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Saying Farewell To An Addiction

Updated on July 28, 2010

Saying goodbye to something or someone is a very hard thing to do for many of us. Some goodbyes are only for a short period of time and then there are those that are forever.

The word forever is a very strong and powerful word, because it means what it says, FOREVER.

Saying farewell to someone means to me, like a goodbye or see you soon, but saying farewell to an addiction is hopefully a farewell forever. As many of my friends here on Hubpages know that I mostly write about alcohol addiction and I will continue to reach out and try to help anyone that has had a problem in their life and wanting to find sobriety again.

Saying goodbye to my demons was the best thing I could ever do, not only for myself, but my loving family that had to put up with me and my addiction for many years. Making this change in my life not only saved my family, but also saved my life!

If anyone out there has an addiction of any sort don't give up on yourself, FLIGHT BACK! Defeat those demons that have control over your body and mind and tell them just who is boss. I have such a hatred towards my ex demons. They brought my life and everyone else involved down to just about kissing rock bottom.

Finally, I realize the life I lead was not my style nor what I was worth. I'm not one to brag, but I was brought up with class and when I got addicted to the alcohol, all the proper bringing up and having class was no longer, because of my alcohol addiction. My self esteem, my looks, my actions, my personality might as well went up in smoke. In my mind I was nothing but just another person on earth.

I was a functioning alcoholic and never missed worked due to the addiction, but as far as my family life it was nothing to be desired.

Looking at myself, I saw someone that I just didn't like or love anymore. When you stop loving yourself then you really need to stop and take a good look around and figure out where the problem or problems lye.

I really felt worthless to myself and everyone that loved and and cared for me. The lesson I learned here was to first start loving myself and giving myself what I truly deserve in this short life we have.

It's truly amazing how one thing can ruin everything in ones life and why is that? The reason to me is that I had no strength or willpower to want to change even though deep inside I wanted to have my life of sobriety again.


It is truly a difficult thing to say when saying farewell to anything, but in the case of surrendering to an addiction it is the best decision I or anyone else to do. This farewell will save your life and it's something we can certainly live without.

I didn't think I could survive without my crutch to lean on, but I haven't had a problem whatsoever and have never missed it. When I made up my mind to surrender to this terrible habit and addiction, I promised myself to never ever pick up that bottle of poison again and I don't go back on a promise.

So, to everyone that may have a addiction of any sort, don't give up anything if you truly want it deep in your heart. Be strong and you will overcome your addictions.

When you have achieved this huge task in your life, one that you thought could never happen, be proud of your accomplishments. You will love yourself even more for saving your own life and to be able to stick around on this earth longer now being sober.


© 2010 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Thank you for your comment and I will continue to try my hardest to get people to understand just how important sobriety is in ones life, (the ONLY life we have).

    • 6hotfingers3 profile image

      6hotfingers3 7 years ago

      This article is a heart wrenching reality check. Only those who have lived life through addiction can reach people who needs such a candid talk. Your article reaches people in denial and it helps people facing other demons. Thank you for this article.