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Updated on March 27, 2009

Strong fragrances

When it comes to soaps and detergents,it is hard for me to find,an inexspensive all natural,barsoap,I would appreciate it, if anyone can ,tell me where I can get,a good,yet fairly inexspensive barsoap.I'm wary of all the chemically infused barsoaps out there,with,their sickening smell.I would even spend more than,I usually do,If it was worth it! Any and all helpful suggestions are welcome! I have seen,some interesting sounding soaps,but they all seem to have unpronouncable ingredients,that look to be from someones chemistry set,no thank you ! I'm a NATURAL person not a chemoligist ! So,give me some Ideas,if you can,about where I could find,some all natural or "naked" soap,SMELLS GREAT OR SOMEWHAT GOOD AT LEAST!that's what I want,not a soap that pollutes ,the body water,and air! HELP!

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    • BubbleFairy profile image

      Erin 5 years ago from Maryland USA

      I just have to weigh in, because I AM one of those "chemoligist" kinds of people, and feel that there is a lot of misinformation going around. Everything is made of chemicals, whether it's natural soap, or even water. Chemicals aren't necessarily bad-- only the bad ones are! There was an amusing hoax a few years back, where a group at the University of California showed just how gullible people can be when it comes to things like this. You can read about it here: Basically, they got many many people to believe that a dangerous chemical, Dihydrogen Monoxide was threatening their health, and no one was doing anything about it. As it turned out, Dihydrogen Monoxide is simply a chemical name for water, and the entire scare was a hoax. As a soap maker, and owner of my own handmade natural soap business, I obviously want people to buy my product. But I will never do it by scaring people into using it. My soaps are made with natural ingredients, not because they're "safer," (as some would have you believe) but because they're "simpler." I want to create a simple product, that cleans with simple ingredients. My bars sell for $5 each, and are large-- 4x3 bars-- a great value for the money, really- but I will never tell anyone that "you can't put a price on your health." This implies that by using anything else, you're risking your health, and that is simply NOT the case! Natural soap is wonderful. It's gentle and mild. It bubbles and lathers beautifully. It leaves skin soft and clean. But everything natural is not healthy, just as everything "chemical" is not bad. I don't want Poison Ivy Soap-- I much prefer (E)-4-hydroxyphenethyl 4-formyl-3-(2-oxoethyl)hex-4-enoate , which is simply the chemical name for Olive Oil!!! We all really need to stop villainizing the word "chemical." If you're looking for reasonably priced "luxury" soap (our tag lines are "the affordable luxury," and "naturally adventurous soap") check out my profile and you'll find the link to my company, Bar Soap Natural. If you ever ever ever want to talk about soap, or ingredients, please feel free to contact me- or comment back, right here. I love natural soap, I love chemistry, and I think the two can coexist quite peacefully.

    • profile image

      Josh Webster 7 years ago


      I don't mean to plug our website on this post, but I saw that no one has commented yet. I co-own A Mano Bath, and we hand make all of our soaps ourselves and use them on ourselves. Our soaps do not contain any chemicals or synthetic additives or fragrance oils. We list every single ingredient used in making our soaps. All natural and certified organic ingredients is what we put into our soaps, however, I'm sure you know that always comes at a price. Our soaps are on the luxury end of handmade soaps, and we believe we are the best out there. Our soaps are priced at $8 per bar, but you can never put a price on your health or the health of the environment. Check us out and let us know what you think.