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Dental Root Canal Treatment Procedure Indications, Symptoms, Failure and Re-treatment.

Updated on October 30, 2016

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning-Always be conservationist in the start.

3D Root canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment?

It is a permanent treatment for infected carious teeth. Problem with a carious tooth is that it has bacterial invasion in pulp/pulp canals either directly or through irritants produced by bacteria. This results in pulpal inflammation and might be reversible if the bacterial load and source that is the carious dentin is removed within 48 hours after the initial insult to pulp.

Tooth is hollow just like any other part of the body it has nerves and vessels. Simply it is as alive and other parts of body are. Even though caries is a slow process but it does effect a vital part of tooth which can be quite devastating in long run. For eg, as we see in OLD age people who dint care initially and went for extraction of tooth rather saving it through RCT in early age were facing problem of edentulous resorbed ridges in Mandible and Maxilla at a compartively younger age. People don't realize the importance of saving one tooth and extraction of one tooth often starts a chain reaction and results in multiple extraction.

A sequential treatment with root canal treatment seems to be first step for relief of dental pain.

There is a lack of current literature evidence which can clearly define a line in taking a decision when deep caries is present of whether to preserve the dental pulp or to perform Root Canal Treatment.

Inferior Alveolar Nerve damage can occur if extrusion of pulp canal filling material outside the root apex of 2nd Premolar in mandible.

The success rate of single unit dental implant is 95% over 5 years.

The success rate of endodontically treated tooth is 96% over 6 years.

Dental Abscess can be life threatening-Remember Pharoah died of dental caries

How to Obdurate the canals after cleaning and shaping

Types of Root Canal Treatments

Single Visit RCT:

Done is single visit. Found through research that the clinical efficacy is same as compared to Multi Visit RCT.

Multi visit RCT:

done in more than one visits. Cleaning, filing , shaping and than Obturation. Filling and restoration of RCT treated tooth is a different process and requires continuous patience as per the part of the patient.

Crown-Down Technique of RCT.

Hybrid Technique of RCT

Step Back technique of RCT

Protaper system or Rotary RCT.

All of these treatments are useful in different cases but overall protaper system is the most beneficial and accurate along with effective.

Protaper System of RCT-Best Treatment

Filling of Canals in RCT


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