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Relax With Massage

Updated on February 1, 2010

Why people liked massage. After massage, the body will be relaxed and comfortable. The  blood circulation becomes better and the joints become more flexible. We feel our body become lighter after  massage. Right now we can easily find massage techniques which offered.  Actually there are various of massage techniques.  I’ll show about those techniques in this hub.

Thai Massage

Thailand is a beautiful country. We know thai massage for a long time ago and this massage is very famous. This massage technique is an ancient remedy that comes from China and India. By using yoga movements are beneficial to increase the energy in the body. This massage is done by pressing the points all the energy channels in the body.  Start from leg to the head. And massage therapist will guide us in meditation, in accordance with the existing position in yoga. massage therapist will use thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to massage the body.


We know this massage techniques comes from Japan. Actually this techniques was adopted from ancient China which covered the balance of vital energy for life or we know that as a Chi balance. By giving little pressure at points along the body line horizontally. The result is it believed help in healing and strengthen the body.

The massage therapist will observe our body first, they will ask about kind of disease we have of the history of our disease. To know where is right point to start the massage. After observation we will asked to wearing the thinner and loose cloths. Then we have to lie down on the table. Our body will knocked, rubbed and shaken gently by massage therapist start front to back. After massage we felt comfortable and have more energy and easy to concentrate.

Swedish Massage

Have you ever try the professional massage? And Swedish massage is good choice for us. The purpose of this massage is to relieve pain and aches in the body by rubbing the entire body so that our muscles become more relaxed. We will be taken to a room that is usually lit by candles, filled with the fragrance of aromatherapy and accompanied by soft music. By using the rub oil massage therapist will perform a variety of movements such as squeezing, brushing with the pressure, slapped and pulled the body gently. massage will be ended by massaging the face and scalp.

Reflection massage (Reflexology)

This massage is become famous right now, also in my country. This massage come from China.  This massage makes us shout loudly.  Bacause it hurt.  I had try the reflection massage, during the massage I also shout and shout. Bacause I can’t stop the pain while massage. Reflexology principles similar with acupuncture.  Every points in the leg is connected directly with associated with the nerves around organs and tissues. if the headache, not all foot massage but only one point which directly related to the nerves in the head.  After massage the pain will disappear soon.

Shirodara Massage

This massage technique originating from India and was made by ancient Indian tribes.  Ayurveda, maybe we are familiar with this word. For a variety of healing therapies and eliminate anxiety. Shirodara therapy begins with a drop of warm oil (made from plants) in the "third eye" between and above the eyebrows. According to the theory of this tribe, this area related to the nervous system. so that the oil droplets are believed to create a feeling of calm.

Before start massage therapist will put a cold compress over the eyes and put the container of oil on the head.  And the oil dropped around 15 or 20 minutes in the "third eye" which then will flow throughout the scalp and will be accommodated by a container under the head. massage on the head, neck and shoulder  to end this massage.

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This massage is different from other massage. Why I said so, because the massage therapist didn’t touch our body. The principle of this massage techniques is giving the engery for balancing the "chakras". This massage benefit to restore the body, mind and spirit of a person. Before that we have to take a deep breath. The massage therapist will pray for a while.

Then the massage therapis will put his hand on the head patient. When he feel something different he stop at this part of the body for three until five minutes to balancing the energy and throw the negative energy. Although our body don‘t touch by massage therapis. But patient felt the hot sensation from the massage therapist hand. And sometimes Reiki make the patient emotionally overwhelming. such as laughing, crying. and after that they feel comfortable and healthier.


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