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Rejection Is Just Redirection

Updated on January 2, 2020

-Rejection- A word that can make you doleful in a second. This word has the potency to hit you right on spot and make you wonder "Am I not good enough?" This is not merely a word it's an emotion, that makes you feel awful about yourself. Let's admit we all have been rejected at some point in our lives. There are very rare people who can take rejection and do not let it hurt them. But you can be one of them!


"Rejection is like stairs, you can use it to go up or down in your life. My dear, choose wisely"

Your body and rejection:

Your mind processes emotional pain and rejection in the same way it processes physical pain. The stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released by your brain. Adrenaline increases your blood circulation and breath rate which makes you sad, angry, and stressful.

Ways to overcome rejection

Love Yourself: when you get rejected, the most significant thing is to relinquish negative contemplations. Encircle yourself with positivity. Understand that it's not the end of the world. Some people hold on to rejection so much that they even get suicidal thoughts. People end up in wretchedness. At this stage, it's important to go easy on yourself

Indulge yourself in some activity: Try to forget about it, and do things that you love, join any sports club, a gym, read a book, watch your fav series or catch up on any hobby.

Don't let people around you make you feel bad: Don't let people's remarks hurt you in any way. In today's millennial people tend to worry about what others think of them. They judge themselves based on someone else's opinion about them.

Convert the negative energy into positive energy: You might not believe me but yes, Rejection is beneficial for you. It helps you grow and emerge as a confident individual. If you want to be effective in life you must go through various failures. It's insane, yet the thing is that you only learn when you fail. Rather than being miserable, be practical and get motivation from your rejection.


Famous Rejections of the World:

All of the famous entertainers, entrepreneurs, billionaires have been rejected many times. But these great souls didn't stick to rejection and instead took motivation from it and proved themselves.

  1. Walt Disney: The great thinker was fired from a Missouri newspaper because according to them, "He was not creative enough." Later he was turned down by 38 publishers. And faced more than 300 rejections. Yet in the end, he emerged as the most Oscar winning individual.
  2. Oprah Winfrey: The marvelous host was once rejected by Tv because she was not fit for her job which was TV reporting.
  3. J K Rowling: The famous Harry Potter author, JK Rowling was rejected a number of times. Her original Harry Potter pitch was rejected 12 times by the publishers.
  4. Steve Jobs: The owner of Apple was fired from his own company. But he didn't let his rejection do any bad to him and returned to his company in 1997 as the CEO.
  5. Colonel Sanders: He wanted to franchise his restaurant but his recipe was rejected thousands of times. He still didn't lose hope and because of his ultimate efforts Today, KFC is one of the biggest franchises of the world.




Everybody gets rejected by someone or something in life. That's time you actually start the hustle and prove yourself. Dote yourself, give up negativity. Do not let your rejection stop you from doing something great in life. Think of rejection as the step that leads to prosperity.

Rejection hurts but think for a sec, Is it worth enough to cogitate it for your whole life and do nothing progressive? ;)

© 2020 Zara


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