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Ruminate & Remediate

Updated on September 23, 2009
You've got what it takes
You've got what it takes

Think Deeply, Feel Fully, Be Free

Imagine your thoughts as a kind of sonar, radiating outwards, encountering objects, and informing you by way of your felt sense of the terrain surrounding you. Notice how your body responds to the signals created by the catalyzing effects of the tactile feedback created by the exploration of your searching thoughts.

Wherever in your body it doesn't feel good, notice there. Notice there the discomfort arising from the part of you being assaulted by the marauding thought. Notice the energy required of you to maintain the integrity of this rampart within you, to maintain this defensive barrier between you and that which seeks to annihilate.

And imagine now that you rise above this scene as if viewing undisclosed at a safe distance from the battle. And as you observe, notice the festering wounds driving the attacker, and the raw fear powering the defender. And from this vantage point, let yourself become aware and easily notice the one chained in the tower high above, possessing the life-sustaining key to the codes of life.

And notice now the two distinct pieces required to set free the one who waits - for freedom; release. Notice the shape of each piece, their edges, and how they long to be one with the other once again. And imagine each piece hidden within the one seeking to destroy and the one seeking to survive. And notice where in their bodies are these hidden bits, signaling each other to guide reunion.

And let yourself become aware of the things that need happen for this sweet reuniting, and the freedom and release this brings, enjoying the amazed delight in how simple is the solution waiting to be plucked from the air as it floats undetected by those below.

Reach for it as you desire, and let yourself become aware of the effects of this plucking; the expression changes of the two engaged so fiercely, divided as they remain by the bulwark between them. Notice the surprised expression and transformed countenance into wide-eyed wonder and recognition of something long forgotten, now fully remembered. And upon this remembering, the separated pieces of the treasured parts of the way to freedom do they now notice, appearing in their hands as if by magic.

And noticing the power in their hands, each now stricken with surpassing desire to mate this with that in order to experience the penultimate glory of obliteration and creation in a glorious death that births anew.

And notice what happens. And notice how your body responds as you notice the effects of this reunion. Yes, breathe deeply the new freshness, the new freedom, free. And notice where was once a locked away key is now clear space, and the key is in your hand.


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