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"Right to Life"...What it "Really" means

Updated on October 28, 2008


“Right to Life”… What it “Really” means…






The slogan “Right to Life” does not mean what it implies. It seems more in tune with your everyday product advertisement. It says one thing but in reality means another. In “true” words it does not mean that you and I have a right to live, it means, in fact, that if a female homo-sapiens’ ovary produces an egg that is meant for reproduction, and most are, and becomes fertilized by a male donor it somehow becomes piously sanctimonious, regardless of whether it is good or bad.” Good” meaning that the now fertile egg is healthy and legitimate (legitimate according to society that is) and “Bad” meaning that the egg is imperfect and or flawed in some way as to create a monstrosity at birth, or is illegitimate (illegitimate according to society that is).

“Right to Life” supporters do not seem to care whether a human egg develops into a normal healthy baby or some sort of monstrosity. If it is there, by God, it is meant to be regardless of its future permanent inability to serve itself.

It is a concept contrary to natural law of “survival of the fittist”, the same natural law which allows life to survive and exist on earth. “Right to Life” supporter seem to want all life to survive and exist on earth, whether it is fit or unfit in accordance with nature.

It might seem to some that any sane female knowingly making and acting on a decision to nourish an egg or embryo in the womb that knowingly will be a monstrosity of a human being at birth, is inherently the most uncivilized and irresponsible person ever. In addition, at the very least, the act should be viewed as felonious criminal negligence on behalf of the host as committing the absolute pinnacle of child abuse. Think of what the recipient, with no vote in the matter is compelled to inherit, a disabled state of monstrosity for life and being forced into a world that has no climate for it. Any sane person would have simply exchanged such a disastrous ferment in the beginning for a normal egg before permitting and causing the debacle to evolve into a pitiable deranged human being. A civilized society has a duty to help make that decision before handing down a lifelong sentence of suffering to an ill-fated child, rather than satisfying his or her own personal selfish belief.



Some may wonder why “Right to Life” supporters consider a “male’s fertilization of the egg” to be the “deciding factor” in whether or not it is ok to kill “God’s conception of a child” through intentional default, rather than killing the fertilized egg through intentional aborting. If the reader wonders what the author is referring to, let it be clarified.

God creates egg-producing organs (ovaries) in females for one reason, that being reproduction of the species. When it calls upon a selected female’s organ to act and produce an egg, it is for that reason alone. Let us view a female’s possible reaction to producing an egg, the fundamental building block of God’s intent for new life. The selected female realizes the existence of the egg and excitingly adorns it with a name, let us say that she names it “Cletus” and entices her mate to fertilize “Cletus” to insure its survival. The mate refuses, for whatever reason, and Cletus’ life and future dies by default and is aborted because of the mate’s inaction.



“Right to life” believers and supporters freely allow, without condemnation of any flavor, millions of human babies to die every day by default, and by the same breath condemn those for aborting unwanted or deformed eggs or fetuses. The basic structure of the “Right to Life” concept is contrary to God’s plan. The end.











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    • Antecessor profile image

      Antecessor 7 years ago from Australia

      I agree with you pylos, deformity is a terrible thing and abortion is the best way to deal with it. Watkins veiw of biology is warped by his Buybull.

    • pylos26 profile image

      pylos26 8 years ago from America

      Mr. Watkins…referring to your quote…”Apparently, you lack any understanding of biology”… Sir, what I lack understanding of is your arrogant presumptuous blind faith of Christianity, mainly because of its lofty condescension toward all, but, so called, Christians. And, thanks for the presumptuous crash course in bio-matter.

      Sir…No, I was not a defective fetus or embryo before birth, had I been I would have surely self-aborted. I appreciate your visit and do come back.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      Apparently, you lack any understanding of biology. When the egg is fertilized something called "conception" happens. An unfertilized egg will never be anymore than that. When conception occurs a chain begins, which uninterrupted, continues until one becomes an old person like me. The chromosomes of a man and a woman are required to produce what will become a living breathing human being unless it dies or is killed. Right to Life means that once this process starts at conception, it is wrong to purposefully kill the developing baby, in the very place designed to keep it safe during gestation.

      What you mean by monstrosity I take to refer to deformed children? Or perhaps in your self hatred you are referring to yourself as a monstrosity that should have been killed by your mother before you ever saw the light of day?

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      pylos: That saddens me too as I wish I could save them all and we are considering adopting another child of course after we get through the tough times that our country is going through. Your articles are wonderful and interesting I thought I was fan and feel bad as I always try to stop by all of my fans pages , I guess I had better go through each one as it would be rude if I was not a fan, and I always respect others. Keep up the good work !!:)

    • pylos26 profile image

      pylos26 9 years ago from America

      Hi are so kind to read and comment on my hub...and you make a very good point in your comment. It is so comforting to hear about an unwanted child being adopted and appreciated by persons that can afford to love and raise him, so he can have a fair chance in life. of course i'm thinking of the dozens and dozens that were not so fortunate and are destined to populate the prison systems, and graveyards too early in life.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Pylos: I appreciate this article however many women who do abort unfortunately early, so some of them already have arms, legs, eyes and a strong heartbeat as you see them in a ultrasound. To me they are small little human beings as I have seen many in a ultrasound. I have never been blessed with giving birth however I am greatful for our adopted son if his mother would have aborted him we would have never experienced the love, laughther and joy he has brought to us. :)

    • profile image

      wonderkatt 9 years ago from Albuquerque

      great hub. So why do you get censored so much ?(LOL)

      Keep up the fight.

      Peace OUt