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SACRED DEED I I (In Loving Memory of Late Mr Charles Chinyere Enyereibenyem Evurulobi)

Updated on May 17, 2011





APRIL 22, 2010.













At The Cost of My Blood.

Date was December 31st, 2011. Time was 1. 00 am. I was the Chief celebrant while the Blessed Virgin Mary was the only member of the congregation during the Christmas Vigil Mass celebrated in the one- Bedroom Apartament at Flat 24, Block 6, Road 12 Federal Housing Estate, Woji, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. In this apartment turned into a prison where I was spending my jail term as a convicted heretic, schismatic, apostate, the greatest threat to the Catholic Church in Nigeria and the greatest impersonator ever in the history of the Church and State respectively, I was instructed by Mary, the Mother of God, Queen of Nigeria and Queen of all Nations to look out specifically for TELL Magazine, Insider Weekly Magazine, the Source Magazine, Times International Magazine respectively and two other magazines she herself will show me between the second or third week of February, 2011. According to her, an inspired, sincere and in-depth analysis of the information contained in these magazines (the other two turned out to be News week and News Africa - all including the others are respective editions of February 14, 2011) is the pointer to where Nigeria, Africa, the Church and the Globe, especially USA, is heading speedily - to self destruction before the year 2015. Within the past few weeks some parts of the Arab Community and the continent of Africa have witnessed a kind of revolution - hurricana and political tsunamy. Nolon Nelson aptly captured the inflammatory situation in the Letter Box of the international news magazine, the Newsweek (February 14, 2011) when he wrote thus:

“Islamic State Leaders have traditionally followed malevolent roads to power, energized with lethal political intrigues and religious heresies. The bloody electioneering among aspiring totalitarians causes them to grasp and retain power by crafting superior alliances of human cunning and animal brutality. For them, a continuum exists where politics is war without bloodshed. And war is politics with bloodshed.”

The Arab dictators, another of the Newsweek Journalists Fouab Ajami continues (in the same edition of Newsweek), had taken their people out of politics, they had erected and fortified a large Arab prison, reduced men and women to mere spectators of their own destiny, and the simple man in that forlorn Tunisian town called his fellow Arabs back into the political world. That fellow is no other than a young Tunisian vegetable seller, Mohammed Bouazizi who set himself on fire after his cart was confiscated and a head -strong policewoman slapped him across the face in broad daylight in the provincial town of Sidi Bouzid.

Surely in Nigeria, it does not require going to Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Tunisia before one can see a Mubarak, a Gadaffi, a Saddam Hussein and a Ben Ali. These people are the real pockets of PDP dictators that occupy our local, state, and federal seats of power across the land. One can only dream in the present Nigerian society when one is a registered and internationally acknowledged member of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP. And for Nigerians who are non- registered members (not card- carrying members) of PDP, the normal life’s dream which every man and woman is expected to dream is extra-ordinarily reduced to a daydream - a will-o-the-wisp. This unfortunate background if forcefully asserted against the obvious fact that the real thing which happens in Nigeria takes place in dreams - when one is lost in a deep slumber. But unfortunately ,eighty - five percent of Nigerians hardly have a full hour sleep during the night on account of insecurity, hunger, poverty, frustrations, helplessness, hopelessness and false imprisonment. As such, they do not have a correct estimation of the real situation in Nigeria and the danger they are into already.

Unlike Mrs Cecilia lbru who has enough resources to negotiate her own jail - term and buy her own prison- apartment from the Nigerian judiciary in an official manner, I am only a prisoner, in the midst of other of millions of Nigerian prisoners whose sentence was given ‘’pro-adjudicator adjudicatum” and at the same time, a duly licensed private investigator. I started the work of a private investigator in an unofficial way in the year 2000.But as time progressed, and the job became a little bit problematic, I was forced to apply officially for a license. And this l did by virture of my letter of October 18, 2004 to my former bishop Most Rev. Dr .Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia cssp, the Catholic Bishop of Aba. This License was granted under very controversial circumstances in the form of a letter titled Admonition/Rebuke addressed to me personally and dated Novermber 2,2004. I have submitted my report to the Nigerian people through the Nigerian Press. General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) is a key witness to this fact ,and l believe that it is this weight of fact and evidence at his command that informed the fears which he expressed about ‘’a violent revolution in Nigeria’.

Of course ,Nigeria has her roots in a very controversial historical merger. Since then, the issue for Nigeria has been and still remains: To be or not to be. In the face of the revolution hurricana and political tsunami blowing across the African continent in which Nigeria is a key player, and given the many problems and predicaments that besiege this Lugard's pack of 1914 - a pack which has been a pet project in the hands of our national elders thus resulting in the independence and for whose sake rivers of precious blood have flowed , the situation presently raise great concerns for every human person who happens to be located in this political space called Nigeria. This is all the more true since there has not been a place in the world map where a particular geographically political space has bee identified as the Republic of Oodua, or Republic of Biafra, or Republic of Niger Delta. However, and along this line too, it is important that the Muslim North be very careful so as not to allow the pitiable situation which tended to polarize Western Germany and Eastern Germany grow into Nigerian’s own version of the Berlin Wall. This is very instructive for the progress and development of the region.

There have been revolutions, and there always will be. Revolution has two phases -the dismantling of the obsolete and ill-fated structures otherwise regarded as unjust, draconian, oppressive and evil on the one hand, and the rebuilding and enthronement of the preferred egalitarian structures - the foundations from which a more better and just society spring forth. A violent revolution is a failed revolution. In fact, the greatest danger of violent revolution lies in the fact that, at the end, nothing is rescued, nothing is preserved, nothing is rebuilt and nothing is achieved. Instead everything is incinerated including priceless lives, timeless values and precious efforts. This is the reason why, even though we must rebuke the prodigality of some elders in Nigeria, we also must admit that the experience and wisdom of old age must lay the foundation of a new Nigeria and must also be seen as capable of leading Nigerians out of the real situation of slavery into an authentic but progressive environment of freedom.

Today, these concepts (slavery and freedom) have been greatly disadvantaged and ambushed from different angles by satanic attraction of collectivism, individualism, rights and information technology. This, in as much as we celebrate the impeccable credentials and zealousness of a Nuhu Ribadu, and the privileged but unassuming personality of an amiable Goodluck Jonathan, we must as a matter of fact, rise up against the luciferian party which PDP is in the lives of the Nigerian people. We cannot pretend to hide our helpless need for the old breed - those sincere and conscientious men and women who have exhibited an unusual sense of honesty and commitment to truth, justice, freedom and hardwork as the only viable options in the midst of a multitude of a century old basket of alternatives made up of the good, the bad and the ugly. Their experience is very instructive in the non-violent evolution of a morally responsible and value -oriented Nigerian society, otherwise the breed of Nigerians that will emerge in the nearest future will be equivalent to the “American Youngster (s) in Rags” - a title of one of Prof. Chinua Achebe’s poems. Having done this, we must not be afraid to entrust our collective destiny as one people into the hands of this man who has been appointed unto election by God through the powerful intercession of Our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Nigeria. This man is no other person than General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

Today, the person of Major General Mohammed Buhari (rtd) presents a strong lead to the Soul of Our Nation. To be precise, the Soul of a nation is the conscience of her own people. Again, the undying will of the people – people with living consciences and not beasts in human skin, is the reason for, as well as the legitimizing factor of government. The immunity clause is the people’s property that is meant to protect their will from abuse and ridicule. And that the immunity is managed by the peoples’ representatives as manifested by the machinery of government underscores the height of trust the elected office holder enjoys - a breach of which is a conscious fatal stab directly on the heart of freedom and an encroachment on the Sovereignty of the nation. With the 2011 Elections around the corner, Major General Mohammed Buhari (rtd) is a rallying point for Nigerians with a conscience. If this is an appointment, he is already appointed. If it is an interview, he has already passed it. If it is a job, he is the most qualified. If it is an honor he deserves it. If it is a promotion, he merited it. If it is a crown, it fits him. But if it is an injustice and a fraud, Nigeria and her teeming population, not Mohammed Buhari is the unfortunate and irremediable victim.

A credible democratic platform sustained by an atmosphere of religious freedom and people with living consciences avails each and everyone of us an opportunity to, once again, evaluate our tested convictions as well as determine their level of applicability. This is the reason why a Sovereign National Conference must predate a Buhari presidency.

Along this line of exra-ordinary divine intervention, God has re-appointed Barack Obama unto election for the next season as the President of the United State of America.

To rise to the challenges which a violent revolution throws at our face thereby turning the weapons against the Enemy, this SACRED DEED is hereby decreed unto existence and to total and unreserved manifestation.

The Raw Ogboni Fraternity is wholly and entirely a secret society which is anchored on the World Union (the highest and most bloody but secretly and jealously guarded degree of Freemason made up of six hundred and sixty- six members from across the globe). While the PDP is constituted at its core by The Raw Ogboni Fraternity and while all other secret cults in Nigeria, including Student’s Cults and other Traditional Cult’s are strongly and inescapably affiliated to the Raw Ogboni Fraternity, the Raw Ogboni Fraternity is in total affiliation with the World Union. The World Union is run and operated with a mystical code called the Satanic Code or simply S- Code. Through strong occult prognostications, the original destiny of each and every member of a nation, an ethnic group, a religious body, a business organization or an educational institute which becomes a target of the World Union, the Ogboni Fraternity (as this concerns Nigerians), etc is secretly “DOWNLOADED” and re- written using the instrumentality of the S-Code. Fully written, the S- Code means Satanic – Code. In other words, it is the CODE wholly and entirely designed by SATANISTS for the purpose of achieving the LUCIFERIAN AGENDA in the WORLD. In drawing up the Luciferian Agenda, and backed by a high-powered propaganda, true and authentic Catholics (especially celibate priests and members of the religious societies of Apostolic/Consecrated life), Christians, Moslems, Jews and men/women of goodwill are targets for total extinction if they refuse to be marked with the ‘X’ vocabulary of the Satanic Code.

At the peak of the political epilepsy in which Nigeria was engulfed in 1996 and with the former gap–toothed dictator still very ambitious to return to Aso Rock, the World Union was invited by him in collaboration with the Raw Ogboni Fraternity to help wrestle power from late General Sani Abacha, and hand it over not to Chief Abiola but to hold it in trust for him via the People’s Democratic Party, PDP until the year 2011. This Bloody Treaty between the World Union and the gap-toothed dictator is well known to all these pockets of sit-tight dictators and corrupt leaders who are the heads of national governments in Africa, the Arabs and Latin America. Most of these people, including Cardinal Angelo Sodano and Bill Clinton former Secretary of the Secretariat of State at the Vatican and former President of the United States of America respectively, are members of the World Union or the 666, which is the Anti- Christ. So which Elections is Bill Clinton coming to Nigeria to monitor? And for which Election and Nation has the Catholic Church in Owerri Ecclesiastical Province declared a Black Friday in total disregard of clear path to and an unambiguous divine statement of Justice, Development and Peace in Nigeria? And to whose honour and glory? It is hereby stated that the hands of the Bishops are chained. It is for this reason that the Sacred Deed has gathered additional power, weight and force. And, for reasons which Our Lady refused to disclose to me, the effectiveness and efficaciousness of the Amnesty of the Sacred Deed is now limited to the 2nd Sunday of Easter. And no extension is possible, not even a reference to the Vatican can establish any degree of effectiveness in this regard. The ignorance of the Sacred Deed does not exonerate from the obligation it imposes on all peoples anywhere and anytime in the World.

And for this act of total disobedience to God and betrayal of the Church , the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Our Lady of Fatima has released a new document which she said she received from the hands of her Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth on this day of the Ash Wednesday. This Document titled “At The Cost of My Blood’’ states as follows:

  1. All those who are adversely affected by the pronouncement of the Sacred Deed should sign the AMNESTY OF THE SACRED DEED as a demonstration of repentance and commitment to the GOOD.
  2. My Fee for this is as follows: Ten Billion Naira only (N10B) from the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Ten Million, Five Hundred U.S. Dollars only ($10.5M) from SPDC; Five Million U.S. Dollars only ($5M) from Texaco/Chevron, Total/Elf and AGIP respectively.
  3. National Elders’ Forum is to be inaugurated on the April 19, 2011or at a more convenient time. It is be chaired by Prof. Wole Soyinka.
  4. The 2011 General Elections is now to hold from August 16, 2011 upwards. Handover date to the new government is on October 1, 2011.

Should there be further Appeal or Opposition against the provisions of This Sacred Deed, or that further Disobedience or Hostility be manifested these solemn provisions of This Sacred Deed, then the following are the unalterable implications:

a. All the Catholic Bishops of the Owerri Ecclesiastical Province including Archbishop A.J.V. Obinna will de dethroned and chased out of their dioceses before May 1, 2011.

b. Public prosecution of Bishop Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia, cssp, Catholic Bishop of Aba on criminal charges.

c. The full suspension of the Knight of St. Mulumba, Nigeria both National, Provincial and Diocesan Councils and Sub-Councils respectively for 3 Years uninterrupted.

d. The Cathedral Church of Christ the King, the Bishop’s House and the Chancery at Asa Road, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria will have the same story with the PDP Secretariat in Abuja as a warning to Vatican. And the Holy Father shall adorn a Purple Robe to walk on the ruins of a Cathedral with many priests slain.

e. Come October 1, 2011, the story of Somalia and Burundi will be batter than the story of Nigeria. Yet it is not done. 2015 is a year of special divine visit to the World. The Arab Community and the USA shall play host to this Visitor.


Somewhere in the neighborhoods,

Some shepherds conspired with the wolves

To suck the blood of the sheep

And hungered for their raw flesh.

But with one arm and one leg only,

And with a hunch back which grew

Out of real life’s questions,

You felled the big iroko tree,

Led a family of faith to war against the Goliath

And sent the Great Accuser away in shame.

Somewhere, a father and a mother

Bought a mass grave for a house,

And coffins as a car for his many sons

Whose noses he passionately dislikes

To the point of murder.

And he killed their hope of resurrection with a Judas’ kiss.

But sponsored by the faith of the Evurulobi Extended Family

Which is strongly anchored on Melchizedek

You embarked on a mission of hope

For the dead bodies of your innocent children

Thrown into the open grave reserved for their mother.

Somewhere, a loving father

Gave the life of his most beloved son

To the vultures and the monkeys.

But you voluntarily surrendered

Your name and honor

To rescue your innocent daughter

From traditional predators.

When the fingers of royalties

Had caressed the Royal Crown in your favor,

The night owls hoisted the traditional flag for

And gave the traditional Stool to

A thief and a murderer

Whose name is Renaissance.

And when a family treacherously suppressed

The beauty and sweet scents

Of the purple, red, white and golden roses

Which you donated to be grown in the Garden of Faith,

Mother Mary followed my gaze to the havoc

That has been inflicted on your tender heart

By those with whom we shared our bread and butter.

When in the resolute search

For some perturbing questions of life

You confronted the ignorance of your dad,

Our own father rebuked the murderous appetite

Of a vandalized faith.

And when from the blues a bride emerged

Dancing in a sarcastic ecstasy

To the bizarre tunes of a mysterious love,

You opted to love your wife

Even though you never abandoned your mother.

And when we rose to forgive the youthful exuberance

Of our younger ones,

They offered our brother Bene a job as a gateman

In an industry I built with my own blood.

Yet our father never mortgaged our security

For a plate of porridge.

And when as your prodigal brother

I rebuked the seductive dance of the Harlot called Jezebel,

Some amorous elders went out

In search of my concubine

Only to be rebuked by an angel

Who took the form of Miss Ebere Eze

To serve in the beautiful Rose Garden

Where Our Big Mummy lived

With her other sons and daughters.

And as we lived in this Family Garden,

Which you secured for us with your blood

And where Gold is buried in its ground

In the form of a liquid,

Envy, jealousy, betrayals and gossips

Erected their nests in the neighborhoods.

On this Easter Sunday,

All of them are seated together

In the Church against Bartholomew and Nwaeziokwu

Listening to The News of His Resurrection.

But before we draw the curtain, may you listen to

The Love Letter Mummy dropped as a Note

On my Study Desk before She left:

Surely, I am not the one who died but He is the one who rose. Therefore, call my Roses with this number (10)5(19) (22) (19). I send these Roses after you to the Throne of Mercy, and by the time you understand the rough and dangerous road to the Vatican and knocked hard on the door of Peter the Rock, these Roses will open the Gates to the Papal Household. There, you will meet your father, Benedict XVI. As you live here, the true love of a Miss Ebere Ibeagwa of a new covenant and your Lecture Notes shall teach the Pope how to rebuild the Temple already in ruins.

Your Mummy,

Mother Mary.





Requiescat in Pacem

(R. I. P.)

One beautiful Evening,

The Incorruptible Long arms of Providence caressed

The Royal Crown in your favour.

But our greedy and envious Friends and Neighbours

Broke our glass of joy into pieces

And replaced it with a jar of Poison!



Poison for All of us: Papa, Daa, Fr., Bene, Kele, Dera, Chioma and little Edu.

They did this

Even against the powerful warning of the God of Vengeance.

And being always very thirsty

For friends and neigbours

You drank their cup to the dregs.

Yet for one day

You never cut a branch of palm fruits

Nor leased out a portion of farm bush

To take care of many of your

Strangulating needs



For whom you relinquished

Your opportunity

Had nothing to offer.

And the Nation for whose sake

You endangered your life

Never knew you and never saw


Instead with one arm and one leg

You lived the man that you are.

My seductive powers

Could not lure Miss Peace to our beautiful house

But your Love Song wooed Kelechi

To the desert of love that is our


Alone with her

In groans and pains

You rekindled a flickering flame of hope

That had been cruelly extinguished in Ben


With you and Ben,

I won a pillar of support from home

For this,

And this alone,

You won a name

That no one could be proud of.

When our Daddy was snoring away in ignorance,

The signature from your paralyzed arm

Aborted the treachery of a Bishop

Against the Mother of the Church.


It boldly confronted the thunderous


Of a tyrants’ biceps

At the sacrilegious altar of genocide.

And yet, we are told

You have

No name,

No honour

No wisdom

It is exactly two weeks since you departed this world.

That day, March 22, 2010,

Providence beckoned on you again.

Now that friends have turned into foes

And neighbours into woes

I consider nobody worthy and fit

To sing you a befitting farewell song

Not even the Bishop’s own choir,

Except the Music of my Love

Our Blessed Virgin Mary.

And She alone is your companion

Along this deserted road to the Mountain

of Isaiah 22:6-10

You were there when she visited all of us

On the Jan. 6, 2010

As we celebrated the Holy Mass

In my little room which by right belongs to you

And we rejoiced exceedingly with her

At the birth of her only Bouncing Baby Boy


As she got ready to leave

She told me to make her

a beautiful blue long veil.

And she told me to always use it

As a shield for myself, my family

and the Mary’s Rose family


On this Day of Destiny (D-Day)

Her veil shields you

From the wicked Accuser.

This Day,

As a refugee running away

From the murderous plots of my own people,

And as an amateur diver in the militant infested seas

of the Niger Delta.

On this Easter Night at St. Mathias Catholic Church

Beside BSHA Complex;

I sing you

Not a dirge

But my Love’s Song of Ps 118 vs 1-2,16-17 and 22-23


Sing always

This Song

of Complete Victory V

of Peace P that passeth all understanding

And of Joy J unspeakable

Sing V

Sing P

Sing J

And Live


This only is VIP

This very Easter Morning,

As I am lost in my peaceful rest

On a harlots’ bed in Jokem Hotel Room 05

A room under whose bed is littered

With packs of unused condoms,

And tissue papers carrying

Excreted fluids of iniquities;

And having


Or Rosemary

Or Rose

As my caring and loving neighbour

I am shocked!

Indeed, I am fully shocked that my Love

Could dare the oppressive and fraudulent

Men of the J. T. F. in the streets of Bayelsa.

I am surprised

That her purity could dwarf

The Satanic intelligence gathering prowess

Of a General Gusau

I am over-whelmed

That the Aromatic Anointing

Of the Holy Spirit

Hovering densely around her

Could dissolve a Condolice Rice

and an Ojo Maduekwe

Into incurable nonentities.

I am excited

That her Beauty, Elegance and Charm could be

A strong irrepressible rebuke

Against the uncovered swallowing

Abyss hid

In-between the thighs

Of the Jezebelians at Uniport and

The Satanic blood

Flowing from the succulent and

Tantalizing Breasts

Of the Black Bras of Unical

And the disintegrating buttocks

That hang shamelessly

On the back of Nigerian Mothers of PDP

Like a collapsible pit latrine


This Brand New Easter Morning

I am scandalized


The Queen of Heaven

The Mother of God

The Seat of Wisdom

The Virgin of Virgins

The Purest of all creatures

And the Mistress of Angels

Could descend so low to sit by my bedside,

And unreservedly give me

A very deep kiss

Of Peace

Despite the many heart breaks

I have had to offer in return

For her Love

Together we rejoiced

That Jesus Christ Is Risen

But I nearly ran mad with Joy

When She told me that

Charles Is Alive.

And thus,

Trampling on the


And manipulations

And incantations

And Sacrifices

And Rituals

Of Occult Gurus and Grand Masters

In AMORC, G.M, Eckhankart,

O.O.O, Cherubim & Seraphim, Ogboni,

Traditional Cults, Witches & Wizards, Churches, Fraternities,

Clubs, Mosques, masquerades,Temples, Shrines, Unions

and Parties;

And turning

The axes, bombs, amulets, passwords, incantations,

Groundnuts, bomboys, Okpekes and gyrations

Of Buccaneers, Vikings, Pirates and Seadogs

Into an orphan’s outdatedToys,

My Love gave me back

My Identity Card


And Certificate of Ordination

C of O

To the Celibate Priesthood.

And She left me with baskets,

Not of lies

But of white, red, purple and golden ROSES

And with a forty feet container

Of hidden Treasures and Wealth of the secret places

Both spiritual and material.

So my Container don’t land!

Yet I envy you, De Moore!

So you have made heaven before me!

The holy

And highly revered Priest

In the Almighty Catholic Church

Who has personal recognition from the Pope

De Moore, I am embarrassed by the powerful provisions

Of Romans 8:1-end especially vs 1,2,36 – 39

And Hebrews 11:1-end especially verse 9.


I will be there

On or before the Resurrection Morning

This is the resolve of my Conscience

Against Malignant Clericalism

And Triumphant Churchism

Its’ never my bet!

Its’ by His Grace

For His Grace is extravagant!


De Moore

Sooner than latter

We shall meet again

Never to part anymore.

Now that you have reached home safely

And now that you are fed

No longer

With the Melon Soup

And the Excreta of dogs

And the Urine of Vultures

From the Kitchen

Of this Occult Jezebel in AbiaState

The Odiukonamba of EnyimbaCity

And the Diamond Mother of Aba Diocese

The Woman Dragon of 666

The Famous Prostitute of Rev.17:1-2

The blessed virgin mary of Ekhankart and CelestialChurch

And the great Supplier to the Merchants of Rev.18:15

But from the decent Kitchen

Of Our Mother

Bessed Virgin Mary,

I know that your paralyzed arm and leg,

Indeed, your entire self


Over here,

Our broken hearts are expertly bandaged

By our Big Mummy, Mother Mary

Of Course

By His Stripes We Are Healed.

And because He lives

We too: Papa, Daa, Fr., Ben, Kele, Dera,

Chioma (Orimovuo) and little Edu

Shall Live

Dera and Chioma started singing this SONG

Even before Holy Week

At Health of the SickHospital Nkpogu

As they attended to Edu

At his hospital bed in the Children’s


But we left without hope.

Do also remember

That in July, 2008

Papa and I also left the place

Without hope



Take a long breath of relief

Just the type you took on that day

When I came home to take you

To Port Harcourt

So that you could go to hospital,

and also fellowship together in prayer

De Moore!

At this time

When these induced blades of thunderstorm

Scream wickedly across my horizon

Blowing off every spark of hope;

At this time,

When the ears of heaven

Are irked at my cry for rain to fall

On the arid soil of my destiny

Your passage symbolizes nothing less

Than the eclipse of the Half of a Yellow- Sun

And the cruel plucking of my Purple Hibiscus.

Nevertheless, Chim-ama-da!

Is He not the Award Winning Author

Of my Book of Lessons?

Interestingly too,

The world knows my sins,

Talks about my weaknesses

And celebrates my mistakes

But it is blind to her own iniquities

Whose height is taller than the Klimangero

Whose width typifies the distance between West and East.

And whose depth is deeper than the Atlantic

Anyhow shaa!

I allow their bias

And bow to the weight of their cruel judgment

After all, are we not all condemned criminals

Save for a ritual bath

In Calvary’s mercy fountains.


I am not shocked at your ordeal

Even as the world slumps at the weight of your appeal.


The Devil is a Liar

And the father of all Lies

Indeed, he is a big liar.

For We Are Alive,

Even As You Too Live.


In life and in death

We are still what we are

David and Jonathan

Nothing has changed and nothing will change

Though everything around us has changed.

You are David

Yet I am not JONATHAN

And I do not pray for this kind of GOODLUCK

Because Papa is not Saul

Neither is he the Murderer

And I am not Yar’dua

Neither am I married to hypnotised Turai.


I am a Priest!

A Priest Forever

In the Order of Melchizedek of Old

Strongly behind us at this Injury Time


The Registered Representatives of the Evurulobi

Extended Family

And of Mary’s Rose Family.

Mrs Ebere Ibeagwa, Miss Glory Isaac

And Mr Chinonso Urama

Have proved exceptionally wonderful.

Frs Mag and Nnaemeka also

Came to pay their respects.


Let’s fall the curtain that separates Here and There.


All Protocols observed!

Of Course!


Life is, indeed, larger than Logic!

Consider, for instance, the contradictory episodes of divine election

(For heaven’s sake, why would Joseph, Moses, David, Peter be chosen or hand picked)

Consider also the Scandal of the Cross (Why and how did the Son of God

Come to the fate that inescapably defined his life in Isaiah 53. For the world – a world that hates the Truth and prefers Darkness to Light – it is always a scandal when some body decides to be a true child of God despite his/her weaknesses).

Consider also the monumental incongruity that forms the distinguishing character of Divine Arithmetic (Against Common Sense, 1 + 1+1 = 1)

Dee Moore!

Courageously you bore your Cross!

Your grossly incapacitated left arm!

Your paralyzed Leg!

Your struggles for survival!

Your commitment to love

And the resolve to pay the price.


Man walks by Faith

Lives in Hope

And is governed by Love

This is the impulse of the Soul

And a Soul that lives in ignorance of this perishes.

Indeed, those beautiful commentators

Of interpreters Bible

Especially regarding

the Book of Genesis

are correct.

Great Living

Goes beyond squinting calculations

Such as Mathematical accuracy

And Scientific predictions.

It follows profounder impulses of the Soul.

A bird that flies but refuses to listen to its impulse

Telling it when to fly and when to perch perishes.

And has God not given us the impulse of faith on whose

Wings we can fly and come home to the Father.

Dee Moore!

As you courageously bow to the divine impulse of your soul

To climb the Boeing 737 Flight of Hope

And borne securely on the wings of unwavering faith

In God’s unfailing Mercy

All of us say!


Adieu! Mr Chairman

Adieu! Our Hero

Adieu! Fr Ken’s Childhood Friend

Adieu! Dee Chi

Adieu! De Moore

This Abel of Umuikpe in our own time! Adieu!!

Embrace and hug Papa Kwukwu, James Ikpe for us

Make out time to visit our Abraham in Ukwa/Ngwa land

Dee Moss Sunday Etche

Say hi to Odogwu Emma Onwutuebe

My twin in the Priesthood

Tell our story to all our ancestors there present

And do present the report of

My investigations titled:

“The S-Code”

Before the Throne

Of His Royal Majesty.

The Heavenly Field Marshal

Our Lord and Master

Jesus Christ

King of Kings

And Lord of Lords

Who Alone is

Alpha And Omega

The Beginning And the End

The First And The Last

The Rock of Gibraltar

The Ancient of Days

The Lion of the Tribe of Juda.


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