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Updated on May 17, 2012

Learning something new to guide me through my most stressful moments

Stress can kill you if you let it. Depression, fear, guilt, loneliness- all of these emotional behaviors can lead to stress and if not treated chronic stress. Emotionally you are deprived of feeling happy about YOU. Our fears turn into anger, our anger turns into resentment and self loathing. From mild headaches to pain renching migraines our bodies begin to weaken the more we allow stress to overwhelm us-take over us mentally. Fight back and stop stress in its tracks.

Referencing the "My Holistic Healing- your guide to body, mind and soul mastery" website, our bodies respond to "stress reactions" by kicking it in overdrive to deal with the pressures we are dealing with both mentally and physically. While our organs are in overdrive releasing a harmful chain reaction from adrenaline to an increased pulse rate. All of which could lead to health related issues that sends you into your doctors office for a visit or worse the emergency room.

What's your tolerance for stress? Do you want to find out? According to the site's guide and from pesonal experience, adrenal fatigue-"the burnout" revolves around how stressed out you can become depending on your tolerance for dealing with stress. Pesonally anxiety gets the best of me. It doesn't help that I find myself fighting the urge to quit my bad habits which have recently caused my blood pressure to be moderately high.

Though all of us deals with stress on a different level, stress that leads to health issues should be stopped in its tracks as soon as possible. Everything that you can journal in on what causes you the most stress that leads to all of those bad habits in the end you will realize that those causes are still in motion they haven't stopped yet you have. Think about that the next time you can't say no.

Before researching the affects of stress, I didn't realize that 'crying' is a normal outlet to relieve stress. Considering I have done alot of that lately I am "normalising" my stress levels. Bringing them down a notch. Finding an outlet to help relieve your stress is needed to regain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you just got to let it go. If you are emotionally stressed out to the point of becoming burnt out, find an outlet and reduce your stress levels by changing the way you live your life.


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