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Stress In Our Life And Effective Ways To Keep It Away

Updated on March 19, 2013

Stress nowadays has become a wide spread ailment affecting people of all ages and economical classes. Life in this modern world has become so stressful as most of our people have become workaholics. At any situation in our daily life there are many factors which are responsible to increase our stress. Normal stress may not create serious problem but when it becomes excessive, we need to keep it away if we are really want to lead a healthy and happy life.

Stress is mental, emotional strain in a person which disturbs his mind and body's equilibrium. It can be called in other names as tension, depression,frustration, anxiety, worry and gloomy.

Sress might produce positive results

Every one in this world is vulnerable to stress. But someone takes it as a challenge and begin to think how he or she can come out of it. Many people easily win the situations while many others react with fear, anxiety and worry. So, the stress one feels depends on how one personally reacts to it. If the person reacts politely and positively there would be only a little problem as probably it will lead to a happier life but if the same does not know how to handle it, suffering may follow. Many people feel stressed when there are heavy rains for the couple of days or when they could not get travel tickets while leaving for vacation or when they are watching a crucial match. We every one should learn to make it positive and avoid getting frustrated because of such undesirable situations.

Physical and Mental symptoms of Stress

Physical Symptoms for the excessive stress are sweating palms, trembling legs, palpitations, dried up tongue, headache, tension, nervousness, stomach aches, fast breathing rapid heart beat, frequent urination, loss of appetite, insomnia and muscular pain.

Mental Symptoms that are associated with stress are growing negative thoughts, lack of concentration, loss of memory, and feeling of boredom and nervousness.

There are some effective ways to keep away stress in our life. They can be listed as follows

1. Proper Exercise

2. Proper Breathing

3. Proper Diet

4. Proper Relaxation

5. Positive Attitude

6. Meditation

7. Smiling and Laughter

8. Patience is important

1. Proper Exercise

Yogasans, Swimming, Jogging and walking are producing effective results in controlling stress in our daily life. They are so powerful to prepare our mind to face any kind of undesirable situation in our life. All the body exercises are increasing blood circulation and immunity of our body and keep our nice health throughout our life. But we need limit when we are doing exercises.

2. Proper Breathing

As per Yoga science, there are variety of breathing exercises called Pranayam. The aim of Pranyama is regulating the flow of breath or pran and to recharge the body and mind. For instance, deep breathing gives feeling of control over tense muscles and makes one feel more peaceful with one self and his surrounding. By doing breathing exercise one can overcome his stress, tension and even depression.

3. Proper Diet

Proper diet implies taking food at right time, of measured quantity and of right quality. In other words, normally eat light food when stressed. Preferably go for low fat and high protein foods. Of course, vegetarian food is nutritious, high in fiber and easy to digest. Yoga practitioners have found that having vegetarian diet better controls stress. Spicy non-vegetarian food won't support mind in overcoming stress.

4. Proper Relaxation

Playing indoor or outdoor games are giving certain relax to all who may be stressed with the daily activities. We need to allot a particular time for playing indoor or outdoor games to avoid stress.

5.Positive Attitude

Since stress is mind related malady positive thinking works wonders in concentration and steadiness of the mind. For this purpose learn to see things in right prospective by adopting a positive attitude. Do not curse or hate your self for your mistakes. See them as valuable lessons. Positive thinking works wonders especially as a stress buster.

6. Meditation

This is a technique to quietening the mind. With quite mind comes sense of peace. Meditation is a great blessing to persons who would like to manage their stress and tension of problematic life and demanding society. With its largely proven efficacy in reducing heart rate, blood pressure, calming the mind and alleviating most of the symptoms of anxiety and tension, it is increasingly and successfully adopted world-wide by those who have have highly tensed personal and professional lives.

7. Smiling and Laughter

Smiling and Laughter are inseparable antidotes for relieving stress, which is an expression of some subtle joy by facial muscles, acts as a trigger to the mind and body to release chemicals which induce pleasant emotions. The same thing happens when some one else smiles at us. A smile can be a source of energy to make one feel good in time of depression.

8. Patience is Important

We often find some people who are getting tension for unnecessary things. Some body may be stressed for others mistakes. When we find others mistakes we have to control our self and keep silence otherwise we can advise such persons gently. Some parents stressed when they are growing up their children. We need to teach every thing to our children gently and effectively. Then only the children can follow their parents correctly and cheerfully.


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