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Removable Dance Pole: Should every living room have one?

Updated on May 25, 2010

Because it's just tacky if kept permanently up.

Face it. Superbowl halftime shows are long and boring. A removable dance pole will spice up the biggest party you're gonna throw that year. It's easy to install and can be stored away when not needed. It's gotta be better than watching sextogenarians rocking out.

A Surprising Trend - Pole Dancing for Fitness

Prior to Youtube and Internet viral marketing, the only times I've seen dance poles are in strip clubs. Yes, that's where guys go.

There are a few things INSIDE stripclubs that could be seen OUTSIDE. Some of these "things" are arguably strip clubs imitating life. Or it could be the other way around. Things such as body glitters. I don't know where they came from, but many strippers wear them. Did they get the idea from somewhere else or within the stripper profession? Also, 5-inch+ platform heels. Many young women wear them. Did strippers originate the trend or merely adopted them?

Rima Fakih in a stripper pole dancing contest before winning the 2010 Miss USA pageant
Rima Fakih in a stripper pole dancing contest before winning the 2010 Miss USA pageant

But with pole dancing, I'm gonna have to say that although its history may date back to the circus during the Depression era, the inspiration for the current trend has to be the gorgeous dancers of gentlemen's clubs all over the US.

A few celebrities contributed to the pole dancing trend. Teri Hatcher did it while shooting Desperate Housewives. Oprah had a show on the subject. Paris Hilton showed her pole dancing skills at a private party in her home. Her house is probably big enough so that she doesn't have to have a removable dance pole.

And recently, pictures of pre-2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih in a stripper pole dancing contest had been making a buzz in the media.

Pole dancing Workout

For several years now, hundreds of services posted on Craigslist are advertising pole dancing classes. There is no doubt that the physically intensive activity requires someone to be in great shape to perform the moves. In the spirit of the free market, enterprising women are bringing pole dancing from the racy strip club showroom to the mainstream household as a fitness program.

Aside from the classes, there are DVDs, books, and Youtube videos on pole dancing that you can use for learning.

Teri Hatcher pole dancing on Desperate Housewives
Teri Hatcher pole dancing on Desperate Housewives


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