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Scivation Diet

Updated on January 20, 2014

Scivation diet - Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

When you are a bodybuilder who is bulking up you are developing muscle, but also putting on alot of fat. To get some definition so the muscle mass can actually be seen you need to go on a cutting diet plan. While cutting they end up losing some of that hard earned muscle mass. After that these folks keep repeating the cycle. I started to wonder if there was an less complicated way. After doing some studying I found that there are techniques to acquire lean mass with out the fat gain.

The notion is to eat many (up to eight) little meals each and every day. These small meals should be low in carbs and high in wholesome fat and proteins. The idea behind a lean mass diet is that it keeps you from having insulin spikes. Insulin is great for building muscle but it also helps make your body keep far more fat. What you want to do is have your insulin levels reasonably steady throughout the day. Carbs spike insulin so by minimizing your carbs you keep your insulin level manageable. The regular little meals additionally keep your insulin in check while at the same time keeping your metabolism in elevated gear. The end result is muscle gain without the fat.

Fat is excellent for you! Yeah I know it goes against just about every thing we were ever taught, but it is true. Not all fat are made equal though. Trans fat is bad, as is saturated fat. Healthy fats are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fat. So why is fat wholesome? Well fat is used to build cellular membranes and provide} key functions to your eyes, brain, and lung area. Once you incorporate fat with your meals it helps make your body release insulin at a slower rate over time than it would from carbs by themselves.

Key Factors To Managing Insulin Levels

Eat many small meals.

Don't skip any of your meals.

Eat fat with each meal.

Do not combine carbohydrates with protein alone; add some healthy fat.

Gaining lean muscle mass is a science. Read lots on the subject and develop your knowledge. Health and fitness blogs are an superb source of dietary info and weight training routines. Understanding is power, and the more you learn the more effective your diet and physical exercise goals can be.

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Use The Scivation Diet To Gain Lean Muscle Mass.
Use The Scivation Diet To Gain Lean Muscle Mass. | Source


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