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Review of Curaprox's Black Is White Toothpaste

Updated on November 13, 2016

Most of put toothpaste into our mouths twice a day, every day. And yet, most of us would be hard pressed to say exactly what's in our oral care products. We turn a blind eye, trusting corporations for health, beauty and well being. We want strong teeth, a dazzling smile and good flavor. Now, you can achieve all those goals, in a safe, elegant and dare I say, fun way! Curaprox is a line created in Switzerland with input from dentists, dental hygienists and educators. It relies on naturally derived ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate. This is a new product line on the market, available this month. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Black is White and its sister product, White is Black, are charcoal based pastes with whitening properties. Black is White has a bold lime-mint flavor, while White is Black has a mild flavor. Neither use irritating mint oils or other ingredients that can cause mouth ulcers.

Though the products purposely don't include harmful foaming agents, they're still fun to use! You'll get a little shock the first time you check yourself out in the mirror and catch a reflection that brings to mind Insane Clown Posse, with that distorted black mouth.

Both pastes have a "blue filter", leaving behind the faintest hint of blue that cosmetically masks brown and yellow tones in your teeth. It works the same way those European eye drops with blue and also, lip glosses with the tiniest bit of blue, help whiten eyes and your smile. This is the instant effect, while over time, charcoal absorbs stains and works to gently eliminate them, without abrading the enamel.

Other efficacious ingredients include enzymes that mimic saliva, thus adding to your mouth's antibacterial and antiviral capabilities. Nano-Hydroxylapatite adds a protective layer to the tooth. This is said to have a remedial effect on damaged tooth enamel and even incipient cavities!

The black paste rinses away easily, but I would definitely suggest that you use dental floss to clear away any black past that may be lingering between your teeth. The company recommends using the toothpaste twice a day and to give it two weeks to start noticing changes.

5 stars for Curaprox Black is White toothpaste


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