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Rotavirus symptoms and treatment

Updated on July 25, 2009


Rotavirus is one of the common cause of diarrhoea  in children with the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating rotavirus affects about one hundred and fourteen million worldwide. It is noted that rotavirus is responsible for early childhood deaths in many countries worldwide. Children under the age of five worldwide are the most commonly affected by rotavirus diarrhoea, causing higher death

Many people are ignorant about rotavirus and do not even know that it does exists, and due to lack of knowledge among parents is why children suffering from rotavirus dairrhoea dies more often, since most parents do not have any slight information about rotavirus they do not even know about the symptoms and treatment of rotavirus diarrhea.

The most time parents should be aware of rotavirus is during dry periods, during these times rotavirus spread and cause more diarrhea in children that eventually kills some children below five years of age



How rotavirus spread

Rotavirus is known to survive on solid surfaces and can even take up to several days before dying. Rotavirus remains active in human faeces, when it normally stay for up to one week in which somebody can easily be infected by rotavirus

Other than transmission through human faeces, rotavirus can also be transmit from person to person by a way of personal contacts either by greeting a person whose hands has got the rotavirus. Rotavirus is also transmitted through ingestion of contaminated food, drinking water. Rotavirus can also be transmitted by getting into contact with contaminated hard surfaces and contaminated food preparing utensils

Rotavirus symptoms

· Mild fever

· Vomiting

· Abdominal discomfort

· Severe diarrhea that goes beyond one week and sometime life threaten, sometime children underage of two years are the most vulnerable and normally suffer severe diarrhea that can lead to death

· Rotavirus causes loss of appetite

· There is depression from a person suffering from rotavirus

· Dehydration

· Sunken eyes

· Drowsiness

· Fussiness

· A person suffering from rotavirus will normally have wrinkled dull skin as a result of dehydration

· Other symptom of Rotavirus is having dry skin and dry sticky mouth

Prevention of rotavirus

· Proper disposal of human faeces greatly prevent the spread of rotavirus

· High standard of hygiene

· Avoided contact with rotavirus infected persons

Rotavirus treatment

· Give the infected person a lot of water to drink

· Intravenous drip is used by the doctors to replaced lost fluids

Vaccinations is the most effective way to treat your child


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