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Regular Medical Check Up - Why they are important ?

Updated on March 28, 2013

In every health article or forum or wherever general health topics has been discussed; experts talk about the importance of regular medical checkups for healthy life style. In this article we will discuss why they are necessary and what their benefits are? Why it is necessary to get proper medical help? Do we understand importance of on time medical diagnosis and medical symptoms?

Who Needs Regular Medical checkups?

Recent studies in health care shows that more and more people cutting back on health care expenses because of worldwide recession. Experts suggest that everybody should see doctor regularly regardless of age, sex and health. Even if you are enjoying good health, visit your doctor once or twice a year for a thorough checkup and medical advice. Seeing a doctor is something that each and every person owes themselves and the family that they love!

Prevention is better than cure

It is important to understand that many small and critical diseases and disorders can be prevented or controlled if they're caught early. Not only do regular visits to your doctor help ensure an early diagnosis, but you can also get an up-to-date prescription.

Stress related health disorders

Nearly half of the health disorders we are facing today are somehow connected to our stress. Due to the economic conditions being felt by families there has been a sharp increase in stress related health disorders, which in some case are life threatening. Because of the increasing hypertension symptoms many of us instead of visiting to the doctor for cold, flu or constant stomach ache are now dealing with these illnesses through some form of home remedies. Through home remedies one can deal these health issues for the time being but the real cause of these problems remain unaddressed and resulted in a complicated disease in future.

Importance of Regular Blood Scans

Every second person around us is a patient of diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol. Without regular Blood Scans it is very difficult to deal with them in timely manner before they become life threatening for you. It very necessary that we should be aware of what is High cholesterol level? How to reduce cholesterol? What are low cholesterol foods? and general knowledge about Cholesterol Levels. Similarly Diabetes causes so many complications in our body. How many of us actually know about diabetes? Diabetes symptoms and causes of diabetes etc. By doing annual medical checkups and examination you should stay abreast of the state of your health.

Many people may not realize that their blood pressure has started to rise steadily or that they have proteins or sugar in their urine before their reports tells them the same. Even sinus infections, strep throat and other bacterial or viral illnesses can easily be overlooked when dealing with them at home. But sometimes infections that you felt were something minor turns into a major bacterial infection. Sometimes proper medication is required in order to avoid serious complication. Therefore seeing your doctor regularly is the most important in order to save us from critical illness

Spend little to save Big

Financial hardship bound many of us to forego annual medical checkup but we should understand that having a mammogram and follow up visit is much less costly than paying tons of money for the treatments of breast cancer. In short spending little money now can save some big money (not to mention pains and heartache) in the future. Hence visiting your doctor regularly is always a smart choice

Critical illness -----Caught it Early

Why should you see a doctor regularly? Because investing the time in your physical body is the most precious gift that you can ever give to yourself. Knowing that you are healthy is also a great way to boost energy and make you feel as though you have something worth living for. When you receive clean bill of health it feels absolutely life changing and breathes new life into each and every day. If ever a doctor was to find an illness or condition you definitely want to hear them say that they caught it early which greatly increases your chance of survival. Early detection for things like cancer can mean the difference between life and death.


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    • mariasial profile imageAUTHOR

      maria sial 

      8 years ago from united kingdom

      I really second your opinion; its very important these days that we should spend time and money on our health and than on rest of activities in life. Thanks for commenting

    • mariasial profile imageAUTHOR

      maria sial 

      9 years ago from united kingdom


    • profile image

      marian d.c. dela fuente 

      9 years ago


    • mariasial profile imageAUTHOR

      maria sial 

      10 years ago from united kingdom

      Thank you office worker for your comments, i actually second your opinion

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I have a regular top-to-toe medical examination every six months. I am completely naked throughout the entire procedure and absolutely everything is thoroughly examined; breast (yes even for men) and nipple examination, heartbeat, lung function, reflexes, scrotum and testicular examination, sexual health examination, thorough listen to absolutely every centimeter, inch and microcosm of the chest and back through a stethoscope to enable the examining doctor to detect any abnormalities whatsoever - even - or incredibly much more importantly those (such as any heart murmur) which I as the patient may not necessarily be aware of, updates on injections. It gives me a good picture of my overall health. Prevention is better than cure - a medical cliché I know but so true.

      It is my firmly held belief (and one I personally will firmly be upholding for the rest of my life) that everybody - both male and female - should undergo these extremely important (not to say absolutely vital) regular medical examinations regardless of their state of health at least annually and ideally every six months.

    • mariasial profile imageAUTHOR

      maria sial 

      10 years ago from united kingdom

      Thank you Katrina for your comments and appreciation

    • katrinasui profile image


      10 years ago

      You have written this hub on a very good topic. Welcome to Hubpages. Keep up the good work.

    • mariasial profile imageAUTHOR

      maria sial 

      10 years ago from united kingdom

      Thank you sailor for your comments

    • thesailor profile image


      10 years ago from Seven Seas

      I have a regular medical exam because of my job as a sailor. Complete examination, from head to toe enables me to know what factors affect my well-being badly, like cholesterol and blood sugar level, etc. You're right, prevention is better than cure, a popular medical jargon that we should always remember. Thanks for sharing!


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