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The Fruit That cured Walid's Father-in-law From Cancer

Updated on February 15, 2016

Peruvian Graviola

Peruvian Graviola is proved to destroy cancer cells. It has cytotoxic compounds that wipe out cancer cells with fatal thoroughness and accuracy leaving healthy cells unharmed.

Many times, people claim the discovery of remedies for some dangerous diseases such as AIDS and Cancer. While watching this documentary about cancer healing my heart did not stop trembling. Harry M. Hoxsey, has brought about claims of cancer cure according to the documentary and the interviewees. Hoxsey continuously fought organised medicine that labeled him charlatan. Between 1924 and 1950, his clinic expanded to 17 states. Hoxsey’s patients claimed that the treatment was very effective but his clinic was closed by the government. A clinic in Mexico (Tijuana) claimed an 80 percent success rate. For more information about Hoxsey’s story watch the documentary.

Back to the topic of today’s post, some people stopped chemotherapy and tried Peruvian Graviola: Walid, a young man, recently shared his story with the aforementioned fruit: He said that his father in law suffered from cancer that he could not eat any kind of food except medicine. The pain according to him was unbearable. His longing for relief was like trying to grow a plant in marble. He could not sleep,his face became pale, and his body very skinny.

At the same time, while his father in law was suffering from cancer, Walid heard about one of his friends’ father who was suffering from cancer too. The doctor told the man’s family that he was going to die in few days and that they should take him home. The pain was unbelievably unbearable. The whole family was very sad. The only thing they could do was waiting for death to take their beloved one. One of the man’s sons consulted other doctors around the country, but in vain.

Then he decided to take his father abroad to see if that would make any difference, but people, including doctors, told him there was no need as there was no cure for his father’s situation. At that point in time, when everyone lost hope, one of the man’s daughters, while navigating the internet, found out, by coincidence, that some people recorded videos and wrote about this fruit which simply cured them from cancer. She did not believe that those people spoke the truth, but still she wanted to find Graviola and gave it to her father. She could not find the fruit in Morocco, but she managed to have somebody buy it in Spain and send it to her. Her father, after taking the fruit magically felt better; the pain stopped after few days, the color of his face was getting back to normal; he went to the toilet as any healthy person; he slept well;he started to gain weight and he ate food.

Walid got some of the fruit from his friend and gave it to his father in law. He swore that the pain of his father in law disappeared after three days of eating it. Walid’s father in law got back to normal. He sleeps; he eats; he goes to the toilet and his health is getting better. Walid said that he never thought that his father in law would recover because the results of chemotherapy were almost worthless. Walid wants everybody who has cancer to try it. He wants all people to tell each other about it. ” I am not selling anything, I just want you to spread the news. By doing that you may save somebody from dying of cancer. I don’t have a farm of the fruit. For God’s sake, spread the news so that all people use the fruit to get better “

Since 1970, this fruit has been tested in more than 20 laboratories, but many results has not been released to the public. However, the National Cancer Institute confirms that Peruvian Graviola active compounds destroy and wipe out cancer cells. This fruit has been shown to be amazingly great at treating malignant cells in 12 different kinds of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer pancreatic cancer…

The fruit is said to be 10,000 times better than the commonly prescribed cancer drug, adriamycin, which is often given to cancer patients. Peruvian Graviola is like magic at halting cancerous cell division.



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