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Rig Life: How to Stay Awake

Updated on July 24, 2015

How Can I Stay Awake?

Is night shift starting to wear you out? Do you have a hard time staying awake for the long drive home after your hitch? Do you find yourself wondering how stay awake?

There numerous ways to keep yourself awake such as drinking coffee or filling yourself for of energy drinks. However these two options may not be the healthiest ways to stay awake.

Here I wll share with you a few tips on how stay awake that are effective but a little easier on your body.

Tips To Stay Awake Through Night Shift

Staying awake and clear headed while on night shift is very important on an oil rig. Your actions not only effect you they also effect the crew you are working with. Rig life can be tiring, working 12 hour shifts, trying to find enough time to eat and call home while still getting a decent amount of sleep. Sometimes you begin to feel burnt out before the end of your shift and you need a pick me up to get through.

Instead of reaching for another energy drink or gulping back another coffee one of the following things:

Get a Proper Amount Of Sleep:

  • When you are working night shift ans staying in a strange room away from home it can be hard to get a proper amount of sleep through the day. However it is vital to staying awake through your next shift. So buy some ear plugs, close the curtains and lock the door to ensure you get a proper amount of sleep.

Eat Light:

  • When you are headed out for supper before work eat light. Instead of a heavy meal like steak potato and all the trim go for a sanddwich and a salad. Try to avoid meat and dairy products.

Avoid Coffee:

  • Stay away from coffee and other high caffiene drinks. While coffee and energy drinks work for temporarily restoring your energy levels, in the long run they just don't work to well. When the caffiene wears off you will find yourself extremely tired and you will end up crashing hard. Instead try water and fruit juice, green tea also works very well.

Move Around:

  • I am sure if you are working on an oil rig you are probably already fairly active. But if you find yourself feeling drowsy move around more. Do some thing physical to get your blood flowing to energize your body and your mind

Listen to Music:

  • Listening to some really lively upbeat music is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and help wake you up.

Talk to a buddy:

  • Talking to someone is another great way to stimulate your mind and wake yourself up. It is really effective if you joke around and have a good laugh together.

Stay calm:

  • Don't let yourself get over anxious about small things. It can be stress on an oil rig but learn to let the little things go. Stress can wear you out really fast and cause you to be drowsy once you settle down.

The above how stay awake tips should help you get through the night shift on an oil rig.

Tips To Stay Awake While Driving

It is the end of your hitch on the oil rig and you can't wait to get home to your life. How can you stay awake to make it home?

Crank up the Air Conditioning:

  • You may feel cold but if you turn that heater on it is bound to make you tired on the other hand it is almost impossible to fall asleep if you are cold and uncomfortable.

Don't Eat:

  • If you skip a meal before heading home it will help to keep you awake at the wheel. It takes alot of energy to digest a meal which may cause fatigue while you are driving. As long as you are drinking alot of water and keep yourself hydrated skipping a meal will not harm you. If you find you are hungry reach for low carb snacks like fruit and avoid bread, dairy and meat products.

Step Out Of Your Vehicle:

  • When you stop for gas or if you find a safe place to pull over get out and walk around your vehicle. The fresh air and movement will liven you up.

Have a Good Laugh:

  • Keep a good comedy CD in your vehicle and when you start to feel tired break it out and laugh out loud.

Avoid Going to the Bathroom:

  • As silly as this sounds just think about it for a moment, How hard is it to fall asleep if you really need to go to the bathroom? Almost impossible!

The number one tip to stay awake while driving home

Take a nap:

  • You probably miss your family and can't wait to get home and they are probably missing you just as much. Remember though, they want to see you and if you fall asleep while driving they may never see you again. If have a little nap you might take a little longer to get home but at least you will get there in one piece.

Remember when trying to figure out how stay awake while driving you need to be safe and responsible to.


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    • profile image

      emma 7 years ago

      hey im 16 and i work at this chemist place in sydney

      some off the things you said sound good so ill give them a try

      on your break should you get cunffy or what

    • profile image

      rich 8 years ago

      this is a briliant not going to the toilet made me laugh but is so true its gonna help me alot thanks very much

    • profile image

      jaide 8 years ago

      Great I am glad to hear it was helpful! If you have any questions I would be happy to help you out in any way I can.

    • profile image

      maya-sierra 8 years ago

      this helped me alot with my report!!!!thanks