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Relieve and Prevent Joint Pain in simple steps

Updated on February 9, 2015

Your joints are very important part of your bone structure they carry the weight of the body and help you to move without any problem.

Your joints carry all the stress that is put on them by your body. With aging your joints also age and they become stiff and cause pain so today I will tell you some simple ways in which you can relieve and is some cases prevent the pain in joints.

Apart from aging your pain can be caused by lot of other reasons such as disease, strain, osteoporosis and wounds. Different people have pain for different reasons but some are more common than other. If you will act on the simple steps that I am going to tell you then you will feel lot of better and your pain will be greatly reduced.


Warm water is good for all types of pain and it helps our muscles to relax and release the pressure that is building inside them.

You should take mild warm water and then there are two ways by which you can apply it to pain causing joint. First way is to apply it directly with the help of your hand and second way is that you can soak a cloth and then dip it in the water and then apply it on the joint smoothly.

Ice therapy

Cold atmosphere is very good for joint pain because it reduce the blood flow and swallowing of joints. This has to done with care because ice can damage your skin if used for long time. For pain relieving you can use the ice and apply it on the pain causing joint for 10 to 15 minutes. You should warp the ice in some cloth to increase its effects.

Natural Treatment

Nature has very good healing power and you can also use that to prevent the joint pain. You can take lot of different types of herbal teas that have very good effect on the overall performance of the body. You can search the internet for different types of herbal products that are available in the market for pain relieving purposes.


Do Exercise

Exercise and lot of exercise, this should be your motto when you are removing the pain of your muscles. You should also do it within the limits of your pain because when it is done recklessly then it will cause more pain instead of relieving it. The purpose of your exercise is to increase the strength of your joints and you should do it when you are not in pain because it will prevent the future pain.

Alternative treatments

You can use other treatment methods to remove the pain of your joints as lot of other people had done this to remove their pain. It will not remove your pain completely but it will reduce it considerably.

Stop Moving the Joints

If pain is too much to bear then you should consult the doctor and don’t move the specific area without the doctors recommendation.

Massage of Body

Massage is also very good for all type of pains whether they are muscle pain or joint pain. If you want to ease the pain of your joints then you should take the help of professional.

Even if you do it home it will have a very good effect on your joint pain. You can read other articles on the massage and learn how it is done by professional then you should try it on your joints then it will cause a great effect.

Take Medications

You can take different type of medications to help yourself ease the pain and you should consult the doctor first before taking any medicine. You can also use the gels and muscle relaxants that help you to reduce the muscle pain.

Physical therapy

You can also take the help of professional therapist to relieve the pain. You search online about different therapy booking services. Professional therapy can have a very good effect on the pain of joints. You will feel the difference in just one or two sessions.


Take Rest

Rest is very important for all type of pains and it will help you to recover from all type of disease. You should regularly take rest as it will reduce the load on your joints and help them to relax without causing pain.

Whether your pain is controlled or not controlled by these methods, you should consult the doctor for detail examination.


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