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Tips to Lower The Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

Updated on December 29, 2016
Lower The Risk of Breast Cancer in Women
Lower The Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

Women's Health for Breast Cancer

In women's health, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers amoungst women. Breast cancer is known to affect older women, as well as younger women. Although breast cancer may be frequently found in women ages 35 to 55, women as young as 21 years of age have been diagnosed.

One of the symptoms is a discharge of blood or fluid containing blood from the nipples, when the breast is compressed. Breast cancer first appears as a small painless lump most frequently in the outer upper portion of the breast. Women should practice on themselves, on how to do a self-check breast examination. This self-check breast exam can be practiced in a mirror or when taking a shower.

The best time to do a self-check exam is right after the menstrual cycle. Practicing a self-breast exam while in the shower is easier; due to the soap and water making it easier to find a lump in the breast. Keep in mind, if you find any size lump contact an OB/GYN doctor as soon as possible if there's any suspicions. Women should make appointments every year for a mammogram examination checkup.

Causes of Breast Cancer

  • Genetics, either by a grandmother, mother, aunt, or sister who've had breast cancer before.

  • Frequent consumption of red meat.

  • Drinking of alcohol.

  • Smoking

  • Long use of birth control pills

  • Possibly women being over age 50.

  • Early menstrual cycle before age 12.

  • Lack of nutritional diet such as vegetables and fruits.

  • Late menopause after age 55.

  • Lack of regular exercise.

Lower The Risk of Breast Cancer in Women
Lower The Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

The risk of breast cancer is what every woman needs to be aware of. How to lower risk of breast cancer:

  • Get regular mammogram examinations.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Regular physical exercise at least 3 times a week.
  • Eat foods high in fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grains).
  • Drink 32-64 ounces of water daily.
  • Get 8-12 hours of sleep every night.
  • Think positive thoughts and memories.
  • Use environmentally safe cleaning products.
  • Select safe cosmetics - make up products.
  • Daily intake of liquid multi-vitamins.
  • 1 teaspoon of black seed oil, daily.
  • Daily consumption of antioxidant foods and drinks.
  • Avoid wearing under-wire bras.
  • Decrease intake of red meat.
  • Avoid eating pork.
  • Use hypoallergenic products.
  • Use organic hair products.

Did you know that mothers whom breastfeed can lower risk of breast cancer? All breastfeeding studies show that women whom breastfeed, can prevent from ever having breast cancer. Remember to get regular mammogram exams and to do self breast exams while showering. 

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