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Updated on June 29, 2017

at least that's what was thought. . .

The world is made up of billions of words. Here are 50 word phrases that have unfortunately become common phrases in the United States to describe women of all ages. We have all heard the words from strangers, family members, spouses, the media and even our kids. It is important to know why. These phrases are passed from generation to generation. They are ingrained into our conscience. But, did you know that in a heightened emotional state words come from a different part of us than when we are in a calming state? It is true. We often say things we regret. If you have been a female long enough you have experienced those hurtful break-up words followed by the loving reconciliation words.

So, take these phrases in the humorous intent that they are meant. It is tough being a female. And it is even tougher keeping your femininity. We earn less. We are expected to do more. We are the predominant child rearers. We are the predominant housekeepers. We are most often the one to take care of our aging parents. We are the predominant grocery shoppers. We schedule most of the family appointments. The majority of us work full time while raising our family. We are the ones most often labled; beautiful, fat, ugly, scrawny, old, frumpy, muscular the list describing us is endless.

What we are least likely to be called though is a winner. But, know this; we must be important because so much is written, spoken and told about our gender that we must be valuable. Know that we are. Know that you are. The world cannot survive without us. Or, you. Each and every wonderful female one of you. So, as you read these phrases, laugh. Smile at the commonality of who you are. You are part of the female gender. Names do hurt. Yet, know that we as females have all experienced hearing some, or all of these phrases at some point on our journey through life. And, after reading them sit down and write 50 phrases you have heard that sent your heart soaring. I am certain that the phrases on both lists will be from the same people. Good and bad in life we must endure both. The trick though is not letting the hurtful words have as much meaning and impact as the beautiful words meant to describe you.

1. You're Crazy!

2. You look like you have put on a few pounds.

3. Why are you always so moody.

4. Stop being so bitchy.

5. Can't you ever have a good time.

6. Don't you ever smile.

7. You're wearing that.

8. How much did it cost!

9. What hair color do you call that.

10. You know the latest fashion trend isn't for everyone, dear.

11. Isn't that skirt a bit short, sweetheart.

12. Wow, why can't you look like her.

13. You're eating all of that?

14. Why would you need to go to college.

15. Get back in that room and change that outfit, young lady.

16. Still no boyfriend, huh?

17. You can't find anyone better than him!

18. You know all the other girls your age in the neighborhood are married.

19. I told you not to marry that bum.

20. Can't you ever be satisfied.

21. My you are a tall one.

22. Wow, what size shoe do you wear!

23. That looks a little snug around the waist, dear.

24. Look at her zipper, it is bulging.

25. Shut up, just shut up.

26. Nag, nag, nag that is all you do.

27. How can you walk in those things.

28. My those earrings are rather large.

29. Stop slouching, you will never get a boyfriend.

30. If I ever see you with that boy again, you will be grounded for life.

31. There is just no pleasing you, is there?

32. Is it that time of the month, again.

33. You got your period, didn't you?

34. Don't you think those jeans are a little too tight.

35. Hey, droopy drawers!

36. He is kind of old for you, isn't he dear?

37. He's so young, people will think you are his mother!

38. No date, again!

39. You better find someone soon, you aren't getting any younger.

40. That's not the way you hold a baby!

41. That toy has small parts, do you think that's a good idea?

42. You never visit, anymore.

43. I guess l can watch your kids for you, but only over here. And, don't bring that bulky stroller with you this time. But, we will need the playpen, your father's collectibles are fragile.

44. Well, you ate it, why can't she.

45. I am not pushing him too high on the swing, you survived didn't you.

46. Don't baby him, he has to learn to be a man.

47. Don't let your son play with her's he is a bully.

48. Isn't it about time to go back to work full time, honey.

49. How could you put him in that filthy daycare, no wonder he is sick all the time.

50. You sound just like your mother.

Can't you do anything right.

Females between the ages of 12 and 34 are three times more likely to committ suicide than males, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. There are one million cases of SIV reported through the emergency room each year, according to RAINN. Two million cases of self mutilation are reported each year in the United States. One of the leading causes of SIV(self inflicted violence) is to release the pressure of emotional pain.


However, words hurt less with each passing year. So, please don't beat yourself up. The words that stung at age fifteen are funny at age 40 and at age 50 they are nostalgic. Make it through the RAINN.

When you do, carry an umbrella with you to help others through.


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