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Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management

Updated on October 10, 2012

Stress has become a part of modern day life. The rat race can be both emotionally and physically draining. But as there is no alternative, you have to learn to live with it. There are several relaxation techniques for stress. If you cannot manage stress, you could be exposed to physical and mental disorders. Stress management is essential for modern day living.


Exercise is on of the best stress busters. You may walk, jog, swim, cycle or skip according to your liking. It not only helps you to shed those extra pounds and tone your body but is also very relaxing. Aerobic exercises are recommended as one of the best stress busters.


Meditation is an excellent stress buster. When you meditate, your mind will totally focused on an imaginary object or your own breathing. You will be oblivious to everything around you. This will help to take your mind away from day to day problems and completely relax you. It is necessary to practice meditation for half an hour every day to reap its benefits.


Yoga poses are a very good exercise for the body. They help to loosen up your muscles. There are several yoga poses. Each pose targets a different part of the body. Yoga is much more than just exercise. It also focuses on breathing and mind. Regular practice of yoga helps you to relax completely.

Breathing Exercises

Yogic breathing techniques called pranayama will help you to relax and overcome stress. It strengthens the lungs, improves digestion and reduces anger. It also helps you to sleep better.


If you have ever visited a professional massage therapist, you will know how well a soothing massage can relax you. Massage helps to relieve muscular tension. The pain in the neck or a stiff back could be the result of a physical or an emotional problem. Stress could also be due to sitting all day at the desk and working. Stress could increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Massage therapy helps to reduce this.


Hobbies are excellent stress busters. A hobby takes your mind away off stress and tension. Singing, dancing and playing games will help you to relax. Stamps and coin collection are also very good hobbies. They help you to concentrate on something you like and take you away from day to day problems. There could be no better stress buster than gardening. It also provides very good exercise for the body. Reading books is another good hobby that can take away your mind to far away lands or make you a part of an engrossing story. Listening to songs is another excellent hobby that has a soothing effect.


Take a holiday and go to another place. You can go to a beach or a hill station. You can even visit another country. A week away from the stressful routine will help to refresh you.


The best method to relax is sleeping. Not getting enough sleep increases stress, fatigue, irritability and anxiety. It also increases the chances of heart attack. Nothing ever relaxes you more then a good night’s sleep. You will feel completely relaxed the next morning.


Attend a party or just go out with friends. Discuss things of common interest with them. Discuss new plans for a holiday. Meeting like minded people and just spending time with them, will help you to relax.

These are some of the methods which can help you to get over stress and relax. They are beneficial both to the mind and body. It can help to keep you healthy.


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    • bnsridhar profile image

      bnsridhar 5 years ago from India


    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      BN, excellent ideas and tips on stress management. Well written and voted up.