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Regular Exercise and Its Effects on Life

Updated on March 29, 2012

Effects of Regular Exercise

Do you want to start exercising? Do you dream to return to the old physical form? But you do not know how to start? Do not worry - let's see how easy to start and get involved in activities. Start and become healthier and more successful. What are the benefits regular exercise provides? Exercise and fitness improve the health of the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of stroke, and can control the level of blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. Physical activity provides resistance to stress; the brain increases efficiency, lowers cholesterol and helps to normalize weight. Physical training increases metabolism, bone density and energy level. Regular fitness is replaced in its action antidepressants.

You are still plagued by doubts, and then check out a selection of scientific facts. If you cannot convince themselves, may be the results of research will convince you to start training to become a healthier and more successful. The daily 30-minute walks have a long-term recuperation effect, exceeding the effect of taking the pills and treatments; Exercise will not only improve your health in those cases, if you are already diagnosed with chronic diseases, but will help prevent the development of fatal diseases such as myocardial infarction, diabetes and cancer.

Exercise to help you look 10-15 years younger - slimmer, sleeker and more energetic. Regular fitness is useful for cardiac muscle: even moderate training can help keep the heart healthy it is famous saying that a little exercise is better than absence of exercise, but more exercise is better than less. Exercise lowers cholesterol, the excess of which clog the arteries. It also normalizes blood pressure, which reduces the strain on your heart muscle restored insulin sensitivity, improves myocardial contractility, accelerates blood circulation and reduces many risks. You can also organize your own sporting activities for one hour a day, if this mode is more suitable for you. Be consistent and persistent in your regular exercise. Takes 3-4 times a week, and then the desired result will not take long - you'll lose excess weight and remain healthy for years to come.

The exercises help prevent osteoporosis. Exercises in combination with adequate calcium intake from food can provide sufficient bone density. In our time, osteoporosis is recognized as a "silent epidemic", which increases the spread from year to year, and the consequences are alarming not only for health but also to human life. Burning weight exercises such as running, walking and weight lifting helps prevent osteoporosis, which will inevitably develop with age. Ideal to start regular exercise while you are still young, but acquire the habit is never too late. Even ordinary walking at a fast pace can be very helpful.

Exercise reduces blood pressure. Exercise has positive effect on blood pressure, regardless of age, weight and sex of the person. And it does not matter whether you are doing brisk walking, jogging, or swims in the pool a few tracks, if you do it at least 3-4 times a week, the result will be equally good. Exercises are an excellent resistance to stress. Regular physical activity is a powerful tool to protect against stress and depression. How is this result? Exercise counteracts the daily stress and increase self-esteem. Exercise Increases body temperature during exercise reduces muscle tension.

Exercise reduces the severity of asthma attacks; those people who suffer from asthma caused by physical stress, it is understandable avoid stress. However, physical therapy, doctors believe that such patients can and should be regularly engaged in taking preventive medications and avoiding some of the factors provoking attacks. Asthma is a physical stress can worsen in cold, dry, dust-contaminated air. The efforts of the patient to maintain himself in good physical shape, with more than offset by relief of asthma, decrease the frequency of attacks and decrease the need for medication. Regular exercise prevents the development of diabetes complications; lifestyle has a huge impact on the development of certain diseases - and diabetes is one such disease. Regular exercise is clearly reduced insulin requirements, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular physical activity promotes weight loss, improves health and prevents stress effects. Physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, at least 35% of all deaths from malignant diseases associated with excess weight and lack of sufficient physical activity.

Exercise slows down aging; physical activity speeds up blood flow to the brain, reducing the risk of stroke. It also improves memory and attention. Exercise also increases strength and muscle size and improve lung function. If you think that training your brain gives only crossword puzzles or memorization of foreign words, you are wrong - to improve the thought processes it is necessary to regular physical activity. Exercise with elements of relaxation, helping to reduce tension, headache, back pain and insomnia. Regular exercise Improves blood circulation and it raises the level of potency and quality of erection, as it depends on the efficiency of blood circulation to the genitals. The most effective treatment for the majority of sexual disorders is a change in lifestyle.

Exercise is good for mental health; it can counteract the daily stress. It Increases body temperature during exercise and reduces muscle tension, spasms and pain. Exercise leads to an increase in muscle strength, mobility and joint function. Regular exercise not only increases the volume and strength of muscles, but also bone density and metabolism of the whole organism. Exercise can improve the condition of the joints, not only in healthy people, but also in patients suffering from arthritis. We cannot deny the benefits of regular exercise in fact we cannot even count the benefits of regular exercise, so live healthy and happy, do regular exercise.


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