel really bad, but it can also make you feel there is hope and a future.

Your diet does make a difference


Change your diet. I know you have heard that once or twice before, but I am not talking about counting fats and calories. Pain is an inflammation. Saturated and Trans fats worsen the pain you feel. If just reducing these two fats, which you should be already doing, will decrease your pain, isn’t it worth a try? Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to ease arthritis pain, back and neck pain.  A deficiency in vitamin D has been links to fibromyalgia and bone pain.  Diet is important, watch what you eat and don’t eat.


Other Ideas to lessen pain


Two other programs to help you are physical therapy and acupuncture.  A physical therapist can design a program just for you. They target strengthening, aerobics and the weight-bearing muscles.  Again only you know at what stage you are in physical activity. They can recommend moves that will improve your daily tasks, to better your quality of life. They can also gives you an advanced program to really ship you into shape.


Acupuncture helps to relieve backaches and headaches. Accepting this alternate form of help is very individual. If you have already made up your mind that it will not work, don’t waste your time. Attitude is also a very powerful tool.


Mindfulness Meditation is a program to train your brain to focus on a sensation.  These techniques can reduce pain, anxiety and increase vitality.  You can download and find more information at  


Pain is a constant, but it doesn’t have to be unbearable.


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