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Saline or Silicone??

Updated on September 18, 2009

So you've made the leap. A huge decision... you've decided that you want breast implants. The reason doesn't matter - maybe you would love to have a smaller chest. Maybe you'd love to regain the perky, perfect boobs you had before you had children, breast fed, etc. Or, you just aren 't happy with what Mother Nature gave you. Hey - it happens! Sometimes what you're given just isn't exactly what you want. Or, maybe you lost weight, and now the excess skin is sagging, which, in turn, gives you saggy boobs. That part is the pits. I know from experience on this one.

Regardless the reason, you're going to take a big leap of faith and let a very well-trained and, above all, BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeon give you the boobs you've always dreamed of! Before I talk about silicone & saline, I'll remind you that it is VERY important to research your surgeon. Talk to his patients. Don't be afraid to ask for references, and above all,ask the surgeon any questions you feel important. Don't worry if it may sound funny. . . Who cares?!! It's your money, your body, and in the end, you're the one who will have to live with the outcome.

That was my soapbox... Now here's the question of the day. Which implants should I choose, silicone or saline? Personally, (after 3 breast augmentations (1 augmentation; 2 augmentation/mastopexy) I feel somewhat qualified to give you a little information), silicone was my third choice and it definitely gets my vote.

The saline implants don't feel or look as natural as do the silicone. They also don't "hold their shape" as well as silicone. Honestly, the saline implants had the effect on my skin that you would get if you put a 5 lb. rock in a tube sock. Yep. Sag city. You don't have to take my word for it... take a look at the before & after pics online, in a plastic surgeon's office, or ask some of your friends... chances are, if they've had any plastic surgery, then they have the before & after pics. If you're perplexed about size, take a look at what Natrelle (part of Allergan corporation) is offering - a pre-consultation kit that you can purchase (39.99 is nothing compared to what you're spending for the implants) to help you understand all there is to know to make a good informed decision about your implants. It even includes a sample of implants AND a profile bra!!  Amazing! Wish they'd had that 11 years ago!!

Yeah, I know, you're thinking about the lawsuits 15+ years ago when several women sued the implant manufacturer, claiming that silicone had made them sick. Now, one thing is true: some women had issues with silicone. That being said, some women had/have issues with saline, too. If they have allergies to ingredients in the implants, don't follow doctor's orders, and don't research their surgeon beforehand, well, then that falls under a "buyer beware" warning. It's my opinion that in the case of personal health and especially with elective procedures, well, you get what you pay for!!

Silicone breast implants aren't dangerous.  Research by the Institute of Medicine showed no definitive link between silicone implants and cancer, neurological diseases, systemic diseases, etc. The FDA concluded that silicone is used for many, many more health issues than just breast augmentation, and thus, the ban was lifted on silicone implants. Consider that silicone is used in a variety of medical procedures and situations: heart valves, catheters, skeletal prostheses, penile implants, and by ENT's, dentists, opthalmologists... Check out what the FDA, the American Board for Plastic Surgeons and the Mayo Clinic have to say about the saline/silicone controversy.

In the end, you need to make the best decision for YOU.


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