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Some Homemade Healthy Drinks for Good Health

Updated on March 17, 2015

In our daily life our good health can be maintained by drinking some nutritious drinks. Many people spend much money to get nutritious health drinks. But, it's true that we can also prepare economical natural health drinks by simply mixing some nutritious things with warm or hot milk. We can add sugar to them for taste. Health experts say that better time to take health drinks is one hour before having breakfast. These drinks can increase immunity power and help keeping our good health. Let us see some of them.

Egg White and Milk

We every one know that hen's egg is natural nutrient for all age groups. But, we need to separate egg white from the yolk and mix it well with 150 ml or 200 ml warm or hot milk . The egg yolk contains bad cholesterol rich whereas the white one is enriched with proteins and other vitamins. So, it is better to avoid yolk of an egg to get nice results. If we have a habit of taking only egg white with milk and enough sugar, we can be free from some health problems like lack of appetite, nervous disorder, loss of memory power and so on. We can follow this at least weekly twice or thrice.

Boiled Potatoes and Milk

Potatoes are the things which are enriched with proteins, vitamins and other minerals. Mix one tablespoon full of well boiled potatoes with sugar and milk to get delicious health drink. This one is most economical and effective particularly for growing children.

Fruit Milkshake

We can beat any one or two of fruits like bananas, mango, sappota, grapes and pineapple with milk to get another form of health drink. All these fruits naturally contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acids and other minerals. Taking 1 tbs of any one of the well beaten fruit, milk and enough sugar will produce nice result for those who are suffering from chronic anaemia. We can add ice cubes to these fruit milkshakes. In southern parts of India there is the traditional habit of giving banana and milk to newly married couple.

Badam(Almond) Nut Powder and Milk

Badam contains protein, fiber, vitamin E and other minerals including magnesium, pottassium and calcium. Roast a few badam nuts and powder them. You can also mix a little bit cardamom powder to add taste. The cardamom powder will be helpful to digest badam easily. If you add a teaspoon full of badam powder with hot or warm milk, you can get delicious nutritious drink.

Wheat Grass Powder and Milk

Wheat Grass Powder is widely used nowadays to get good health. They contain all vitamins and minerals and are available in the market. You can mix half teaspoon of wheat grass powder with milk to get an effective health drink. If you want to grow wheat grass in your home it is better to use natural manures to get high quality wheat grass powder.

An Idea to get more benefits of Health Drinks

It's nature that our body and mind will easily get tired of drinking the same kind of health drink in our daily life. If we drink the same kind of health drink for more than two days, there is chance to lose taste and interest on that particular drink. To overcome this problem we can select any two or three varieties of health drinks and drink them on different days one after another in a week. We can allot particular days for particular health drinks. In other words you can select any two consecutive days of a week for a particular health drink. For instance, you can allot Saturdays and Sundays for one of your favorite drinks, and Mondays and Tuesdays for another variety of drink, and Wednesdays and Thursdays for that that you take on Saturdays and Sundays. In fact this habit of taking health drinks will be helpful to avoid boring and keep our good health.


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    iAriful islam 

    3 years ago

    Hi ratnaveera,

    I liked your all Discussion about Some Homemade Healthy Drinks for Good Health. I have learn many thing from here. So many many thanks.

  • NP.QUEEN profile image


    8 years ago from Dubai

    Hi ratnaveera 21,

    I liked your hub about healthy drinks.Vey nice.Try to go through my hubs also.

  • ratnaveera profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Cumbum

    Dear badcompany99, Thanks for joining my club and your nice comments.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Really interesting post, must try a few out.


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