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S.U.C.C.E.S.S.- Steps to Achieving YOUR Success

Updated on February 16, 2017
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Dominique earned an MBA at Keller Graduate School of Management and is now creating a new blog site to offer insight into embracing ifel

Success is more than reaching goals and making accomplishments. It is also a state of mind. In other words, it isn't just about what you do or how you do it. It's also about your mind set. Becoming successful will probably take a tremendous amount of time and effort, but the outcome can be very rewarding. The most important step to achieving success is to clearly define what it means to you. Is it about financial success? Is it happiness? Whatever that means for you, be sure you have a clear understanding so that you can better formulate a plan for getting there. After that, it's about setting measurable, concise goals that are reasonable, achievable, have a timeframe for completion and will get you to your destination...success. Here are six other steps that can help get you to the ultimate goal of success.

The Six Steps to Achieving Success

1. Stay focused

Don't be too easily distracted and if you find that you are,, don't stay distracted for too long. The world is full of distractions...

  • TV: The days of five or six channels is a thing of the past. Now with cable or satellite TV and the Internet, one can see anything they can dream of on and never get bored. Don't get so wrapped up in TV programming that life passes you by.

  • Avoid other people's drama: There's nothing like somebody else's mess to get you off track from reaching your own goals. It's easy to get wrapped up in stuff that doesn't concern you. Time is a commodity that isn't renewable or sustainable. It comes at a high cost and it isn't something you can get back once it's gone. Try not to feed into other people's drama. Instead spend your precious time focusing on accomplishing your own goals. Drama will always be there...but the opportunity to find success could slip through your fingers.

  • Bad relationships: Whether it's romantic, friendship, family, or business...a bad relationship can not only keep you unfocused, it can drain your desire to progress forward. And forward progression is an essential element of being successful. Sometimes you have to cut ties instead of hanging on to what you already know is done. Bad relationships can drag you down and keep you stagnate. Just let it already know it's long overdue.

In order to stay focused, there are some steps you can take that include:

  • Setting goals: In order to stay focused, it's so important to set goals. Consider the "big picture" and your ultimate destination. Ask yourself what it is you want for your life so that you can home in on what is really important to you. Recognizing the things that matter to you will help you to stay focused and on track for reaching success. Be sure to make your goals as clear and as simple as possible. Details are good, but too man can lead to confusion when you go back to review them later. Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind. Examine your progress every week to be sure you are continually making progress toward reaching your goals. If an area seems to be falling short, you can always rework your strategy to improve your outcome.

  • Learning time management: Time is a limited resource and shouldn't be squandered. Good time management skills make you more efficient, more dependable (to yourself and others), and give you more of a sense of control over your life. Proficient time management can actually reduce your level of stress. Time management will also help you to achieve what you want, when you want, and stay on track. You will find that you finish what you've started, which means that goals are being accomplished. This gets you closer to success. Since you've already set goals, you are well on the way to improving your ability to manage time. You then have to plan and schedule your time wisely. Your plan should include what it will take to accomplish your goals and the schedule will aid in keeping yourself on track. As you create your plan and schedule, it will be imperative to prioritize what order you want to complete your tasks. There is no right or wrong or right way to do this; it will depend on the individual. You may be more comfortable doing the big things first. Or you may want to break the large tasks into smaller pieces to make them easier to handle. Whatever your method, make sure it optimizes your use of time.

  • Keeping a journal: Write down your goals so that you can be aware of when they've been reached. You will also be able to keep in mind what's next in line to be completed. Seeing your goals as a written representation of your success can keep you focused and on track. This way things won't be skipped, missed, or forgotten on your path to success. A journal will give you clarity in your thinking. You can keep notes and develop your train of thought in a relevant and organized fashion. This too is a personal thing that will be different for everyone.

  • Creating a vision board: A vision board is a collage of images and words that will help to clarify, enhance concentration, and maintain focus on specific life goals. It's any type of board (poster board, cardboard, etc.) on which images and words can be displayed that act as a visual representation of what you are striving towards. These representations can include things like what you want to be (become) or what you want to do with and/or in your life. Use pictures and images that you find on the Internet or in magazines, words (printed out from the computer or cut from magazines for example) that are meaningful to you, and any other methods to decorate your board so that it's pleasing for you to look at, but be sure to look at it regularly and add to (or make changes to) it as you develop more goals you want to achieve. This vision board is a way to keep you on track and to remind you of the desired outcomes.

2. Understand your purpose

We all have a purpose; the reason our life is important. The reason things have happened in our lives that we can't understand, but know have some higher meaning. Discovering your purpose is vital to achieving success in your life. Once you have an understanding of the purpose for your life, you can begin to focus on what's important to your journey towards finding success and feeling accomplished. In order to get a better understanding of your purpose. The first thing you should do is make a list of your talents. These are natural gifts, abilities, or aptitudes you have inherently (something one is "born with"). Of course, these things can be improved upon, but are naturally a part of you. Everyone has unique talents that need to be identified and nurtured. So many amazing and wonderful achievements can be realized and discovered, which can lead to a more fulfilling and successful life. he next thing you should do is to identify your skills...those things for which you have gained a proficiency, experience, or learned knowledge whether that be as a professional, a student (in school or life), or any number of ways these could have been acquired. Create a list of what you have become good at doing and the things you've learned throughout your life. This list should include such things as professional qualifications, any training you've received, education, vocation, etc. Knowing your skills can go a long way to reaching your ideals of success. The last thing to do is to formulate goals. A goal is a desired result a person envisions, plans, and commits to achieving. This is an important part of reaching and maintaining a trajectory for success in your life. Goals give you something to focus on and help to get your thoughts in order. It gives you clarity of purpose and something to strive towards. Putting your goals in writing is an excellent way to stay motivated, and will enable you to see your progress and to even acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments.

3. Create opportunities

It's important to expand your network. The more people you know and come into contact with, the more likely you will be presented with opportunities you could have never imagined. You have to make a sincere effort to meet people. Get out of the house and socialize with others. You never know who you might run into and how they may help you reach your dreams of success. You have to be transparent and approachable. People recognize sincerity and can usually see phony for what it is. This also includes being a good listener. You can make an even bigger impression on someone if you just listen to what they are saying. Not only are you showing them that you're truly interested in what they are talking about, but you may find that you have a lot in common and even that they have access to the things you need to get where you are trying to go. Be sure to follow up with your contacts. If you exchange contact information, then use it. Whenever you allow a new contact to fall by the wayside, any opportunities that may have been there have now disappeared. It's also important to surround yourself with success-minded people. Not necessarily people who are only interested in your success, but who themselves are successful. The old saying "birds of a feather flock together" is true. You need to be around others who reflect what you are trying to become. The people around you influence what you do and how you think. In other words, what they do rubs off on you. Behavior and mind set seem to be contagious, so if you're around people who are success-minded, then it stands to reason your mind set will take on those very same characteristics.

4. Contribute to society

We all need each other. Always taking is a sure way to alienate yourself from others around you. Instead, find ways to give back and make a difference in the lives of others. Donating to good causes is a purposeful way of making meaningful contributions to society. Start out small and perhaps do something that's free. Clean out your closet by removing all of the things you can no longer fit or no longer wear. Then, donate them to an organization that will be able to put them to good use. The Salvation Army, Purple Heart, and the Red Cross are good places to start, but there are many worthwhile causes and organizations out there that will be able to put those things to good use. You can also share life experiences and other useful information you've accumulated throughout your life. Again, this is free and connects us to one another. It lets people know they aren't alone. Success should be something we are willing to share with one another as well as help each other to achieve.

5. Eradicate self-doubt

Self-doubt can leave you paralyzed and even fearful of moving forward towards your success. That continuous feeling of inadequacy or the fear of failure will hinder you from accomplishing your goals. It has a negative impact on your drive, creativity, and passion which leads to a stagnate life. Instead, take the time to begin to turn that negative way of thinking around. The first thing you have to do is try to identify the source of your self-doubt. This may be easier said than done and will likely require some serious soul searching or even professional help from a therapist, a clergyman, or even a trained life coach. Next, create new habits to replace the old (bad/negative) ones. For example, instead of always saying what you can't do, tell yourself what you will do. That broken record in your mind that keeps repeating those same negative thoughts needs to be replaced with a brand new one that is filled with affirmations and positive messages. Then, make moves towards self-improvement. This could mean going back to school or joining an organization that services a cause that is meaningful to you. The time has come to get real with yourself. There are tons of self-help books and gurus out there, which can possibly be a good place to start, but you may need to seek professional, unbiased help from a therapist or counselor. Family and friends often mean well, but because they have an emotional connection, or stake in you, they may not be able to understand why you feel the way you do. This could make them seem insensitive. This process will take time and genuine effort, but the outcome can propel you on a trajectory towards success.

6. Strategize with intention

The time has come to get clear about what you want. After creating your list of goals, prioritize them in order of importance and then work on one item at a time. Find someone you trust and that you can share your intentions with who will be supportive and will hold you accountable for reaching the goal. Always be humble and never be afraid to admit when you don't know something. Then, seek out help or clarity. It's always important to demonstrate your dedication and commitment to reaching your goals. If you don't believe in you, then who will? Do things every day that will be a demonstration of just how committed you are to reaching the level of success you are striving towards. Go back to college, ask for that raise, or any other thing that will get you closer to the finish line.


Do the Work

  1. Stay focused: Don't get so distracted that you lose sight of the finish line.

  2. Understand your purpose: Take the time to explore and discover your unique meaning

  3. Create opportunities: Get out and make contacts; network and socialize

  4. Contribute to society: Make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others

  5. Eradicate self-doubt: Find ways to eliminate negative influences and do some serious soul-searching to find your authentic self

  6. Strategize with intention: Get clear about what you want and take well thought out actions to achieve it

Build SUCCESS--One Piece at a Time


Success--The Ultimate Destination

There are many definitions of success, but whatever path you decide to follow is ultimately up to you. Success creates balance within your life along with happiness and a sense of well-being. It's important not to give up. Realize that there will probably be moments of failure, disappointment, rejection and perhaps embarrassment. However, these don't have to be negative experiences. Instead use them as learning moments that teach you what doesn't work and what you can do differently or better next time. If your mind set is that you will accomplish what you've set out to, then the likelihood is that you will find a way to do it. Always be careful to show humility, kindness, and integrity in all your endeavors. You should never have to hurt anyone else to accomplish your goals. And always be willing to share what you've learned. Those who put positivity into the world will attract positivity into their lives. We can all achieve our idea of success while helping others to do the same. At the end of the day, success isn't just for one of us to enjoy, but for all of us to share and be prosperous.

SUCCESS-The Key to a Good Life



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