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Running for Real Weight Loss

Updated on October 25, 2016

Running for Weight Loss Optimization

Are you finally thinking of getting off the couch and ending your couch potato days? There is no need to break the bank and enrol in a five-year gym membership plus personal trainer and fitness gear. Instead, why don’t you start running? This costs next to nothing and all you need are your old running shoes. You can eventually add in more gear as the months go by. However, when you begin, less is definitely more. As a matter of fact, purchasing new fitness gear as the need arises is a good idea. The reason is that you may lose weight rapidly when you start running a few weeks. This means that you will need smaller clothing eventually.

So many people have lost excessive weight and kept it off just by running. This form of exercise really does work when you get into the routine of things. There is no guarantee for success, of course. A diet plan that is sensible is important for your weight loss. Before you start running, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Don’t go to the mall just yet to buy every type of gear that has to do with running, including a FitBit. Instead, test the waters for a bit. Find those old shoes that have been hiding away and do a test run before you go all out and buy full gear. Make sure you see your health care practitioner before you start any fitness routine. This is particularly true when you are on prescription medication of any type. After all, you want the go signal from your doctor before you get off the couch after ten years and pound the pavement.

Running in itself increases your resting heart rate. This means that after you have run for a couple of months you will find that your resting rate of metabolism is more rapid. Hence, you burn fat much faster than before. This means that even if you eat a little bit more; you will end up burning a bit more. This is only true so long as you run regularly each week. In fact, for best results it is best to run daily with maybe just one day of rest.

Again, running is a great activity for losing weight. Many would attest to how successful running is when your goal is to lose weight. As one of the most intense exercises in the world, most runners do drop enough pounds and remain at a weight that they maintain. Of course, there are many mistakes that a lot of people commit in attempts to lose weight. If your goal is to run and lose weight then there are a few things to keep in mind.

Obviously, most people want to maintain their levels of fitness. You may be controlling your intake of calories but are you exercising? Diets alone won’t work and there are so many types of exercise it might be hard to choose which one to do. While for some people, restricting calories is effected for losing weight, in other people these don’t work. What works is exercise. In fact, the one top predictor of keeping off the weight is exercising.

Very Cost Effective

Running happens to be the best fat-burning exercise. In addition to all these wonderful benefits, it is also the most cost-effective. You don’t need a subscription at the gym to run. If you feel self conscious when exercising in front of others or feel embarrassed as you are overweight at the moment, this may just be the exercise for you. This outdoor activity is something you can do with a group or go solo. Perfect for those who prefer exercising alone.

A Better Mood

After your run you will feel less anxious. You will also feel calmer, content and more relaxed. One chemical that is similar to morphine is called endorphins. Your body releases this and creates great feelings of relaxation and euphoria. In fact, endorphins after running are very high, almost double. This, plus the sense of accomplishment you get after you run, is simply hard to beat.

It is Good for the Mind

There are a couple kinds of runners. One kind is the kind that thinks of nothing else but running and switches off their brain. These runners tend to run in a trance-like manner. What happens is that they shut everything out and just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. They feel their movements and rhythm. There are also those who run and end up being able to think more clearly. As they run, they are able to achieve transparency and clarity. They can also solve problems and think about stuff. They end up seeing things in a different light. Later, their lives improve the more they run. Until you start running, you won’t really know what type of runner you happen to be. Which group do you happen to belong in? No matter which type of runner you are, you will love the feeling of accomplishment, catharsis and liberation when you run.

A Word About Your Joints

Believe it or not, you will do a lot of good to your joints by running. Regular running can delay arthritis onset. Running, by nature is weight bearing and it is a great way of strengthening hip and leg bones. Injuries that come from running are many times because of worn out running shoes or unsuitable gear rather than running in itself. Aging is reversed and its effects are reduced. You also get better skin. Instead of an ashen grey or yellow green complexion you get a pink rosy glow. This is definitely something you can’t buy. In addition, a healthy complexion such as this one is something you simply can’t buy at the cosmetics section.

Diets Alone Won’t Work

In fact, when you restrict calories, you may lose muscles. On the other hand, losing muscles means you won’t get a toned body that is in shape. The only way to look really toned and slim is to add exercises to your plan of losing weight. As a matter of fact, exercising may be the single best thing you can do for your body. Folks who exercise have more sensitivity to eating wrong food and overeating. Regular exercise helps you get more in tune with your body. Your lungs and heart will benefit from it as well. Lungs become more efficient and stronger. As a result, for every breath, you get in more oxygen. More oxygen means better cell efficiency. Also, asthma and other lung conditions becomes a lot improved.

All You Need Are Shoes

Have you been thinking of running for weight loss? If you have, the best part is that all you really need to get started is a pair of sneakers. Make sure that your running shoes are the right fit and have enough room for a pair of socks or two. Heels need to be well-padded. The entire shoe should be made for running.

Nutrition is Critical

If you are a regular runner or training for an event that is long-distance. The right nutrition is important. To be more specific, it is important for you to perform well. When you skip meals, you won’t get muscles fuelled adequately. Don’t skip meals or eat very little food immediately after intense workouts, during and before your run. Nutrition is important to both recovery and performance.

Maintain the Challenge

Interval training or speed work being incorporated into your routine of running can also help your efforts in losing weight. A large calorie amount is burned by doing speed work in short time periods. You will increase the mass of your muscles and get your resting metabolism improved. This causes calories to be burned at a greater rate throughout the day. Add challenges that are fun such as running five kilometers for one year so that your motivation is improved.

To your routine, consider adding strength training. There are some people who run and find that their weight loss efforts get a boost by doing exercises that increase strength twice or thrice a week.

Regular Running

Runners who have lost weight successfully will tell you that the key is consistency. This is important if you want to keep it off. If you are not into following schedules, you will still need to ensure that you are regularly running since you really won’t attain weight loss by doing a run just one time each week.

The best way for you to run is to get daily activity. Aim for 3-4 hours weekly if you can’t run every day. If you feel that your drive to run is not as high as when you first started, there are a few tips you can use to get inspired. Stay motivated and one trick is to reward yourself in little ways when you reach a goal. You can reach a certain distance or run certain races, for example. All you need to keep in mind is to use rewards that are non-food such as cool running shoes, a deep tissue massage or pedicures, for instance.

Schedule Your Training

When you stick to a scheduled training this is a great way to maintain your motivation to run. Every day, you will know precisely what you need. Since every run is built on the next, this will make it more difficult to skip or postpone workouts. Follow a schedule and this may help in avoiding injuries in running. The reason is that you won’t be increasing your miles too rapidly. If running is new to you, there are schedules of training you might want to apply to your own running.

Here are the schedules for beginners:

For beginners who can run about one mile at the start, you can create a 5K beginner runner training schedule. For those who can run five minutes at a time, they might want to do a 5K run/walk schedule of training. For those who can run a minimum of half a mile, then it may take four weeks to running 2 miles. For those who can run up to a minute, then three weeks to a half-hour minute habit of running is a good idea. For novices who are brand new to running, then it may take four weeks for running 1 mile.

The Importance of Healthy Eating

If you are running for weight loss, keep in mind that there is one golden rule. You will only lose weight if you burn more energy than you eat. In order for you to lose one pound you have to exercise enough to use up three thousand five hundred calories. In other words, healthy eating needs to be combined with running. There are specific nutrients necessary for runners. The main guidelines for eating healthily are still applicable. Make an attempt to select smaller portions of calorie foods that are either high calories or high fat. Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Among runners, one common mistake is that they begin overcompensating for their burned calories from running with eating more calories like beverages and food.

There are those that start running and find that even with regular training, they end up hitting a brick wall and gain weight as a result. In order to prevent this, make sure that you avoid mindless eating or calorie overconsumption. Use a journal to write down everything you consume. Review your food intake record. This way, you will see where improvements need to be made in your diet. Since you know you will need to write it down later, you may think twice about eating a couple dozen peanut butter cups. This will definitely help you stay on track.

Often, hunger is something that runners feel frequently. You will want to plan your meals and snacks throughout the day so that you don’t end up binging all the time.

Create snacks that are portioned to one hundred calories at a time. Avoid overeating by creating small portions of your food and controlling these.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Especially as the weather has cooled, I should do this. Good summary and motivation to get started!


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