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Reebok Runtone Trainers - Toning Shoes for Running

Updated on March 7, 2012

Can I run in Reebok Easytone Shoes?

No, but you can run in Reebok RunTone shoes!
No, but you can run in Reebok RunTone shoes!

Reebok RunTone Trainers

The world has been obsessed with getting out of the gym and getting more of a workout from walking, however Reebok have now given us the chance to get in shape even faster, with their latest toning shoes for running. If you prefer to take your exercise at speed, then the latest Reebok Runtone collection will be right up your street.

Reebok RunTone toning shoes were released in response to calls from joggers and runners to get the same benefits that fitness walkers got from their Easytones, with a design better suited to the increased forces at work when running on hard urban surfaces.

Reebok RunTone Shoes - Great looking trainers which increase muscle activity
Reebok RunTone Shoes - Great looking trainers which increase muscle activity
The only toning shoes specifically designed for running
The only toning shoes specifically designed for running

Reebok RunTone Technology

The Reebok Easytone featured three instability pods on the soles of the shoes, whereas the Reebok RunTone has six, although you would be forgiven for thinking that they have eight!

Whilst there are eight pods on the outsole, hidden out of sight there are six air-filled pods in the midsole, with 5 in the heel, and one in the forefoot. The three pods on the outsole on the ball of the foot help to spread the weight more evenly to provide a firm base for the push off for greater stability and control.

Due to the increased forces at work when running, Reebok increased the cushioning for Runtones to be able to cope with an increased strike force, in particular in the heel of the shoes. Reebok added DMX Shear cushioning to absorb the force of the heel strike and dissipate it evenly and cushioning has been increased for the forefoot with the addition of a MEVA midsole. The result is great cushioning, great support and improved stability, perfect for jogging and running.

The shoes still feature the famed SmoothFit system inside the shoes, offering a super soft liner with all of the seams removed to ensure there are no potential sources of abrasion, and the fit is superb, with the Easytones, Runtones and now the new Traintones for the gym are amongst the most comfortable sneakers you are likely to find anywhere.

How Reebok RunTone Trainers work?

The shoes work on exactly the same principles as Reebok Easytone trainers. The air-filled pods in the soles of the shoes cause small instabilities when pressure is exerted, with the air shifting under the weight of the body.

The body reacts to the instability by increasing muscle activity, bringing a wider range of muscles into play to correct the imbalance which the shoes cause. The instabilities created underfoot are not noticeable when running, however the effect is really felt at the end of the day. By increasing the number of pods on the outsole, the shoes create a firm and stable base, so you will hardly notice that your body is being put slightly out of kilter.

If you are looking to get the maximum reward from the time you spend exercising and primarily jog or run to keep fit, these shoes are a great choice. Toning shoes for running are few and far between, and the great choice of styles for men and women make thee the perfect choice for runners looking to get that little bit more, without having to increase the miles. 

At last, toning shoes for running!

Toning shoes for men. Designed to boost strength and stamina in the lower body
Toning shoes for men. Designed to boost strength and stamina in the lower body

Toning shoes for men too!

Reebok realised that men too want to get the benefit of a more intense workout, and have released their RunTone trainers in a men’s range too. The shoes offer the chance to increase strength and stamina in the legs, whilst decreasing the time it takes to get great lower body tone. The men’s toning shoes styles feature great designs and you would hardly notice that they are toning shoes, looking more like standard trainers than many toner shoe designs on the market.

The shoes have only just been released and are expected to become instant best sellers, so make sure you get your pair quickly before the best styles and most popular sizes sell out!


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