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Roadblocks to Losing Weight

Updated on April 17, 2014

Motherhood for me is such a blessing and I'm glad to have 5 children. But there's one thing that I'm not really happy about - I gained weight - big 40 pounds. I did not get 40 all at one time but slowly the pounds added up. My fifth child is already 5 years old and I have not been able to lose the extra weight through the years.

Every 2 to 2 1/2 years, I was pregnant. In between the non-pregnant months and years, I breastfed all my babies. So, I had not really compelled myself to be on strict diet because of these situations.

I did try to do something to lose weight. I tried to do some dieting and exercises. But as I look back, I find these roadblocks that hindered my success.

Image by Sean MacEntee
Image by Sean MacEntee | Source

1. Losing the Passion

Whenever I set my mind to doing something, I feel so much passion towards achieving that goal. I set my goal to lose weight and wrote down some specific actions steps on how to do it. I tried to do those little action steps religiously. But then it happened. I missed one day, two days, three days. And before I knew it, I lost the passion in doing what I have set myself to do. Has this happened to you?

I should have settled in my heart and mind that losing weight is something that I really want to do. Then, it is important that I should have constantly reminded myself about it. People, like me, can be forgetful, you know. So, putting up in visible places a reminder of my daily goals or actions steps could have helped a lot.

2. No Accountability

I thought I can do it on my own. I might have told someone else that I am committed to achieving it, but I never held myself accountable to them. It would have been better if I told that someone to watch over my progress; to remind me and encourage me to keep on doing what I aimed for.

Or maybe I should have found someone with whom I can do the action steps together. We can look at how each of us are progressing and encourage one another when feeling like giving up.

I believe this is one of the major factors why reality programs like the Biggest Loser have become very successful in helping obese people really lose weight. The participants have somehow become not just accountable to their families and friends but to the viewing public as well.

3. Lots of Distractions

Alas. I think this is the number one culprit when it comes to failing to achieve any goal. There are just so many things that can distract us from doing what we need to do. There are the tele-novelas and other television programs, phone calls from friends, checking the emails every now and then, logging into Facebook, taking a look at that interesting webpage or article, little kids at home who are beckoning you to do something for them and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes, it is difficult to do exactly what I needed to do. It takes real discipline. Here's what I should have done: Identify these distractions and time wasters and then do everything to avoid them as much as possible. Turn off the TV and the computer or maybe unhook the telephone.

Setting a time or schedule for my exercises for the day is a must. First thing in the morning is a good time if possible, afterward I can do the other things. Of course, there are some things that I just can't help but do them right away (I'm talking about things pertaining to caring for my kids.) But I have to be sure to refocus afterward on the really important task that must be done.

4. Not Rewarding Myself

A reward is a very effective fuel for passion and perseverance. And when I keep on doing and doing something without seeing any rewards, I have the tendency to lose interest.

Of course, reaching the end of a goal may take a while. So, if I could divide my big goal into mini-goals where I can see some immediate result, then I would probably feel more motivated to keep on going. Or another way to do it is to reward myself if I am consistently doing my part towards achieving that goal after a short, pre-determined period of time.

I read an article where the author does the rewarding another way. To achieve his set goal, the writer tells himself, I will not do this (a reward like buy myself new clothes or go out to play tennis) without finishing this (goal) first. Well, it works for him.

5. Unwillingness to Change

Now, there are goals that are not easily achievable. For me, after giving birth and gaining all the pounds, losing weight is difficult. Most of the culprits of my weight gain, have become part of my habits. Truth be told, I cannot achieve my goal of losing weight if I don't change and break some of these habits.

Change - it is easier said than done. I have to settle first in my heart to really be willing to change. Because if I keep on doing what I am doing now, I would keep on getting the same old results. But if I change, then I might get the results I want. It is something that I have to actively decide on everyday. So, the big question is "Am I willing to change?" Are you?

Needing or wanting to lose weight?

What do you think is your number one roadblock in losing weight?

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To conclude this hub, these points - losing the passion, no accountability, lots of distractions, not rewarding myself and unwillingness to change - are just some of the reasons I found which hindered me from achieving weight loss.

But I am not ready to give up yet. I still hope to achieve my goal to lose weight. It's not just an issue of losing weight but staying healthy as well. I want to live to a good old age and see my kids all grown up and have their own families.

Time to take a closer look again at that weight loss food pyramid and schedule some physical workout. Got to have the discipline to do both.

Weightloss Food Pyramid
Weightloss Food Pyramid | Source

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