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Respond Better To Situations By Reducing Your Body Fat

Updated on January 4, 2011

By being fat, you will not be able to respond better to life's situations. You also have many other disadvantages. The main disadvantage, apart from slow movements, is that you will get tired very quickly. Many obesity-related diseases like blood pressure, heart ailments and diabetes may also affect you. So, if you want to lead a healthy life, you should immediately take steps to lose your excess fat.

Among many steps advised for reducing your fat, you should curtail your intake of beverages. Alcoholic beverages do not contain any nutrition but they have a lot of calories in them and hence, you should reduce them and if possible, avoid them completely. Beverages like coffee and tea do not contribute much to your fat but if you add sugar and cream to them, they will increase your fat. So, instead, you can opt to take black coffee or black tea. Another problem with coffee and tea is that they will spoil your appetite and so, you will not be able to eat properly. This will lead to malnutrition and other health complications. Studies have revealed that tea is less harmful than coffee because the caffeine present in coffee is a stimulant and may cause nervous problems, if taken excessively. If you are a regular tea drinker, you can switch to green tea because it contains antioxidants that may counter the ill-effects of free radicals that enter your system.

The best drink to have when you are thirsty is water. Some people may think that a cool carbonated drink is good if they are thirsty. Nothing can be farther from truth. Though you may feel that your thirst is quenched when you have such drinks, it is only a temporary phenomenon. These carbonated, bottled drinks or drinks that contain sugar including fruit juices cause you more harm than good because they add to your calories. Instead of fruit juices, it is better you have fruits because fruits contain a good amount of fiber. But, if you have water instead of all these drinks, you can definitely see very good results.

Your intake of water should be evenly distributed throughout the day. Some people take more of water in the mornings and during the rest of the day, they do not take sufficient water. This is also wrong. In fact, experts advise that your stomach space should be filled with 50% of food and 25% of water so that the remaining 25% will be occupied by gas. By adopting this method, you will not over-eat and hence, you will be able to burn all the calories of your food.

Water also flushes out toxins from your body very effectively. When the toxins are removed from the fat cells, you can definitely see positive results for your efforts to lose fat. Since the body gets hydrated due to your intake a good amount of water, you will not face problems like constipation also. The problem with constipation is that till you flush out the waste, you will feel heavy and will not feel like eating well. But, once you get rid of the waste, you will feel extremely hungry and will tend to over-eat. This will again lead to sluggish digestion and constipation and this becomes a vicious cycle. Hence, by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, you can ensure to get rid of constipation.

So, by avoiding alcoholic beverages, other drinks like coffee and tea that contain sugar and cream and carbonated and sugary drinks and by drinking plenty of water daily, you can reduce your fat easily. Once you start reducing your belly fat, you can move on to the next level and aspire to have six pack abs also.


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