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Rejection helps to find better things for you in life.

Updated on May 5, 2017

Rejection is to help find better people and such

Flipping anything negative to the positive

In life we could think that rejection is a very bad thing.

Actually it is not.

What we can learn about rejection whether in a relationship, work or even in our passion and goals in life, rejection prepares us for the bigger and better picture.

At the time of being rejected for any reason for what so ever we become blind and think there is nothing better or how are we going to make it through this?

After awhile we kind of wake up from the cloudiness and see much more clearer.

We can not always think that we know what we are going to expect from people whom enter our lives but do know if they take more then they give then it is like they are sinking a boat and you are going to end sinking with them.

So to keep your boat a float, it is best to learn from rejections because the reality a rejection is not a rejection at all.

A rejection is a sign to prepare you for something bigger that is coming in your life.

I can now see much clearly that I am doing much better today and that I would not change anything or want to go back.

Going forward is always the best answer.

But in my learning through rejection there is always a much better balance at the end of rainbow that ends up shining through like a very rough storm.

Sometimes in going through a rough storm in a sea with big waves that crash, we do just that, we "crash".

We might feel burned out at the time of crashing from rejection but there is no way to go but up from there.

As we can climb out of anything because the human spirit is so very strong within ourselves.

We can always better our lives by trial and error.

It is not a mistake but learning experiences that we go through in life.

If something does not work out it is always, always for the best.

I have gone through things in my own way but have always triumphed afterwards.

In my own life where I can not speak for anyone else I learned that we can always become a much better person through any situation or any cards dealt to us.

Sometimes with those cards dealt we do not know what is in the cards that is dealt to us.

We might get some jokers in the deck but even cards can be discarded to get a better hand.

We lose some and we win some but if we let the times we lost in a cards we are dealt then the rejection in our lives have not taught us anything.

I personally am happy with today because we don't have anything different than what is right now in front of our eyes.

The past is gone and the future is not here yet, so the present can seem so overwhelming at times.

BUT the good things is that we can change things and no matter what situation is at the time of rejection whether it was person or situation, even though it is not good to really look back but when we do look back we can see how far we come.

There is much to learn in life and no matter what age we are as long as we want to continue to grow and learn then there is one thing that will never reject us and that is "life" itself.

On social media, we can all put up a front and make us look like saints but the reality is that no one is perfect, not even myself.

But at the end of the day, I can shut down social media and be myself.

I like looking at myself in the mirror and be proud of the woman that is standing in front of the mirror. That woman is me.

If we become bitter of any past circumstances and complain, then that means we don't change.

Oh yes I been used and burnt by people but that shows me there are much better people whom are truly good souls that should be graced with living a couple 100 years because they are good souls. Wouldn't that be nice?

Negative situations had strengthen my heart and I found better situations to live and grow.

Negative people taught me to find positive people whom are very successful in their own way and I know that if I surround myself more with those people then I will continue to become just like those people.

Being around people whom are balanced will balance and push away negative vibes and inspire me to become more of myself and the way I should be.

People are so programmed to just tear people down but it is because they are just stuck and I feel bad because they have no way to see a way to get out and become bitter and NOT better.

A lot of people whom are unhappy with happy people, it means there is something wrong with them and not the happy people.

I learned that I can not surround myself with anyone that is not happy for other people because that is because they want to destroy my happiness because they are unhappy with themselves.

I learned that if my happiness makes anyone unhappy then those are not people I ever wish to be around because that just eat people on the inside and make them sick and there is no cure for that type of sickness.

Growing from within while surrounding myself with people whom have much more life experience than myself can sure teach me.

SO I guess that now in my life there is way more positive people and positive situations because past rejections have taught me, it was not me all along it was those people and those situations that are just poison and the best thing to do to get rid of poison is that the antidote to that, is to be around the most positive people whom are poison and be around be around those that have good hearts and pass that on to me.


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