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Salonpas - Ancient Japanese Pain Relief

Updated on May 13, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

8 hours of pain relief, per each patch, times 40 patches for under $5.00 a box. WOW!!

There is a salon where I pause
when I am in pain
that has been effective for me
for over 25 years......
Salonpas at:
I am no spring
chicken anymore
I am more of a rooster
when pain strikes
not quite as cocky
as the younger flocks
after playing Dodge ball
Volleyball and five
hours of Corn hole.
I have been left
with rotator (hand)cuffs
that only surgery will correct
and various muscles
that no longer hustle well
after the bustle of
a competitive game.
Morning breaks like a
grimace across my face
when I rise after one
of my many sports
the night before.
But I have found relief
in a small box of 40 patches
that only cost me $3.99
and grant me eight hours
of less pain per patch.
that's a total of 320 hours
for less then four dollars.
It is a 163 year old
Japanese treatment
that gets little advertising
I have never seen an
ad on television for it.
One simply removes a patch
that has a wintergreen odor
from its backing and
places it on the spot
where the pain is the worst,
and then it radiates comfort
to that area for 8 hours.
Sometimes I resemble
a patchwork quilt
of flesh and white
across my neck,
shoulders and back,
but my muscles and
joints are recover
in sheer bliss.
it contains very
simple ingredients:
Camphor......1.2 %
Menthol........5.7 % and
Methyl Salicylate......6.3%
infused in a patch that sticks
quite comfortably and
stays on for hours.
It's history goes back
to the 18th century
and yet few people
know about it's effectiveness.
I would imagine it works
differently for each individual
but for me it eases
each individual pain
better than any other
product I have tried.
it can be worn for
up to seven days
but I usually feel better
the next morning.
It is manufactured by the
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical
company in Japan
and when I am bent in pain
I bow to their expertise.
I have tried other patches that have
heat remedies that burn
and patches that fall off
before enough aid is rendered....
but this patch is durable and causes
no discomfort at all.
I do not usually endorse a product
but if you enjoy sports
of any kind and pay for it
with suffering later
you should patch
the problem with these.
I just finished two and a half hours
of hard fought volleyball
in a game of four on four
where some of the volleys
lasted for eight to ten minutes
and two hours of dodge ball
against guys half my age,
as well as two hours of pushing
a gas powered lawn mower
under shrubs and trees
to trim the overgrowth.
Needless to say I felt like
I had been body slammed
by Iron man in a fit of madness,
but after wearing these patches
for the last two days,
I have a range of motion
and am pain free once more.
Just in time for another
dodge ball game come Saturday.
So the next time you are hurting
make a small investment in
an even smaller patch of pain relief.
give it a try and see if it works.
Maybe I'll see some
of you at the gym,
some older faces
that haven't danced
across those laminated
boards in quite a while.
then I'll simply pull
down the shoulder
of my tee shirt and show you
the little white patches
that make it all possible again.


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