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What Is Reliaderm? Introducing A New Potent OTC Pain Reliever.

Updated on February 25, 2016

Comparing the differences between Reliaderm and Ben gay

Comparing differences between Icy Hot and Biofreeze

An alternate way to treat pain topically without a Doctor's prescription

A majority of people who suffer daily, from either acute or a more uncomfortable, moderate level of pain have a few decisions to make. One is that they either have to deal with their current level of pain, by either soothing the area which involves their pain, with either alternating ice and heat to help reduce the swelling and inflammation, that contributes to many different pain conditions in the first place.

Or the individual experiencing pain has to decide whether he, or she wants to make yet another appointment at the family physician's office and hope that their Doctor has an open slot for them, and in sooner than three days. Besides the fact of having to give up as high as fifty dollars, for a usual office visit Copay, Is not unheard of with a majority of commercial insurance companies today.

All of these factors and more slowly begin to weigh in when individuals dealing with moderate levels of pain, have to consider, when trying to remedy their condition, hopefully the same day that they are in excruciating pain.

Not to mention that pain patients in particular are counting on their Doctor to write them, yet one more narcotic based script to help them forget about their pain for maybe three hours. Or if they're lucky - get five hours out of their pain medI cation. Does this scenario sound at all familiar to those who possibly found themselves in a similar position? If so, you're surely not alone, and many people who deal with real pain, are really only looking for a quick and easy. As well as inexpensive way to tame their pain; for a bit longer without having to make yet one more trip to the Doctor's office.

What Is Reliaderm

The solution to this problem is not always an easy one, however there are alternate and more natural ways of treating your pain in a timely fashion And there are also many methods and older products on the market that everyone trying to remedy their pain. Use sooner or later in hopes of relieving a great deal of that pain.

. Reliaderm Roll On Pain Cream is just one of those more natural solutions that in my opinion arrived on the market as a new player in the market of OTC Dinosaurs. And just in the nick of time as well! You could say that it's a new kid on the block, so to speak. But a very special one at that, as I'll describe in a bit more detail, as we look at together, some of the differences between three older and common Over The Counter remedies, that some of my readers, may have tried a few times in the past. I'll talk a little more about Icy Hot, Ben Gay and Biofreeze in a few paragraphs to follow.

So for the time being, and getting back to that new kid on the block, I just introduced, called Reliaderm. What more could one seeking quick pain relief, ask for in an over the counter pain relieving medication, that is not only affordable, but also reliable. Reliable in the sense that it's going to roll away your pain that you suffer with on a daily basis, whether it's acute or chronic pain. Reliaderm is very effective in helping you stay pain free throughout most of the day. And the best part - without having to resort to prescription narcotics any further.

There are many types of pain relief products on the market today. Some pills, some creams and a lot of other good old reliable pain relievers which work by targeting pain receptor sites, that in turn cause those annoying muscle aches, sprains, bad backs and even arthritis pain. That's where Reliaderm fits in, as not only a brand new roll-on pain cream.

But as a very potent pain reliever that is available also as a (OTC), or Over The Counter Product - as previously mentioned. However since this product is brand new, it has not yet been made available to the consumer at this point in time, except through the recommendation of a qualified Health Care Practitioner, which I will explain in further detail in the following paragraphs.

In addition, Reliaderm is affordable without a prescription. The cost of a product like Reliaderm is around twenty dollars, which is equivalent to what you would pay for a a Tier One formulary drug CoPay. This is beneficial and pays for itself in many ways. Just for the reason that many people do not have medical insurance. Or they have medical insurance but their copay for their prescription pain medication, is forty to fifty dollars or more. Something I also mentioned earlier in the article.

And just to emphasize a point I also made earlier. You do not have to wait for an appointment with your Doctor to have a prescription written for Reliaderm. Because once again - It is not a narcotic based pill or cream, that usually requires more waiting time to receive, especially if a prior authorization is required by your insurance company.

So far I've talked a little bit about how you can obtain a product like Reliaderm, without visiting a Heath care practitioner directly. And that it is affordable even to those without medical insurance. And the fact that it is available also, without a Doctor's prescription is another big deal. however a health practitioner, which includes not only medical Doctors.

But also physical therapists and chiropractors. Can refer, or more readily fax in a prescription for you and your Reliaderm (3 OZ supply) - Equivalent to a one month supply. The product Is easily delivered right to your front door. And a lot sooner than it would take to get an appointment with your family Doctor. And that's not a joke, but a fact!

So all of these things about Reliaderm sound great - right? But what makes Reliaderm so different and better for mild to moderate pain relief than most other OTC products Out there? The products that I sometimes refer to as Dinosaurs. Remember a few paragraphs back, I spoke about these three older products that can be found in most pharmacies? So as promised, let's take a more detailed look at these three OTC products and see how they differ from a newer product like Reliaderm.

The old familiar and still popular Ben Gay, is one such product that has been around for quite Some time. Bit being much like Vicks Vapor Rub, it has an overpowering odor, which is often true of products which contain higher amounts of the natural ingredient - menthol, which is found in Ben Gay formulations. But also found in smaller quantities in Reliaderm as well.

BioFreeze a fairly new addition to the OTC pain relief products, it contains only one ingredient. Where Reliaderm contains three different ingredients including a generous amount of menthol and capsaicin. Ben-Gay contains two natural ingredients. I mentioned the generous amount of menthol, and this product also contains Camphor. Remember I said that the menthol is quite aromatic!

Which in turn contributes to it's overpowering smell. But for many smell is not really the big concern with a product of this class. To add, when a product smells overly aromatic. It's usually a good indicator, that either the menthol, methyl Salicyate, or wintergreen. Or combination of all of those three ingredients without doubt, doing it's job. A physician actually pointed this out to me recently.

But just as long as the consumer receives some form of pain relief that the product claims to produce, the smell or odor is soon forgotten because the product is doing what it was designed to do. And that is eliminate pain in a more natural way, with natural non-man made ingredients. Which are almost always found in narcotic pills and other similar compounds That relieve pain and are more of a prescription strength product, manufactured by a large pharmaceutical company.

Comparing Reliaderm To The Dinosaurs

Pain Creams
Methyl Salicylate
In the above graph are the ingredients and actual percentages within each of the 3 older OTC products on the market today. Including the ingredient and percentages for the Reliaderm. In comparison to Ben Gay, Icy Hot, and BioFreeze. It is quite obvio

So Which Type Of OTC Product Is Best For Me?

So which Over The Counter product is best for me, or might work the best for a more moderate degree of pain? This most likely is the biggie question of them all and that you are looking for as well as pot of treasure a Leprechaun forgot about at the end of the rainbow - am I right?

As I have already touched upon, in preceding paragraphs throughout this article There are many great over the counter products on the market today and available to the consumer. And not to degrade or put down a specific product by any means! such as Biofreeze, or Icy Hot.

It could just be a basic fact, that many OTC products have faded in the limelight so to speak, and are sometimes considered a good thing of the past, that worked for me, or you for awhile. And basically can be considered Dinosaurs of the Over The Counter World. There I used that word Dinosaur again!

The trick is finding or discovering another potentialily good pain relieving product, that works best for you and no one else. Because what works well for one individual, may not work as well for another - You've heard that phrase somewhere else along the way, haven't you? Sometimes it's also a hit and miss situation, or for better words - one of trial and error! To find a new product that may be able to address your pain, by more effectively being able to calm the pain at the nerve endings, where all the pain starts out at in the first place.

Get Your Reliaderm Soon!

Reliaderm is available in a few independent pharmacies in the Northeast.  And since it was just introduced in late 2014.  The marketing process may take a little additional time, before most area stick the product.
Reliaderm is available in a few independent pharmacies in the Northeast. And since it was just introduced in late 2014. The marketing process may take a little additional time, before most area stick the product. | Source

How Do I Obtain A Product Like Reliaderm?

A three ounce bottle - (one month supply) of Reliaderm is available only by utilizing the accompanying recommendation form at the end of the article. The company that manufactures the product, Icon Health Services is located at the Norwalk CT. Headquarters. As of January 2016, Reliaderm cream has been made available for sale through (please see -accompanying AD, at end of this article).

Again Reliaderm is an over the counter product, available only with the recommendation form from a qualified healthcare provider. This includes medical Doctors, D.O's, NP's, PA 's and either a certified chiropractor or physical therapist.. The retail price of Reliaderm is $19.95 plus a shipping fee of roughly $2.50 per bottle For a patient.

But once again, only a qualified HCP can recommend the product to a patient, and only samples are available to a qualified HCP, as defined in the preceding paragraph. Considering the level of pain that Reliaderm addresses. This is a great bargain, as well as a wonderful alternative way to experience immediate pain relief, without having to rely on addicting oral pain medications.

I have personally, as well as family members and friends tried this product over the past month and believe me the pain relieving results obtained were unbelievable, especially for a non- narcotic based product. Try to remember it is very important to read all directions on the label of Reliaderm, if you get the opportunity to eventually try the product for yourself or a family member.

The problem with a lot of individuals is that they do not like to read, or pay attention to how to apply a OTC product like Reliaderm. And for maximum benefit, it should be applied up to three times per day, as indicated on the instructions, which a copy of can also be found at the end of this medical related article.

Also it is important not to use a heating pad with a product like Reliaderm. Many people believe that using an alternating heat source with a product that contains menthol and capsacin for example. Can increase the overall effectiveness of the product. But in actuality, this can cause irritation and burning of the skin. So please remember to read instructions on any product. Whether it be a over the counter product, or one that is prescription strength. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

So with that said, please feel free to learn more about the pain relieving benefits now, by asking your Health Care Provider to recommend Reliaderm to you. Or for further information about Reliaderm, please email your inquiries to Or call the following toll free number (800-243-8370), to speak to a medical representative about Reliaderm Roll On Pain Cream. In the long run you'll be glad you made this call.

Get Back To Living Your Life

Living your life pain free isn't an option - it's a must!  Reliaderm can help you achieve those goals of living a more pain free life. So what are you waiting for?  Give Reliaderm a try.
Living your life pain free isn't an option - it's a must! Reliaderm can help you achieve those goals of living a more pain free life. So what are you waiting for? Give Reliaderm a try. | Source

Reliaderm Physician Recommendation Form

The Physician Recommendation Form, shown above.  Is the form, which a consumer can request and have emailed to them, or this form can be received via fax.  It is utilized for Prescribers mainly, who can recommend Reliaderm to any of their patients.
The Physician Recommendation Form, shown above. Is the form, which a consumer can request and have emailed to them, or this form can be received via fax. It is utilized for Prescribers mainly, who can recommend Reliaderm to any of their patients. | Source

Reliaderm Patient Information And Directions Sheet

Like any NDC registered and FDA approved product.  Reliaderm comes with a patient use and informational sheet which accompanies the product. Nit is also available upon request by contacting Icon Health Services.
Like any NDC registered and FDA approved product. Reliaderm comes with a patient use and informational sheet which accompanies the product. Nit is also available upon request by contacting Icon Health Services. | Source

What OTC products have you found work the best for your pain?

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    • Jlbowden profile image

      James Bowden 3 years ago from Long Island, New York


      Thank you stopping by and taking the time out to go through my article and digest the wealth of info in it. I've had a friends 90 year old grand dad place the Reliaderm roll on cream, up to 3 times a day for his bad knees. And he told me the other day, that he couldn't believe how much better his knees felt after using this product. He said that he couldn't keep him in his recliner. He jumped up and wanted to go out and shovel snow. He is a farmer here on Long Island. Anyway, give it a try to ask your doctor, or better yet, tell him or her about this product. And thank you again for your comments and vote! Take care and be pain free!! Jim

      Bill: Yes please do place this article in your file for future safe keeping. What can I say - you're doing something right that a lot of other folks living with pain are not. Or should I say, that you are just one tough old bird!! Thanks for the comments and taking the time to read this 228o word article. Jim

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I'll stick this in a file for when I need it. So far I am living a pain-free life, so I think I'll cross my fingers and keep doing whatever it is that I'm doing. :)

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      This is great information!! It's certainly something intend to speak to my Dr. about. I have some arthritic areas and also back pain when on my feet too long. In fact, most of my friends my age have an ache or pain somewhere, nearly daily! Thanks so much. UP+++


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