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Reiki, a Divine Touch

Updated on March 4, 2010


Energy passing to Another
Energy passing to Another

Reiki, the Divine Therapeutic Touch

Reiki is a not only a type of massage therapy, it is a living form of behavioral existence that respects the harmony of man and nature. It started in Japan and contains the art of “laying hands” to cure, plus a philosophy that includes the secret art of inviting happiness into your life force or Qi. The Reiki massage, involves a stationary, or moving artisan acting on and manipulating another’s body with pressure, structured and unstructured techniques, to provide tension, motion, or vibration to specific points on the body known to relieve ailments. Who hasn't received an unexplainable shock, "out of the blue," when just touching some object? This is the energy of Qi harnessed by the practitioners of Reiki.

Those who practice Reiki are taught methods to harness the natural energy of Qi and use that energy with powerful natural medicines to cure all types of disease. Reiki is a behavioral path where followers devote themselves to work, have a philosophy of being kind to all people, and learn how to turn anger into joy. The pleasure of Reiki is learning when your mental energy is spent, filling up your mind with joy and gratitude there is no room for stress, anger, and worry. Reiki demands a respect of nature and connection with others. Those who practice Reiki join hands with loved ones to pray and chant every morning and evening. Group hand holding during prayer adds to the general healing of the body. In this way, Reiki is said to improve the mind and body

The practice of “laying on hands” did not originate with Reiki but they have added a lifestyle to the traditional massage therapy to make it special. The practice of lying on hands dates back as far as the written word and appears in every culture. When “Faith healers” placed their hands on people when praying for their patient, it lead to their healing, a “miracle” was recorded. It has been said that the touch alone aided to provide more healing power than mere verbal utterances alone. Documentation of healing massage is mentioned in many languages, and numerous texts throughout history. In France they coined the name “massage” which means, “friction kneading”. In Arabia they use the word “massa” which not only means “dough” but also “to touch, feel or handle", In Ancient Greek the word “anatripsis” can be found for massage. And, the word “frictio”/ friction can be found in works of Latin to represent massage.

Initially, the act of putting ones hands on another conferred a blessing. Symbolically "the Divine Touch" of kings passed on authority; like when a king gave rule to his offspring. The laying on of hands, known as "the Divine Touch," is still being preformed today by religious leaders, Priest, Ministers, and Kings. It has been written that “the Divine Touch” of Jesus cured a number of diseases.

The importance of “Laying-on-Hands” healing continues to evolve throughout time. Today as in the past manual therapy, manipulative therapy, or manual & manipulative therapy encompasses the treatment of a variety of ailments by using 'hands-on', physical intervention.

In conclusion, those who practice Reiki, have not only a Divine Touch but also a Therapeutic Touch. Those who practice the art of Reiki are said to have a clear and clean energy path that they can channel to their patient. By moving his or her hands over another’s body they are able to pass their clean Qi (life force) to another. This way their clean Qi energy force can break up energy blockages, promote healing, decrease pain and anxiety, and increase hemoglobin levels in the body to improve emotional and physical Qi alignment of their patient.



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