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Several Things That You Can Do to Stop Biting Your Nails

Updated on March 25, 2017

One habit that is so common to many people is biting nails. This has become a mannerism of people and they are not aware of this sometimes. Is this your habit? Well, if it is, you have to stop this bad habit. You may not know it but you are damaging your nails and you will even notice blood coming out of your finger if you will not do something about it.

Since it is a habit, many find it hard to stop it. The thing is it needs discipline to stop this. I know that sounds easy to tell, but in reality it is not easy to do. Not only that you will damage your nails, but you will also cause harm to your teeth and gums. Well, that is something that you need to consider.

I admit I also have this kind of habit. The thing is I bite my nails when I am bored and not doing anything. When I am I a hiatus, I always find something to do – the reason why I easily resort to biting my nails. Later on, I found out that it is also dangerous to my health. Think of the germs that are in my fingers transferred to my mouth. With this, I decided to stop biting my nails, but things never been so easy.

Stop biting your nails with the simple tips that I am about to show you below. By carefully reading this article, you will find yourself disciplined to do this. Well, it is a matter of being aware of the consequences of this habit. I do hope that after reading this article you will be able to see yourself changed for the better by not biting your nails anymore.

Put a nail polish on your nails. One very effective thing that you can do to stop biting your nails is putting nail polish on them. Treat them with manicure always as much as possible. If you will do this, you will become conscious of your nails and you will stop biting them due to the fact that they have nail polish or they went through manicuring. The thing is you don’t want to bite a nail with nail polish, do you?

When you put a nail polish on your nails, remind yourself always that a nail polish tastes bad. Well, I do that always until such time that I found myself not being urged to bite my nails anymore. This is a bad habit. You should stop this. And this is something that you can do for yourself.

Cut your nails. If there is one thing that you can do in order for you not to bite your nails is to make sure you have nothing to bite. Well, cutting your nails short will do. You will notice that it is tempting to bite your nails when they are long. You will bite them the whole day. And think about having ten fingers to bite. Well, that is something.

Keeping your nails short will make you realize to stop biting them because when you continue, you will reach the flesh part that will cause damage to your fingers. Make it a habit to maintain your nails in such a way that you will avoid biting them. When you do this, this will help you with your goal of stopping your biting sessions.

Find something to do that will alter your nail biting problem. The reason why you are fond of biting your nails is that you have nothing to do. When you are listening to your teacher speaking in front, you have a very high tendency to bite your nails. Again, this is due to the fact that you are doing nothing that time except listening. So, in order to distract your nail biting habit, you have to find something to do. I should say, it is good to take down notes while your teacher is talking. You can also doodle something while you are being attentive to her. Well, you will resort to biting your nails if you have nothing against this habit. Make sure you have something to do to alter your nail biting problem.

Look at your lifestyle. What do you usually do? Well, that will speak a lot about your habit. If you are a person filled with so many things to do daily, you have a lesser chance of engaging to biting your nails. So, instead of making yourself idle all throughout the day, find something good to do that will make you productive. If you have this kind of mind set, you will see the progress in you. Your lifestyle matters. You have to do something about it. If you want help in terms of finding something to do and avoid being idle, we have an article about that that you can read. Well, it pays to be busy.

Find a hobby. Yes, and I know this is very effective. When you have a hobby, it is the same as finding something that will distract your nail biting. And when you found that hobby of yours, you have to stick with that. You have to make sure you have something to do that you love so that you will not be tempted to bite your nails.

You can consider the things that you love doing and make yourself busy. Finding a hobby is not something that you will push yourself to engage in a certain activity without your heart in it. As much as possible, make it something that you really love doing. Personally, I’m not so much into painting but I love music. So, it has been my hobby to play musical instruments of different kinds at home.

Finding a hobby is a perfect way to combat the habit of nail biting. If you want to stop this habit of yours, do something else. This is something worth doing.

Chew gum if necessary. I did this before. Whenever I am in idle mode, I chewed gum. The reason for this is to make my mouth busy. The thing is if you have nothing to do, you are tempted to bite your nails. So, if your mouth is doing something else, it has no time to bite your nails. Chewing a gum is effective. You can also such mint or any candy if you prefer.

You can bring with you a chewing gum wherever you go. But make sure you are chewing it in situations where it is permitted. Well, aside from the fact that you will be able to avoid biting nails when you do this, you will also avoid halitosis and strengthen your teeth and gums. There are so many benefits of chewing gums.

Wear gloves. This is apparently a trick that you can do so that you will avoid biting your nails. Well, you don’t want to bite a glove, do you? So, if you have to chance to wear gloves and it is okay, do it. But make sure you are not being awkward with this. Just wear gloves at the right time and at the right place.

Stop nail biting slowly. If you come to the point wherein you find it hard to gradually stop biting your nails, do it slowly. While you are biting your nails, think of the consequences of doing it. Observe yourself while doing this and stop if you have the power to do this. Well, I know that it is not that easy, the reason why you have something to do to distract yourself from doing this. If you are already there, do something else before you will put your finger in your mouth. It requires discipline on your part but it pays off.

Cover your nails with adhesive tape. Another method that you can do in the beginning so that you will not be able to bite your nails is by covering them with adhesive tape. When your nails are covered by this, you will not be able to bite them. Continue covering them for a period of time until such time that you don’t have the urge to bite your nails anymore. When you have finally succeeded in your goal to stop biting your nails, that is the time when you are going to stop putting adhesive tape, too.

Be persistent. If you really want to stop biting your nails, make it your goal and be persistent with it. Do not give up if you experience being drifted back to your course. Think of the benefits that you can get the moment you have finally succeeded in your goal. Being persistent is the key. It takes time, take note of that. But the results can be rewarding. It is something that you need to put into consideration.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider to stop biting your nails. If you have other methods to show, you can share that to us and let us discuss.


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