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Body’s Innate Health Compass: Sacred Seductive Feet Sensitivity

Updated on June 2, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Down The Road...
Down The Road... | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Taking Care Of Our Sacred Feet

Now is the time for mind/body/sexual healing! You've simply been sick and tired long enough.

Your body is too flooded with doubt, concern, worry, and pessimistic directed energy. You say that you don’t have enough energy but that is a false statement.

You always have enough vitality but you are simply directing it into nonproductive uninspiring activities Because you have falsely interpreted what is occurring in your life as negative and unrewarding, you have become unappealingly bogged down

You are looking for and at the worst possible scenario wondering how you can avoid the consequences. You are drowning in negative emotion pacifying people and situations in a futile attempt to prevent a collapse. If at any time you think you know what you are doing, cease immediately.

You’d like to believe yourself to be so advanced; capable of doing 1000 things at once and proficiently well. You deem yourself to be so intelligent, articulate, and wise. Yet, at the drop of a hat you fall to pieces while you pretend to be so strong.

What has happened in the midst of the fanatical charade is you’ve become unattractive, non-sexual and boring! (Not to mention that your body is sick with reoccurring nagging ailments unable to be properly diagnosed and treated.)

In your depleted defensive energy pit, you have assumed a exhausting role of a vain glorious selfish, ego-starved, self-seeking, attention grabbing spiteful caustic backbiting paranoid human who is so phony in all of his endeavors.

You are filled with guilt, fear, shame and a submerged need for punishment of any kind. You try to puff yourself up by looking at all of your so called accomplishments on the outside, or by pointing out the many good works you do for others, but the truth is you don’t have a clue as to how or why you did many of the things you were given credit for.

The same goes for blame. You are either too quick to assume blame or too loud to reject it, regardless of whether you think you deserve it or not.

. You not only don’t know where you are supposed to be, who or if you want to be with the one you are currently sharing your bed with. You have not a single clue as to how to get where it is you want to go (even if you knew where that was) and what you’ll do when you arrive.

So why not stop the incessant struggle of judging and condemning yourself for not having done more?

Cease thinking about it! You are so acutely identified with an ideal image of success that it’s stifling the life out of you! You must eliminate striving. You must stop all competing, finagling, conniving and trying to control the outcome of your current directions. By doing so you will be in alignment with your sacred feet and your body will be healed. Be where you are! (Not in the past or in the future) Breathe, you fool. Breathe! Stand upon bare feet.

Feel the physical lusty sensations.

However, IF for one moment, you set about to try to get in tune (receive immediate answers) from your feet, you will miss the magical mark altogether. No conscious effort on your part can be taken because that selfishly generated motion is directly self-sabotaging in nature.

If you perceive for one moment, that by trying to get in tune with the feet, (with ulterior motives in mind) you will have an edge on something, you will be sorely disappointed. What you do is false, as is your motive for doing so. It’s all a matter of becoming aware of what you are feeling on the inside of your body, not to tackle anything on the outside.

You do not have to know, because it is simply impossible to begin with, why you are feeling whatever it is you are feeling. You simply have to admit to being receptive to all of the feelings, whatever they are and watch yourself in the process.

Observation is the key! Watch you watching you. Your deepest feelings are in opposition with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in your present state. This ceaseless nonnegotiable war is playing havoc with your body.

The feet and the body can not be at odds without your health, either mental or physical suffering for it. Become aware of where you are standing. Many diverse complicated winding emotionally draining, as well as, elevating moods/scenarios have brought you to this one personified point.

Consciously wake up to your personal surroundings by delving into the interior world of sensation. Look at your feet! Massage them, nurture them, and love them. Become acutely aware of their presence and condition.

You will never be in a position to be so aware of your feet that you can forget about them again. That’s where you are now. You have forgotten your feet’s sole premise.

They are standing in exactly and precisely the situation you need to be in for reasons beyond your present comprehension. Pay homage to their mysterious sacred workings. They have been negotiably neglected by you, as they have not been important enough to register your attention and pampering.

When will you pay attention the corridors of experience they take you each day? Become conscious of your feet. What are they doing? How are they placed beneath your body? How do you walk? Look at the soles of your shoes. Where are the badly worn? Do you keep shoes on? Socks? Kick them OFF!!! Soak them in luminous oils and herbs, lotions.

What color, texture, and temperature are your feet experiencing at this moment? Are they burning? Are they cold? Do they hurt? Examine your toe nails. (Toe nails reveal dormant diseases) Dead Skinned cracks, deep thick lines reveal mind stress and unresolved emotional tension.

What do you see: discoloration, ridges, fungus, thickness? Uneven, unkempt, manicured? What about the heels? What do they look like? The soles of your feet, how old do they appear? Are they relaxed? Examine the formation of lines. Toward the inside or outside of your foot? Are you going into or out of continued strain?

Do you have a pronounced mark in the middle of your foot? A 'Change' of monumental nature is coming soon. Then, it (mark) will subside.

Note: mentally where you feet have taken you today.When you got up this morning at the precise moment, your feet touched the floor, what was your first thought?

What are you thinking as your gauge the reality of your feet? Does the concept of the significance of your feet make you feel idiotic? Your level of attraction, inclined sexuality and ability to be erotically intimate is directly linked to the condition of your feet.

Have you engaged in a warmly inviting surprisingly fulfilled sexual experience lately? Better look into what’s really going on with your sensuous feet. Then, contemplate this: your body comprises an enormous magnetic gravitational force of sexual artistic energy that is maintained by the center (nucleus) of matrix swirling electrons in your feet.

Your feet act as the connecting rod enabling you to stand and move about. They are unmistakably guided to the other factors necessary for your individual seductive artistic path. To remove the appreciation and acknowledgement of what the feet truly represent would not only disable your ability to walk but would destroy the body’s innate compass.

Unless you are conscious of exactly where you are placed (with or without your feet) your life with all its perpetual meaning would go haywire, casting you into an oblivious numbed state of non-sexual desirability. The true definition of sickness.

Instinctive learning
Instinctive learning


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile image

      Paula Andrea, MA 8 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      After a torrential downpour, the air spreads its clean, crisp, exhilerating aroma in 'life's proliferated stream' to all who can injest it. You are at that place of unmistakable redemption. We can, do, shall and will partake of the remarkably lucid reposed affirmation!

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Extremely interesting and very pertinent to me at present and I'm going to call you the word lady. What you say and the way you say it pleases me.

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Extremely interesting and very pertinent to me at present and I'm going to call you the word lady. What you say and the way you say it pleases me.