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Scar Fade Cream - Permanent Scar Removal without Surgery?

Updated on June 21, 2011

Are you wondering if scar fade cream can really help you reduce the appearance of scars on your skin? Maybe you have acne scars, or scars from surgery or some other injury, and have tried everything under the sun to reduce their appearance without result. Maybe you are also wondering if there is an effective keloid scar treatment available, or you had a beautiful baby and want to reduce pregnancy marks on your stomach.

No matter the reason, you have some scaring or stretching on your skin, and you want it gone - fast! One of the more unique, and effective, scar fade cream solutions that I have ever seen is called Mederma Scar cream.

Scars can by Physically and Emotionally Painful

When you are injured or receive a serious wound, your body has a natural process it uses to regenerate tissue and create a barrier between itself and microbial infections.

The healing of wounds whether large or small, is quite complex. Sometimes a scar forms in place of a wound and depending on the size and seriousness of the wound, the scar may be barely visible or quite significant. Aside from the fact that larger scars can be unsightly or embarrassing, a normal scar will also restore functionality to the skin. Unfortunately, only about eighty percent of the skin in the area of the scar will be restored to a normal appearance leaving the rest of the scarred area to have a visibly different appearance.

In certain cases, the healing process does not go as smoothly as it should and the result is the formation of abnormal scars or "keloids". Once a wound has been sustained on your body, your skin cells and your connective tissue cells multiply to repair the wound. In some cases, the connective tissue cells migrate into the wound to fill it in. If these connective tissue cells reproduce too quickly, they form a more dense network of cells and this results in a larger scar. Hypertrophic scars are scars that are large, red, raised and visible. Hypertrophic scars are usually painful.

Are Scars Permanent? Can Scar Fade Cream Help?

Scars are generally permanent, but there are ways to lessen the severity of the appearance of the scar, meaning it can be improved and camouflaged so that it is not as prominent, but in most cases, there will be some trace of the scar.

A good scar fade cream can help to lessen the appearance of the scar and make it less visible and prominent. Many people are seeing very good results using the tips and techniques that are available in The Scar Solution. While your scar may never completely go away, you can reduce the appearance easily by 70-90% just by using the information there.

Scar Fade Cream - What about Acne Scars?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems. In most people, acne clears after a few years, but some people may suffer from permanent scarring of their skin. This may necessitate some sort of treatment for acne scar repair.

Minor forms of acne, such as blackheads do not leave scars, but the more severe forms of acne can leave actual pitting or scarring in the face, neck and back.

Laser resurfacing can be an option for these types of problems, but in general are more expensive options. A good scar fade cream can assist in reducing these noticeable scars.

Options for the Treatment of Scars | Scar Fade Creams & Other Options

Laser Resurfacing - this type of treatment is quite costly and can be as much as $3,000.00 per treatment, so it is not really an option for most people. As it is considered a "cosmetic" procedure, it is not likely to be covered under any sort of extended medical coverage plans, unless specifically recommended by your doctor. Basically, a cosmetic surgeon will go over the affected area with a laser and this device will dissolve the molecular bonds of your skin. The common practice today is to use a fractional laser which delivers tiny pinpoints of laser light in a fraction of an area, allowing for rapid healing.

Dermabrasion - this type of treatment is still quite expensive - up to $1,500.00 per treatment. Basically, the surgeon uses a tool that looks like an electric razor (called a "dermatone") which has an oscillating blade that removes a very thin layer of skin. The surgeon will move the dermatone back in forth to skim off the surface layers around the scar or defects until they blend into the surrounding skin or become more even. This procedure will leave you with some scabbing and pain for a few weeks.

Chemical Peels - this procedure will cost you around $750.00 per treatment. There are three types of chemical peels - superficial, medium and deep. These "peels" contain a chemical called AHA or alpha hydroxyl acids which when applied to your skin causes it to exfoliate. The medium and deep peels cause injury to the skin and can result in irritation, scarring or worsening of the skin condition.

Punch Technique - this treatment can cost about $50.00 per "punch". A punch is a procedure where the tissue including the scar is excised or removed along with the surrounding edges. The void left is then sutured and depending on the severity of it, may require skin grafts of the patient's own skin. This technique is often used for mild scarring.

Subcision - the cost of this treatment can vary, depending on the number of treatments required. The skin is separated from the scar tissue allowing blood to pool underneath and, in theory, allowing the scar to level off with the rest of the skin. Once the skin has leveled off, follow up treatments of laser resurfacing may be needed.

Augmentation - this treatment can cost $300.00 to $700.00 per cubic centimeter for collagen. The collagen is injected in and around the scar site and repeated treatments are required because the results are only temporary. (Think of collagen injections in lips, etc. - results are short-lived).

Saline injections - this treatment is around $100.00 per injection and 4 - 5 injections may be required to get a satisfactory result. This works best for shallow scars and is less effective for "ice pick" scars and "boxcar" scars.

Silicone Sheets - these can be quite expensive - about $6.00 each, and you will need several to get results. You need to find sheets that are a little bit larger than the scar you are treating and they are best used in conjunction with a cream. The sheets even out the discoloration and skin.

Natural Remedies - Vitamin E oil can be purchased at any drug store in capsules. You can prick the end of the capsule and squeeze out the oil and then rub it on your skin. This, of course, does not work very well for more serious scars. There are also other types of natural remedies, such as Aloe, cocoa butter and shea butter. They will all help slightly with fading your scar or improving the appearance, but they are not "miracle cures".

Creams - probably the most cost effective solution for the treatment of scars. As with every product, there are "the good, the bad and the ugly". It will be largely trial and error to see which one works best for you. This may get expensive if you have to buy many different products and try them all out, but it is much less expensive than some of the surgical alternatives.

Other Scar Fade Cream Techniques You Can Do

Always apply sunscreen over your scar. Exposure to sun will darken the scar. Exfoliate the skin daily with a scrub product, or you can make a paste from baking soda, scrub your face with it and then rinse it off. Lemon juice which is rich in citric acid is a low budget alternative to a chemical peel. Eating a diet of foods that are rich in antioxidants will go a long way in making your skin healthy and radiant. Stay hydrated and keep your skin hydrated - drink plenty of water - 8 - 10 glasses per day is a good guideline.

Have You Used Scar Fade Creams or Other Remedies? Let's Hear About Them!

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